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Question about Double XP days


"First match" of a day gives 300 Bonus XP (one for killer, one for surv), so that if you play one surv and killer game per day, you'd get +600 Bonus XP in addition to normal XP you'd get playing those matches.

During Double XP events (like the one happening now), are the "First Match of Day" bonus XP also doubled?

Is it calculated like this? (XP +300) x2 .... OR like this? (XP x2) +300

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  • Vorahk08
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    No, the XP system with these special events doesn't double all XP you get, just the base match XP. If you watch the XP counter after a match right now, it'll add XP for the match, XP for your emblems, XP for a first game as killer/survivor, and XP for "subsequent match". The "subsequent match" XP is the special event XP, and that's based only on the first amount of XP, the match XP.