Lights Out should be available 24/7 365 days a year, more overkill and more to the point.

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Suggestions? Glad you asked,

Make it available indefinitely and remove auras and the UI (almost) completely.

Nothing to feed info to the player other than sound and line of sight. Only make hook auras visible for the killer (+ located gens). No survivor UI to see teammate info. No way to see or know where someone is dying/hooked other than directional sound and screams, etc.

Get rid of the music, let the ambiance and creepy silence do its thing.

Let sacrificed survivors remain in the trial as half eaten ghost bots whos only purpose is to creep the sh*t out of the remaining survivors with jumpscares and whatnot.

Do not allow players to queue into this mode while in a swf, maybe as a duo to still be able to play with a friend. Make it feel like a hopeless, solitary mode where you're pretty much screwed and likely to die after getting jumpscared out of your chair.

And the overkill part, if even possible to implement as a feature: Make the map shift a bit mid trial. Make it feel more like an otherwordly being's entrails rather than a physical, "real" place. Put a structure there, get rid of that one. Poof, suddenly this wall has a hole in it. Who put that slightly face-shaped tree there?

It'd feel like playing a horror game again, and the scary factor would make it very, very fun in my humble opinion.

IK I'm late. 😌

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