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scrunkly Member Posts: 62

something is wrong with the sbmm. im getting inexperienced teammates and killers in solo q. it was said that the soft cap was raised a couple weeks ago and i noticed a difference back then but its completely different now. i dont know if the cap was lowered during a recent update, but something has definitely changed and it feels very bad compared to the matches a few weeks ago when the announcement about the mmr change was made. i feel like im the older cousin that was forced to sit at the kiddy table during thanksgiving dinner or something and its not fun and makes me not want to play.

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  • edgarpoop
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    Something feels extremely off on the survivor end since the Chucky update. It happened overnight and it's almost worse than before the softcap raise. I'm getting teammates with under 100 hours with alarming frequency. I'm closing in on 5000.

  • scrunkly
    scrunkly Member Posts: 62

    im bringing it here because i know im not alone in this so thank you for sharing. ive been watching twitch lately and noticed many streamers having a similar experience. i have more hours than id like to admit, but i had a survivor with 74 hours yesterday and they werent the only newer teammate that ive recently.

  • Alen_Starkly
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    I've had the same happen to me. The last few days I have been mostly matched against killers whose skills were really low, and could only get 1k or 0k. It definitely feels wrong.