BOTS have a few serious faults that need to be fixed!

Bots are a really neat replacement for disconnected teammates, but they have some serious issues that can be a detriment to the game:

1) self-healing in front of teammates

-> Immediately upon being unhooked, a bot will start healing themself, whether they're using a medkit, or self-care. A few days ago, my teammate unhooked a bot, and I was there as well, and the bot immediately started self-caring. We could not get them to stop. The 2 of us would have healed them quite fast, but instead the bot took ages to self-care. They do the same if they are healed from the dying state, they will immediately start healing themself, and refuse any help from us. Please make it a priority for them to wait for a heal, and only self-heal if no-one's around them, as well as stop the self-heal if a teammate approaches them.

2) Too scared to unhook or work on gens when teror radius pops

-> I've had situations where a bot was working on a gen with me, and as soon as we could hear the terror radius, they started leaving the gen and doing nothing. A lot of those cases the killer was chasing someone else, but the bot was just too scared to work on the gen.

-> More than a month ago I had a match where there were 3 of us left, 1 was bot. I was on hook, the killer was far from hook, chasing the other person. The bot headed to unhook me, but as soon as the heard the terror radius, they stopped. The killer was chasing the other person, as I said. I died on hook, because the bot kept hesitating to help me.

-> A few days ago I had a match where I was hooked in the courtyard of the Midwich map. The killer was chasing another teammate. There was a bot who tried to unhook me. They ran in the hallway until they reached an entrance into the courtyard, but then they ran past it, all the way around to the other entrance, then turned back, and ran back to the first entrance. I would have died had the last teammate not managed to get to me. Bots are way too scared of terror radius. They need to be aware of the strength of the terror radius, as well as the killer being in chase with someone else.