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Hex: Diminished Hope

The remains of past victims serve in providing seeds of doubt for the next victims. While Hex is still active, survivors gain a -8/-9/-10% repair speed penalty, and an additional -5% for every dull totem.

"What's the point?! We’re all going to die anyway!"

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    The point of this is to give Behavior perks that aren't teachables.

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    Don't you mean give players universal perks? I'm sure that perk types like Boons or Obsession are still locked to DLC only perks.

    If so

    1. Boon : Lookout Tower

    Survivors within the boon's 24m radius gain the ability to aura read other survivors within a range of 96m and have their aura revealed to survivors by 96m

    "If you ever get lost just light it up and wait for me"

    2. Obsession : Favored Plaything

    You are obsessed with a survivor and see their aura every 60s gaining a 5% Haste for 10s

    After hooking the Obsession someone else becomes the Obsession and their location is revealed to you.

    "I lost my Plaything, can you help me find it?"

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    These were my suggestions to provide perks that I think are missing from the general pool.

    Priority perks that survivors need in general pool to my mind are:

    • Anti Tunnel
    • Anti Camp

    Priority perks that killers need in general pool to my mind are:

    • Anti Toolbox gen rush
    • Anti Protection Hit/Body Block

    With that in mind, I like Hex: Diminished Hope as it buys time at the start of the map. Numbers seem a little high but the concept is good.

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    That's absurdly strong imo, especially for a universal perk. Think about how other perks would stack with it.

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    Most ideas are bad. So is OP's.

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    Magical Hands = Whenever you unhook survivor safely, this perk gets a token ( Max 5 tokens ). For each token, your heal speed increased for 15% ( 75% max ).

    Corrupted Thoughts = Whenever a generator finished, all survivors next to this generator (12m) will be exposed for 30/35/40 seconds.

    Poker Face = Whenever you jumped vault or pallet quickly, killer's aura will be revealed you for 5 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.

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    -- Survivor perks --

    Boon: Railroad

    Once this boon has been placed on a totem, Railroad activates. While Railroad is active, and a survivor is hooked, after ten seconds, a hooked survivor is moved to a hook within this boon's aura radius, after which the boon is deactivated.

    Intended for anti-camp. Allows you to make saves against a proxy-camping killer, though at significant additional time cost.

    Cover of Darkness

    Cover of Darkness activates once the survivor is unhooked by any means. While Cover of Darkness is active, the survivor's footsteps are silenced, their aura can't be read, they make no grunts of pain, they leave no blood pools, they leave no scratch marks, and can't be made to scream. Cover of Darkness lasts for 60 seconds, or until the survivor performs a conspicuous action.

    Intended for anti-tunnel. Makes you virtually impossible to track.

    -- Killer perks --

    Hex: Slow Start

    While this hex is active, Slow Start gains a token every ten seconds, to a maximum of 20. Additionally, all survivors incur a repair speed penalty of 20%, minus 1% per token, and the killer's action speeds are increased by 1% per token.

    If Slow Start is broken, it can no longer gain tokens, and the repair speed penalty is removed. However, the action speed bonus will persist.

    Intended to boost killers' poor early game somewhat. Breaking the hex early is rewarded, but not mandatory. The action speed increase can also help against bully squads, as it makes pick-ups slightly safer.

    Hex: Manufacturing Failure

    Whenever you down a survivor, all survivors within 24 meters of the downed survivor will have their items disabled for 10 seconds.

    Anti-bully-squad. Disables flashlights and firecrackers/flashbangs.

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    Some ideas I actually real like there.

    Boon: Railroad - Sounds pretty nuts actually, and a rather crazy use of boons; very ingenuitive, and I like the idea of 1 shot boons... perhaps breaking the totem would be interesting to create a weakness from Hex: Pentimento. I think there are questions to think about, such as what happens if 2 of them are in play, there is the possibility of using it to troll, but nothing that kills the idea.

    Cover of Darkness - strikes me as layering over OTR. I agree with having a perk with this principle, but I'd wanna try to come up with something a little more distinct from OTR.

    Hex: Slow Start - I again like the principle, and an anti rush perk is something I'd like to see in the general pool. I'd feel like a Hex perk shouldn't completely shutdown though... perhaps give it a starting 24% slowdown that decays down to 6% slowdown (3 minutes)?

    Hex: Manufacturing Failure - Not so convinced on this one, especially as a hex perk. Would be rather weak for what is in essence funtionally the same as a Lightborn/Forced Hesitation that doesn't help you get a down, and can't even stop sabo squads. I'd prefer something that helps during 3 man hook rushes to get everyone out at gate.

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    Yeah, Cover of Darkness is basically a repurposed idea I had for an OTR rework. I'd rather OTR work like that, but I doubt BHVR will ever figure that one out.

    For Slow Start: It won't disable fully when destroyed. The longer it's been up, the bigger the action speed bonus for the killer, and that would stay, even if the totem is destroyed.

    Manufacturing Failure: I think I forgot to remove the Hex tag. I do recall thinking it would work fine as a non-hex. Bit unfocused today as I'm pissed off that my $250, brand new headset is essentially already broken.

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    Ahhh my bad, my brain blanked the 20% haste boost for the killer that stays somehow (yikes! Scary). Objection withdrawn! 😅

    I'll take this opportunity for some alternative names:

    • Boon: Railroad - Boon: Transfer Consciousness, Boon: Planar Shift.
    • Hex: Slow Start - Hex: Awakened Wrath, Hex: Rising Evil

    Brutal regarding your headset dude... hopefully something copious amounts of black electrical tape can fix 😨

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    Oh, it's NOT haste! I want to clear that up straight away! Action speed refers to the time it takes for a killer to kick gens, doors, pallets, and picking up and hooking survivors.

    I believe Fire Up uses the same stat.

    The name 'Railroad', by the way, is a reference to the 'Underground Railroad', used to smuggle slaves to freedom. And I think Slow Start is an alright name, though I'm sure there's some more lore-themed names that could serve as well.

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    My God... that's 2 brain fails in a row... my bad... well at least I've already been the idiot for anyone else who reads 🤣🤣🤣

    Edit: I do really want to see another pick up speed perk for killer other than Fire Up. So not against that at all.

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    Universal perk:

    -Perk name 1-

    When a survivor begins a healing action outside of 40 meter meter radius, The killer receives a loud notification and the survivors aura is shown for 1/2/3 seconds.


    When inside the chase, Completing breaking a pallet increases your pallet breaking speed by 10, 15%, 20% for next 20 seconds.

    Heavy Foot:

    Increases your generator kicking speed by 50/75%/100%. After kicking a generator, the survivors pools of blood are shown in bright red for next 30 seconds.


    The goal is to provide beginners with one tracking perk, 1 chase perk, 1 game-delay from kicking gens for killers.


    Survivor perk idea:


    At the start of the trial for the first 90 seconds, rejuvenation activates. the first injury you suffer will make you suffer from the broken status effect. You are granted the ability to automatically heal 1 health-state after 35/33/30 seconds.

    While Rejuvenation is active, the following conditions will deactivate it:

     Successfully being healed by Rejuvenation while active.

     Being put into the Dying State before the timer elapses.


    A self-healing perk for a beginner survivor.

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    More and different perks would be cool, keep it up guys.