Spine chill broken

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After the new update, I noticed that when I use spine chill, it doesn't notify me when the killer is in range. It just stays dull, and it spazzes out whenever i'm being chased. I saw that in the new update, they added the 0.5 seconds of the effect lingering, but nothing else changed, so I don't understand why this is happening. As someone who is hard of hearing, the visual heart beat barely helps because I am not always going to be staring at the heartbeat trying to measure if it starts beating faster. I used spine chill so I could easily measure the killer's terror radius out of the corner of my eye while I focus on skill checks. I don't know if this was a purposeful change or if it is a bug, but if it is purposeful, this is very disappointing. I will have to quit the game because it is now nearly impossible for me to tell how close the killer is to me without having to stare at the heartbeat and risk failing skill checks in doing so.

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The Killer must be within range of 36 meters, and looking at you with a clear line of sight for Spine Chill to alert the Survivor using it. If this is what is occurring, then it is working as intended per the Patch Notes, and Not a Bug. However, the feedback in regards to the perk and the issues you are having is deeply appreciated.


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    Yup, same with me. I'm a little bit worried...

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    I'm confused because the description of the perk says it notifies when the killer is in a 36 meter range, and says nothing about the killer having to see you with a clear line of sight?? It just says that if they're looking at you with a clear line of sight, you can do stuff faster.

    I don't understand why this perk was changed because now it just seems too similar to Premonition.

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    It's very worthless now!

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    Spine Chill is supposed to activate whenever the killer is within 36 meters and give you bonuses when the killer is looking at you. Its clearly broken right now and pretty much useless. There is no way its meant to be the way it is now, and if it is then a new perk description should be written for the perk. But again why even have a perk that literally does nothing now when anyone can just turn on the visual indicator which is ironically much stronger than the perk now.

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    • Here is what Spine chill is supposed to do..... Spine Chill:
    • Get notified when the Killer within a 36-meter range. If the Killer is within range and is looking at you with a clear line of sight, your speed while repairing, sabotaging, healing, unhooking, cleansing, blessing, opening exit gates and unlocking is increased by 2%/4%/6%. The effects of Spine Chill linger for 0.5 seconds after the Killer looks away or is out of range.

    At the moment its only half working, the part where the killer looks at you, but the notification part of it lighting up when he's within a 36 meter range is not working at all. Essentially making the perk completely worthless.

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    The change requiring LoS for the perk to activate is intended. It was also unfairly strong against stealth killers (no ability for counterplay on their end).

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    Hiding from the killer is the essence of the game. The part that killer could not detect the survivors “easily “ has already been dealt with a number of abilities and items.

    Some players prefer being chased by the killer, but some prefer not unless the situation warrants. If the team is to abandon the hiding element of dbd and force all survivors into being chased, i would prefer playing fps or other strategic game.

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    Not according to any patch notes or even the description of the power. The power is obviously bugged currently.

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    check the dev update right before the patch. It's obvious that the patch notes didnt reflect this change.

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    The Dev update where they said that was July 4. One day later, on July 5, the PTB patch notes state Spine Chill is going back to what it's supposed to be (i.e. how the description says it works; You're notified when the killer is within 36 meters).

    TL;DR, It's bugged.

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    Seconding this - I have not had Spine Chill notifying me when the Killer is nearby until I'm in their face or in chase, and even that's inconsistent.