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4 survivors connect to their killer's lobby

FeryGEN Member Posts: 627

I get asked this all the time in different communities, I answer as one of those who was interested answered me. It seems that this is not prohibited, I would like to find out for myself personally, because I myself did not receive an answer, and besides, maybe something has changed since then.

If 4 survivors are friends with each other and periodically connect to their killer friend in the lobby (Deliberately trying to get caught) for the purpose of game achievements, complete a challenge from the archive, or simply collect 40k bloodpoints in order to progress in the game. Does this fall under the rules or is it prohibited by any official described rules in the game and does it threaten a ban?

Does this fall under the rules?


  • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates


  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,411

    I have only played against my friend when I was killer twice and it wasn't intentional.

    I just texted him that I'm his Killer so we will just farm with everyone else.

    Nobody gets hooked, nobody dies.

    I think that's only fair as it is hard to ignore your friend, especially when you got matched accidentally.

    The day I bought the game, I was told the dedicated servers operate in a way that makes it impossible for a Killer to end up with anyone on their Friends List. I wish that was true!

    I think it's definitely against the rules to do it on purpose but I imagine that is rare. Survivors get matched up fairly quickly whereas Killer takes longer, especially if they don't have the incentive.

    I did catch a teammate last week working with the Killer and reported him. I got my Report Feedback last night that appropriate action was taken. I have no way to know if they were Friends before the match or just came to a non-verbal agreement to cheat during my match.

  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 627

    I agree that spoiling the game by teaming up with a killer is bad, I agree with everyone here. My question is whether we will be banned if four of us connected to our killer. I think this does not fall under any rules, we did not bother anyone, this is not griefing or spoiling the game, this is a help in trying to achieve some difficult achievements and challenges.

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,411

    You mean all 5 of you are doing this together?

    The Killer and ALL 4 Survivors?

    If that's the case, there is nobody to report you since you harmed nobody nor their gameplay.

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,102

    there is no one there in the match that can report it and then create a support ticket with video evidence, so you will not face any penalty’s.

    however it is in a grey zone and not fully supported/promoted by BHVR, as you are farming and getting things like achievements, challenges done through it. If that was wanted, you would be able to get these in custom matches but that’s not the case.

  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 627

    That's what I'm saying. But if support finds out about this, what will be the consequences? as far as I know, since it doesn’t bother anyone, there won’t be any punishment

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,411

    I wouldn't intentionally try to do it anymore. It is a grey area and it's better to be safe than sorry. With the amount of time you'll probably waste trying to link up you probably could achieve the achievements the way intended.