DC Penalty Compromise

Azulra Member Posts: 399
edited January 28 in Feedback and Suggestions

I know that a lot of people still say that the DC penalty should remain in the game while others just want it completely removed, but I think I have a compromise for it so that it remains in the game while also being more bearable/reasonable to deal with.

Instead of the penalty timer constantly increasing I think that the DC penalty system should work like this:

  • Every 24 hours the DC penalty resets
  • First DC of the day doesn't cause a DC penalty
  • Second DC of the day causes a 1 minute penalty
  • Third DC of the day causes a 2 minute penalty
  • Fourth DC of the day causes a 3 minute penalty
  • Fith DC of the day causes a 4 minute penalty
  • Sixth DC of the day causes a 5 minute penalty
  • The penalty timer caps out at 5 minutes making any DCs past the Sixth one only 5 minutes long

I think that this compromise would make the DC penalties more consistent, reasonable, and bearable in general.