Ultimate Weapon and FTP + Buckle Up needs to be nerfed ASAP


Ultimate Weapon not getting changed for a long time is horrible, it needs to be nerfed, no counterplay on the Survivor side, not even using Distortion will save you, you have to use Calm Spirit which is a detrimental perk to use most of the time. It requires a 2 second animation for the killer to activate for a disgustingly powerful effect that also blinds for some reason. It should have been nerfed before it even released, better make sure Batteries Included doesn't make it out of PTB but Ultimate Weapon is okay right?

At least it's on the roadmap to be nerfed in the future but the fact that FTP + Buckle Up isn't even on the roadmap for changes is disgusting. This combo is one of the most unfair, unfun things in the game. I swear to God if I hear something stupid like "Well people with this combo ackshually die more often!" like with old Object of Obsession I'm going to lose my mind. I am so sick of playing against this completely unfair combo that shouldn't have ever been in the game in the first place.


  • dknb
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    Devs are intentionally causing stress to users.

    They want this kind of criticism to happen.

    I would like to see more honest development.

  • caligraph
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    They should rework UW so it doesnt tell you which survivor screamed + either has a much longer cooldown or works off something else

  • Devil_hit11
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    there is nothing detrimental for calm spirit. calm spirit primary effect has always been to ignore screams. the second part of the perk was added to make cleansing totems and opening chest silent but a drawback was put at -30% speed. Rarely do survivor cleanse totems or open chests, so this does not come into play. Tracking perks are not overpowered and by contrast, ultimate weapon doesn't need any changes. you either accept that your location is being revealed where killer gets use out of the perk or you elect to run a perk to restrict the killer's perk usage. The perk does have counter-play, your simply refusing to equip it. your asking to nerf the perk because you don't want to equip the counter. After-all, why equip a counter when the perk is weakened to the point that it is not worth using on the killer side, Right? that is like gaining an extra perk slot. one less perk that prevents you from potential losing.

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  • Xernoton
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    The only change UW could need is for it to activate exactly the moment the killer opens the locker, so they don't have it as a lingering effect. That would be a considerable nerf and I think it would be fine to turn up the blindness to 45 seconds in that case.

  • Skillfulstone
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    I think this would go beyond "considerable nerf" and go into 'in the Shadow Realm".

    The Blindness effect is already semi-useless anyway and to even begin to compensate for effectively gutting the perk the cooldown would need to be extremely small (like 30 seconds tops) to get any consistent value.

    The goal shouldn't be to kill perks, it should be to reduce the problematic aspects of it (it's part of the reason why STBFL has no valid reason to be nerfed, just deactivate the perk when too close to a hooked Survivor and make the perk not activate on recently-unhooked Survivors. THAT would be a healthy change).

    Ultimate Weapon literally just needs a longer cooldown to make it so it's not almost constantly active. The effects of the perk itself are fine it just needs a shorter uptime (honestly the blindness could go since it serves nothing but to make SoloQ accidentally leave people on hook or on the ground, people with decent memory and SWF don't give a damn about blindness).

  • Fuzzycube
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    UW is pretty much Windows of Opportunity for killers in that it helps you play on autopilot.

  • WashYourHands
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    I posted about Buckle Up + For the People not 2 days ago. I agree it must be patched immediately. My suggestion for a fix is on this thread. https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/discussion/399794/remove-buckle-up-for-the-people-exploit#latest

  • Demonsatyr
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    Deja Vu needs nerfed if ultimate weapon needs nerfed

  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    Do you find value in the blindess? I feel since its so easy to activate, blindness could drop off since its only a Pub stomping status. Won't help you in your max MMR, right?

    Thematically, I dont understand why Blindness was even worked in. I primarily solo'Q, and when blind is in play, it's pretty much a lost game for us.

    Comms fix blindness. Without comms, Blindness becomes very OP.