It's been 2 years, and the Deathslinger nerf is still pointless

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As someone who used to main Huntress and then switched to Slinger for a break, his nerf was one of the worst things I've seen done by BHVR. There was no justification; he wasn't even a popular killer back then. They simply nerfed him because people complained that they had to pay a little bit more attention during chases. Now, Xeno has dropped with an even shorter reaction window than the old Slinger, further proving that they nerfed him just because. There's literally nothing unique about him now. In every aspect of Slinger's abilities, there's another killer that's better.

Bring back old Slinger

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    Nah, insta aim was slightly stupid and leaves not so much counterplay. I don't feel like he suffer a lot with this nerf, because i still can aim instantly and 90% of survivors still can't react on that.

    My biggest issue with this nerf is his terror radius. Being 4,4 is already miserable af, i don't know why i should have the same tr as Blight and even bigger than Spirit. That is gigastupid to me.

    And his PTB buff did literally nothing sadly. 0,15 is not a number for this game.

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    Because he is only ranged killer who has not lullaby?

    And every Slinger main used M&A and it was even smaller TR.

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    Old slinger was a problem because he had 0 counter play, being able to instantly aim down the sight was broken. Not to mention his terror radius. Slinger landed alot of awful shots, you could get shot working on a gen while not even hearing his terror radius. So you had a killer with no counter play and you could get shot without even being in his terror radius. It just wasn't a good design. Slinger is still good rn, he is arguably on a way better place now than ever before in terms of being healthy.

  • fussy
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    So what? Because of that my terror radius should be bigger than the killers who can get close to the survivor almost instantly?

    I mean, what is the point of this change? Slinger can't shoot through walls with his harpoon, so u always can see him before he starts to aim at you anyway, this killer needs los. Put him in a line with killers who have way more lethality even without los is stupid.

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    Slinger is in a great spot rn. Hes solid A tier and is better than huntress. Also 16 m tr with monitor and an 18 m range on his power was not balanced what so ever

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    you know that you can still use m&a on current slinger and still fire at the survivor on generators in a lot of cases. the change removes his ability to m1 people on generators. stealth play with deathslinger is high commitment time sink because slinger is not mobile.

    In case, I agree with OP. I hope he gets revert some day. @the_honey_badger he took skill to counter-play. flick dodges on reaction is much more sophisticated then wiggling in term of counter-play because you require timing and precognition of shots to avoid the gun. xeno tail is like that as well. at least we have another killer that takes skill to loop minus turrets.