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Ace Visconi & Hag are gone?

Hi, so I've been a player since forever (pretty much the first release on steam).

I've bought every single DLC (haven't bought the new alien/robot hybrid thingy killer yet)

And to my surprise all of a sudden I have lost access to the Hag AND Ace.

I've added screenshots so you can see that 1) It claims I have no access to ace anymore,

and 2) to show that I have all of his perks in my other characters, showing that I have prestiged him.

I haven't prestiged hag, because I like playing Wesker if I play killer.

Steps I've taken:

Restarted PC.

Verified files integrity

Reinstalled the game.

It's already bad enough that there still isn't an emetophobia filter when playing against plague, but to yeetus deletus characters I've purchased long time ago, makes me sadder.

(Additional information) No, I have not used Family sharing. I bought every single DLC myself because I liked the game.

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If this is the only DLC you currently have missing, please contact Support for assistance: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/


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