*MASSIVE* RPD issue.


Unless you're playing a Killer with superior mobility and verticality, survivors will win 9/10 IF they are using this strategy that im about to mention.

Sprint Burst, yada yada, yada yada, yada yada. The rest of their perks don't quite matter. For the record, this RPD is the one WITHOUT the crashed helicopter, since i dont remember which one is which. But, now to get to the point.

On the library side of the map, one generator next to the small staircase up near the library, one in lockers and one right in front of the shower room (not inside of it). I was playing Singularity, and i could NEVER, EVER get to anyone. The SWF was constantly keeping my cams disabled, and they used Sprint Burst to go God knows where everytime they heard my Terror Radius. Now you see, this is an issue, because in RPD you dont get a line of sight, and there are many corners to go around before actually getting to the generator. By the time i was there, the marks were already gone. Every. Single. Time.

I tried to predict where the survivors would go from. For example, one of the generators have a small stairs right behind it, a connection to library from the statue room and one from the hallway. I did all of those randomly, whenever i could. And if i was lucky, i got in a chase.

Wanna know what they did? They ran to the other side of the map. Dropped right down to the main area, ran to the opposite side. Their teammates? They did gens. If i drop down, it takes MUCH longer to go all the way back up and to the corner of the map, and this time they knew the direction i was coming from, as i had just left a chase with their SWF friends. There was literally nothing i could do for the life of me.

Just to clarify, I'm not some random dude that got outskilled. I've been a Singularity main since release and I've done winstreaks that went up to 20. I know what I'm doing.

Is RPD unbalanced? No. But for this specific "strategy"? Yes. I physically couldnt get into a chase, i couldnt protect the generators due to verticality and horrible LoS, and my pods were always useless because they would constantly be deactivated.

How the actual ######### am i supposed to play and win if i cant even get to chase people? And how am i supposed to even get close to winning if my chases lose me 20 seconds per chase, then another 20 seconds just to go back to the gens? They were even taking their SWEET time, not coming on gens unless they had their Sprint Burst and the camera was deactivated. But of course, gen regression is nowhere near fast enough to compensate for their slow and cautious playstyle.

Similar issues exist when some dude decides to be an #########, picks Claudette with Urban Evasion, Distortion etc and sends himself to Red Forest, hiding all game. Even worse, they dont do gens, so they are holding the game hostage, as you will never find them crawling around unless a survivor decides to lead you to them by kindness.

This needs addressing. Not because its urgent, but because its absolutely ridiculous how little you can do. (Spoilers, you can't do anything at all.)


  • pigslittlepet
    pigslittlepet Member Posts: 432

    I hate to be the one to say it but it sounds like you just need to get better. That Is one of the better killer maps right now. I never feel bad about a rpd match and I can't remember the last loss I had there. I'm not saying I'm a really good killer, I lose a lot, just not there.

  • TheRealConsent
    TheRealConsent Member Posts: 143

    I'm talking about a specific scenario, not in general. The point is, fanatic hiding is a very good strategy with little to no counterplay for an organized team, and this needs to be adressed.

  • Dionysusdog
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    Sounds like you just got a good team working together. Any map can be a good map for a organized SWF. But RPD does seem to be generally a pretty good map for killer and the strategy these survivors employed can be adapted to a lot of maps. On a separate issue I rarely play Singularity anymore because I can spend so much time setting up cameras and tagging survivors only to have the survivors shut them down. Singularity is a complex killer to learn....his counterplay is very simple. High skill ceiling and low reward. His counterplay needs nerfed in my opinion. Just too easy to shut him down.

  • Ethromel
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    I have been saying it for a long time... BHVR needs to add a timer to the matches. The lack of expeditious improvements to this game is staggering. There should be a night-to-day cycle, the last survivor should get rescued, escape, or be released by the entity. Not killed. Handing the last survivor over to the killer just because there is no one else around is proof this game is lop-sided and nonsensical.