What perks survivors should use

MfT was problem and it's gonna be nerfed.

But now we are getting complaints for SB too...

What perks we should use



  • lav3
    lav3 Member Posts: 758

    Those killers should equip Mindbreaker and block exhaustion reset if they really hate it.

    Anyway I don't think there are any problematic perks besides current MFT and BuckleUp (with FTP in SWF).

  • UnusedAccount
    UnusedAccount Member Posts: 120

    Wasn't the death of Deadhard suppose to make people complain about SB or Lilith. Also the moment MFT was created, SB and Lilth usage went down.

    I don't think Survivors think theses perks are as good as they want to admit. Who knows, maybe with MFT changes they'll go up again.

  • Hex_Ignored
    Hex_Ignored Member Posts: 1,510

    The majority of players probably has no problem with sb. Of course there are those die hard killer only players that will complain about everything that isn't no mither + self care, but you should just ignore those people.

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
    Atsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 246

    Play what you wanna play bro.

  • Grigerbest
    Grigerbest Member Posts: 1,334

    "Imagine complaining about sprint burst or lithe... In 2023..."

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 4,324

    If that ever happens, I'll be the first to defend them both. Even before DHs pick rate skyrocketed, Lithe and SB were popular but I do not remember many complaints about them. They were mostly regarded as fine. Strong and not great for the killer (as with any survivor perk other than maybe No Mither) but definitely fair.

    I'll fly to the BHVR head quarters myself and have a little chat with the devs before that happens. Preferably over some Feng skins. Love you, devs!

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 2,619

    I have no problem with sprint burst or lithe or overcome or whatever you want to bring.

    I take you all day. The problem for me was not the exhaustion perk that extends chases. It's the exhaustion perk that extends chases in an unfair way.

    Dh: at the end of chase, uncounterable at pallets

    Mft: during the entire seconds part of the chase and uncounterable in general.

    All the other ones are either a one and gone or are hard to use twice. I can live with survivors using skill in a match. I hope survivors use skill in matches. I want survivors to use skill in matches.

    I don't want survivors to run from pallet to pallet with a 3% speed boost just because their windows told them to pre drop it in my face.

  • LilyPad
    LilyPad Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 43

    Killer propaganda is so crazy cause I'm not sure how you can say MFT and DH take no skill and then in the same post praise Lithe for being skillful.

    I truly wish you guys would use these perks against killers who know how to play against them.

    And let's be real. The only reason you like SB and Lithe has nothing to do with them being skillful and more that both are so easy to ignore because they suck outside of niche cases.

  • appleas
    appleas Member Posts: 886

    Back when MFT was in PTB, people said that it was a weak perk and Lithe/SB would be better.

    Fast forward a few months later, people are saying Lithe/SB will be better after MFT nerf

    Ok sure

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,297

    One person complaining because they lost doesn’t mean everyone wants it nerfed.

    If I posted every complaint I got in end game chat then Ghostface and Spies from the Shadows would have been deleted by this point.

    There’s still a lot of good survivor perks you can use so don’t worry about one person complaining because you outplayed him.

    Also nice to see more people running Vigil. Your build looks fun.

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 7,659

    @Venusa People are busying about FTP + BU; WoO ; Sprint burst, Lithe nerf. I think using Calm Spirit will be fine.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,047

    He didn't have a good game and is lashing out. I wouldn't have even bothered to reply. Just go next.

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 7,659

    I really think it so. If a Blight without perk and able to down everyone with no chance, its not a good game on survivors.

    Some still find a reason to complain. Just move on.

  • Devil_hit11
    Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 5,993

    DH is not really gutted. It just has it owns drawbacks. the drawbacks being that it does not work on 1st chase and that you cannot use it more then two times per game. Previously, DH had 0 drawbacks and only contained positives. SB has drawback where you cannot control when you use it. you can only use it at the start of a chase. the only time you have control if killer volunteer chases you with 99% SB. Lithe has drawback where you cannot loop strong tile-sets. You have to vault a window and run forward before you can loop anything. Only thing high skill play you can do with Lithe is loop weak pallets then try to time a slide that connect a weaker pallet to strong pallet to disable bloodlust.

    Killer are not complaining about these perks because the survivor has no control on how to use said perks. There is lack of heighten skill expression with SB and Lithe. DH has skill expression but it is limited because of # uses. MFT had infinity skill expression because killer was not in control of how to use the perk. Survivor had full control over how to use 3% haste. Now they're erasing MFT from exhaustion category. They're trying place it in anti-tunnel category. I don't know how many survivor will try to use it. You have to use stypic agent from med-kit to trigger endurance effect on first chase and you need use OTR+MFT as 2 perk anti-tunnel combination. The logic is that if a killer is tunneling you off-hook, they'll hit 90 second OTR to proc MFT. that is just a lot of perk commitment just to use the perk. Anything else and the perk will not be consistent in average match. In my opinion, your better off using Decisive strike as 1 perk slot for anti-tunnel. My guess is that people try to use stypic needle with OTR+MFT, realize it is not worth it and just use decisive strike.

