Instead of stopping 3gen, give the killer a return too.

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Please eliminate 99% heal, 99% exit, and 99%gen.

Then I will agree.

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    Sloppy is going to be adjusted, likely nerfed hard.

    Sorry OP. You might notice every big Survivor complaint is being addressed in a step-wise fashion. First Tunneling with basekit BT, next Camping with the unhook bar, now 3 gen and Sloppy. They tried a fix for Slugging which went poorly, I expect them to revisit this with Killers slugging more due to a lack options. They are also going to adjust STBFL, likely a nerf in their continued mission to prevent tunneling.

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    is it a strawman if they're accurately summarizing the post they responded to

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    If they massively nerfed 3 gens you could throw in all three of those suggestions and it would be a massive survivor buff.

    3 genning is being looked at because it's not a desired game mechanic and, while that has been true for many things in DbD, this is something a lot of people don't find fun. The game of attack, retreat, heal as you slowly progress the gens is not a fun game. Given that BHVR is giving it attention it sounds like that is frequent feedback they have gotten.

    Of the 3 mechanics mentioned, the only one that falls into that category is the 99ing gates (which is also why people here were happy to jump in on that). I also hate 99ed gates, my solution would be that EGC begins the moment the 5th gen completes (though it would have like an extra minute)

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    The two terms are technically very similar, but yeah red herring would be more accurate.

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    Hey, with that being said, you've been good at using 'MADE FOR THIS' in the past, right?

    You have no right to criticize killer users.

    'MADE FOR THIS' Only people who have never used a puck should throw stones.

    Is there even one person? haha

    OK, I'll admit that 99% Gen and Heal went a little overboard.

    Because I'm asking for 'Ruin' & 'SLOPPY BUTCHER' as a passive skill.

    However, I hope we can somehow prevent the 99% Exit. (As a basic feature, not a perk.)

    Because of this, there are many perks that we cannot use.

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    may i ask why you want 99’ing gates and gens nerfed? as for heals there is a perk to counter this.

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    I feel like basekit hemorrhage (the heal progress reduction, not the blood pools) would have been a good idea if it was adopted earlier in the game. Obviously not at the same speed as Sloppy Butcher, something like 5% a second. Medkits wouldn't have been so oppressive that's for sure. That's honestly a thought I never had.

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    I Unfortunately I have do disappoint you pretty much. Your disgraceful assumption went completely wrong. Hahaha. I never even used MFT at all. ts quite pathetic to accuse someone of something you cannot prove at all, and thinking youre right to teach someone. You shouldnt talk so big, if your only argument is a pathetic false assumption against particular experience.

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    3gen was a very useful strategy for low tier killers.

    The problem now is that this strategy is also useful for high-tier killers.

    If 3gen is blocked because it is unconditionally bad, low-tier killers will become even weaker.

    Weak killers need to be rewarded for useful strategies rather than blocked.

    99 Heal is a representative example.

    In this case, experienced nurses don't care.

    All you have to do is follow it and hit it one more time.

    But what about ‘Trapper’ and ‘Pig’?

    It is very fatal, which is why the pick rate of selecting ‘SLOPPY BUTCHER’ is high.

    Using just one perk is already a significant risk.

    In this game, 1 space of the killer's perk must have the same exchange rate as 4 spaces of the survivor's perk.

    (The killer has 4 perks. The survivor has 16 perks.)

    What about 99gen?

    Even if you know that weak killers are 99gen, it is not easy to check them.

    Being weak in this game means lacking mobility for most weak killers.

    However, I said this was excessive because it overlaps with ‘Ruin’.

    Above this paragraph.

    Finally, 99 Exit.

    This is mostly done to rescue survivors if they are caught by the killer before power is supplied to the exit.

    If the killer was strong, he would just open the door and leave, right?

    Why do you do this?

    I would do it because it's easy to save survivors from weak killers.

    However, if you recklessly increase the level of interpersonal combat between killers, it will have a serious impact on balance.

    I hope that perks such as 'REMEMBER ME', 'BLOOD WARDEN', 'FIRE UP', and 'TERMINUS', whose effects become stronger after power is supplied to the exit, will be actively utilized.

    I think this is a solution that can reduce obsession with 3gen.

    Thanks for reading.

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    This doesn't need to be done.

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    I think we still need to wait and see what the proposed solution is before coming to any conclusion. First, the solution may not even survive PTB. Basekit unbreakable was considered the strongest solution to a slugging issue; however, a PTB demonstrated that it was too powerful a tool for the survivor roster and effectively nerfed the majority of M1 killers - and the counterbalance (the instant game over for four slugs) was incredibly oppresive on the high end of the killer roster.

    Likely, we will see something akin to the anti-face camping measure: They will test how their proposed solution works and it will be changed or dropped depending on what happens. If it comes out that the measure unfairly punishes killers for playing the game normally and rewards the survivors for making mistakes on their end (3-genning themselves by not paying attention to gen placement) it will likely not survive the PTB. Considering that the anti-facecamp feature achieves the exact goal of addressing facecamping, while not punishing regular gameplay, I'm going to hold out any thoughts until we see what BHVR does.

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    This is called whataboutism a major part of the red herring style of argument.

    We can list all kinds of strategies that the opposing team has but what do they have to do with 3-gen changes?

    They are changing 3-gens and you counter to this isn't about how are they changing 3-gen or considering how it might impact overall gameplay its just to say well what about these other strategies that are irrelevant to the 3 gen scenario!

    i.e Being on discord in a SWF is also a a strong survivor thing how come they still have that when we lose 3 gen - see how one is completely irrelevant to the other.

    What does 99'ing the exit have to do with the mechanics of a 3 gen scenario?

    We can draw from all kinds of tactical examples but it doesn't really have bearing on what mechanically will change about 3-gens. Especially when we don't even have the details on how it will change.

    Its a kneejerk response at best and at worst a complete fallacy of a point to make.

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    It is true that you can make the right decision only after seeing the results of the patch. I agree.

    When I saw the trickster

    I don't think this will be positive...