How can I report someone and provide video evidence to back it up?

jmts16 Applicant Posts: 19

I'm off an extremely distasteful match with a pair of trolls.

They were clearly a SWF 2 person group after witnessing their actions and they made sure the other survivors on their team (me and someone else) had a miserable match.

The match started off ok, standard affair. But, midway through the match, they started playing in an extremely unusual way, but something that could be passed off as Solo Queue being what it is.

But then they started messing with the other player. Once it got hooked, they unhooked them while the other started body-blocking them.

The killer at first was clueless and just played as usual, chasing whoever was closest. But eventually that other survivor got killed and booted off the game.

Then it was my turn. The killer was lost, running somewhere else, while they skulked trying to find me.

And the moment they did, the play became clear:

I was injured and they refused to heal me, while body-blocking me and tap-healing, clearly trying to trigger a notification towards me.

Then, once they did so, as the killer approached, they kept bodyblocking me, even dropping a pallet to make sure I got pushed back. Got hooked, obviously abandoned on hook and thus ended a very distasteful match.

But against my better judgement, i went to spectate. And lo and behold, the duo playing around with the killer.

I feel like this was an incredibly unfair and worst of all, UNFUN match that those two had at the expense of me and the other teammate and that such a thing shouldn't go unpunished in some way.

I've reported them in-game, but I loathe to trust in automated report systems since in my experience they never do anything.

And so I am here, asking what should I do to make sure that the case is at least given proper attention. Who should I contact? What should I provide?

I only took mind to record what was happening after I was dead, so I only have half of what I have posted in recorded in video.

PS: As a sidenote, it's deplorable that I have to do this to find some justice. The game should have a more robust report and feedback system. I don't want speed, but I would appreciate action.