Have BHVR devs ruined DBD for survivors?

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Does it seem as a solo survivor, that you're losing almost every game right now?

Honest question, not trying to make a point etc. I'm noticing in every match I play killer, I'm usually able to kill 2-3 people every time. Hardly sweating it just seems to be easy-ish...

When I play survivor, it seems the team mates I'm with are struggling to maintain a single chase for longer than 8-10 seconds. My MMR is in the top level bracket - just shy of 4k hours (but played since DBD inception back in 2016).

With the consistent middle finger to survivors (removing MFT, stopping gen regression, mangled/haemorrhage changes etc) and buffs for killers (5% gen regression, consistent perk increases, STBFL maintaining its impact even after nerf etc), and with even more buffs coming in this current PTB for killers (blight getting extra bounce on his amazing addon etc), how are people finding it?

I'm just seeking numbers/experience of those gamers who play this game frequently since the changes - have you found it harder to play survivor or easier/same - and do killers find it easier to kill people?

Do you miss the old DH/DS combo, like... that was the peak of game enjoyment right? or was it miserable for killers - or do Killers miss that?



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    Im about little under 2000 hours in and i think survivors gotta slightly easier with the hud. It still very difficult to excape and some days i do find it impossible to excape. They say the win rate 40% but don't include DCs which happen every 5 games on average in my experience (that's being generous). They don't wanna balance off DCs so i understand it not being in the stats but survivors are losing way more than the numbers show because of this.

    My win rate with killer is about 75% to 80% on average. ( i play about half of the killers consistently throughout a given week)

    my excape rate with survivor around 35% (including DCs)

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    As for the balance, I would say that it is currently decent.

    One top-level survivor, who was once a professional killer, says on a livestream that he has a 60% chance of survival.

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    yes they did

  • felipesegatto1
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    im at the same spot! i stopped playing but i still didnt let go

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    Your words are true.

    The first reason why SWF is more advantageous than soloQ is in communication, but the second reason is that you are blessed with friends who are not influenced by MMR.

    SoloQ isn't all that bad in this game right now.

    The bad thing is that you are forced to work with selfish survivors who are holding your friends back and people who are less familiar with the theory.

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    4men is not the power role, Comp killers will beat Comp teams on pubs either way, its very balanced there is no power role at the moment. unless u want to subjectively talk about nurse/blight which are the power role.

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    Well just yesterday in a span of 3 hours I escaped like 3 matches out of 10. Lol! But idc. I never take this game seriously anyways as a solo q survivor. Now some killers probably take it seriously but that's on them. But when I do play killer, it's fairly easy to 3 to 4k since you depend on yourself so that's not surprising.

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    I only play solo and while I definitely die more matches than I escape, I still escape fairly often and already hit rank 1 (not that it means much) playing purely solo queue. I think the game is at a good place now after years of being far too survivor sided and I say that as a person who mostly plays survivor when I do play DBD

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    At one stage I was averaging just under a 60% escape rate. Recently, it's moreso down to 45%-50%.

    I put this down to me hitting a skill ceiling where the Killer is far stronger. My team mates are varied, certainly. However, no more different than usual in the scope of skillset.

    The problem from my perspective is generally the Survivor players who give up. If those players had the resilience to continue, many games could have different results. It's tough to change when much is down to attitude.

  • SoGo
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    It's literally only gen defence perks and genrush perks, proxy camping and tunneling

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    Given that the solo escape rate is at the spot that devs wants it to be and their tendency to rely on stats to make their game balance decisions, perhaps they're just treating the solo queue complaints as the loud minority?

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    I for one have an absolute blast playing SoloQ and shall therefore disregard this problem entirely, for that's how it works.

  • Huge_Bush
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    It is a strong perk. People don’t use it because most survivors are bad and don’t know how to time flashlights.

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    that's definitely not the higher MMR solo surv experience :D

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    Game is in a much better state than few years ago when Survivors had stupid strong stuff (insta bnp, insta heal, old DS, old DH, infinite loops, saboing all hooks on the map without respawning, being able to deny one killer from his power by perma saboing traps, instablinds etc.). Not to mention old vault "speed" of killers, old pick up and old pallet break animations for killers. It took years and a rapid decline in killer population to flatten things out. Game is in a much healthier state now that Survivors lost their god-like state. They are still pretty strong in a coordinated group or even as 4 decent solos. Solo can be frustrating at times, but it's not as bad as people portray it (39% or whatever the escape rate was is still fine). I think the overall problem with DBD is that the game just gets dull after some time. Which is normal, considering it is almost 8 years old. New chapters don't create any sort of hype for me since several years now. There is no real innovation in Killer powers anymore (okay, maybe Singularity) and the playstyle overall gets repetitive. This is why I stopped playing the game. Oh, and the new Killer looks like #########. Cheers Bhvr!

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    killer-wise, my matches are mostly fair and I don't feel like I'm being mismatched. I don't expect to get out every match or to be able to loop every killer, some players are just better.

    however, I don't escape much and it's usually related to my solo queue team being as inefficient as possible and playing in a manner that's flat out detrimental to the macro of the match

    so for me, solo queue sucks

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    Not sure if you're aware but rank/grade doesn't really indicate anything besides you played a lot that month.

    For matchmaking purposes you could be with the baby players while iri or be with the top while ash or brown because you didn't play much that particular month.