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Member Posts: 7,478
    edited November 2023


    Probably should have asked the person making the claim in the endgame chat instead of making an Us vs Them topic on the forums.

  • lifestylee
    lifestylee Member Posts: 230

    I dont think anyone said they thought MFT was gonna be a bad perk or is a bad perk. If they did they just dont have much knowledge about the game.

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 2,619

    Now that's a hot take.

    When did I say that dh takes no skill? When did I say that lithe takes skill?

    Also regarding your "killer propaganda". Can you explain what this is? Antagonizing players in an us VS them - format is not tolerated by me and many others on this forum. We try to be open minded and considerate for both roles in this game. Everything else invites a very unhealthy mindset.

    " Wish you guys would see players that know how to play against them."

    I happen to play 80% - 20% killer - survivor and am known as an obsessive Boop-enthusiast (pig main). What counter does the 3% haste have? I hit a survivor and they are faster. Done.

    DH at pallet has counterplay, true. A fraction of a second. That's good counterplay right? Skull merchants drones also have good counterplay right?

    Last but not least: sprint burst is an extremely good perk. I think most can agree on that. When using the Perk, you will almost never start a chase outpositioned. That saves you an entire health state. If the killer baits it and runs away, you downright won the chase because they found you to be too much of a haste to deal with. That's also extremely good. In regards to skill: 99% sprint burst mod chase is probably the strongest haste effect a survivor can pull off. Getting two sprint bursts in one chase is skill expression in my book and it's totally fine for me.

    Lithe is not as skillfull. Especially not with windows of opportunity. But I'm also fine with that because it's a one and gone.

  • Header
    Header Member Posts: 280

    I feel like there is a good chance that a lot of players will complain about sb/lithe in 2024 (unless the next survivor comes with mft 2.0)

  • Venusa
    Venusa Member Posts: 1,289

    Phew! We survived another season. Don't let them know how broken and problematic CS is.😍

  • IamFran
    IamFran Member Posts: 1,532
    edited November 2023

    Lithe and Sprint Burst are annoying to face (all the exhaustion perks are), but I dont think they need nerfs. When MFT gets its nerf I'll be happy enough.

  • sonata93
    sonata93 Member Posts: 395

    MfT was problematic and deserved a huge nerf; that is something I can 100% get behind.

    However, some killers complaining about exhaustion perks is just silly at this point. Do they just want easy, guaranteed win chases at this point? Honestly, all of the most problematic survivor perks have received huge nerfs (DH, MfT, DS, and CoH). It’s like some players aren’t happy once their most hated perks are nerfed and simply say “next” and complain about something else.

    Exhaustion is arguably one of the fairest mechanics in the game. Not only does it have a hefty cool down, but many perks and killer add-ons are direct counters to the likes of SB and Lithe.

  • Rickprado
    Rickprado Member Posts: 386

    SB, Lithe and most of the other exhaustion perks are fine. MFT was a problem for many reasons like: it could stay active almost the whole match, it had a very strong effect, specially against the weaker killers; it could be combined with other strong perks without a problem.

    I hope we don't get more annoying busted perks for any side any time soon. Its bad to the game health.

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,957

    Was he even complaining about your sprintburst here? It says SH... Maybe he thought there was a hacker in the lobby and SH meant speed hacks.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 915

    as a killer i hope neither perk gets nerfed bc you get exhausted so you cant just tap the sprint button five times and walk 300 meters in 2 seconds so its fine by me

  • Ayodam
    Ayodam Member Posts: 2,076

    I mean we saw complaints about these perks after DH‘s second nerf. And they weren’t rare or incidental. I’m not the least bit surprised those complaints are returning now that MFT has been weakened. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,957

    Ironically, not even the guy in the original picture was complaining about SB, lol

  • Massquwatt
    Massquwatt Member Posts: 366

    As somebody who plays a lot of survivor? Bring Borrow Time.

    Bring more Borrowed Time. Do it now.

    You WILL save lives with with it, I almost never take it off.

    Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others. Bring borrowed time.

  • Coffeecrashing
    Coffeecrashing Member Posts: 3,013

    Calm Spirit and Distortion needs to be deleted, reworked, or heavily nerfed. Excessively hiding survivors are a major game problem.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
    MikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 6,485

    He was? I don't know where did you get that lol.

    He dc'ed when chasing me and then we argued why SB is busted and boring.

  • Ayodam
    Ayodam Member Posts: 2,076

    The majority of players also didn’t have a problem with DH or MFT. Because the majority of players aren’t on DBD forums. 💅🏾

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Member Posts: 7,478

    Always room for Us vs Them!

    It's like cookies for dessert :D