The Legions Shadow


Platform: PC

Description of Issue: The Legions shadow is morphed weird when moved left or right. It also looks very still when moving forward or backwards. I tested this on multiple skins like: The Legion (Julie), The Legion (Frank) and Carjacker (Frank)

Steps to Reproduce: Join any match and look at the Legions shadow.

How Often it Occurs: Every Match

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  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 810

    It isn't a bug, it happens to any Killer shadow.

    When you're playing with any Killer, the model for the Killer is not the same that you see when you're playing against him, since you're playing in first person, they use another disfigured model so that the model won't clip in your field of view.

    Search some "dbd killer third person" and you will see how the actual model and animations are kinda different from when you face the same Killer as Survivor.