Survivors kill themselves on hook to skew data

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Played a several Huntress matches and survivors keep throwing on hook to try and skew the data. I have several recorded matches of this. 30 and 40 minute matches where survivors refused to play or do gens and would finally do all the gens and die to the entity. Good thing bhvr knows that they died due to the entity and not to the hook. But I have had real and fun matches too! I enjoy playing with people who actually want to test the changes and see how it works!

Context: This post devolved into Huntress change arguments. I have played against PTB Huntress and she is still loopable as she is 10% slower than survivors. All the people I disagree with have not played the PTB and don’t know how strong she is besides videos which like the Twitter one are skewed, ie shiny pin, starting side by side, the survivor looopong super sloppy and the killer looping tight.

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