Can we all agree Adrenaline doesn’t need touched

Nerfpopalready Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 90

First off yes I know how 4 adrenalines can feel and it sucks but also it’s rare that ever happens

this perk is a one time usage reward for completing five gens you play the game for all 5 gens with 3 perks where as you get perks like noed you do bad all game then get a life line with a free insta down

you can’t say OHHHH JUST DO TOTEMS dbd now is a game where you can’t do totems anymore you need to crank gens to even stand a chance with the current meta the tunneling etc this game isn’t casual anymore it’s sad but it’s the truth

look at problematic perk combos like buckle up ftp pain res pop DMS grim embrace instead of nerfing perks that aren’t even a problem in the first place


  • nikkixo87
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    I firmly believe the game is survivor sided, and punishes killers for silly things. But even I think adrenaline is fine.

    Who asked for this? Killers want the devs to nerf for the people / buckle up, not adrenaline

  • RpTheHotrod
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    Only thing adrenaline needs is to not cause an instant self-heal after being unhooked.

    Adrenaline is pretty powerful in general. You can literally put killers into a no-win situation with it. Hilarious, yes, though I do feel bad for them when it happens, lol.

  • Slowpeach
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    The problem is that Adrenaline is a perk that gets better the better you are at the game and is far more useful for a SWF then a solo player. A lot of games at lower skill levels don't even reach 5 gens but at higher level this is more common and the recent stats back this up. I kept track of the amount of games where Adrenaline does next to nothing and it's more then 60% though on killer I tank my rating and 8 hook before kills to try and keep the game fun and I don't like facing people who try too hard. Makes the game boring.

    For many players Adrenaline is a dead perk that does nothing at all. Even if it does trigger it might not trigger in a way that's all that helpful considering it does literally nothing else aside making you faster and healing you one health state.

    However for players at higher levels Adrenaline is potentially soul crushing. After all with a 4 man high mmr SWF there is a nearly 10% swing in escape rate and even with 3 man there is a 3% swing in escape rate. It doesn't sound like much but it is massive. Adrenaline coordination and timing is a significant part of the reason for this.

    It is the only perk that can immediately and outright undo a down (aside for the people/buckle up which is also problematic) and the killer has no realistic way of seeing it coming (unlike FTP) other then being at 1 gen remaining (and even then gens could complete close together). The problem is, I have really no idea how to nerf it, if I had to. 'Maybe' removing the ability to heal yourself when downed? It is so situational and does absolutely nothing outside one specific scenario.

  • Feneroe
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    Adrenaline just needs two changes, it shouldn't be banked if you're on hook when exit gates are powered and it shouldn't wake you up against Freddy. Anything else would just be gutting a mostly balanced perk.

  • BugReporterOnly
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    It needs a nerf sorry to say this but it needs to have some criteria of some kind to meet before having the ability granted to you.

  • Nerfpopalready
    Nerfpopalready Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 90

    You do realize the criteria is doing all 5 gens and still being alive lmao

  • Nerfpopalready
    Nerfpopalready Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 90

    Tbh I have win most my games on survivor because I play in a 4 stack of really good players and none of us use adrenaline I haven’t used it since dead hard got its most recent nerf i think if you’re a good survivor you get more value out of hope

  • BlightedDolphin
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    It shouldn't affect Freddy and it shouldn't heal if you are unhooked.

    Otherwise yes the perk is fine and doesn't need to be changed.

  • felipesegatto1
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    it shouldnt, if they do it, a lot of survivors will stop playing

  • DBD78
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    Same problem as most strong perks. Very fine on solos and a bit OP on SWFs.

  • _Onyx_
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    It does need a nerf.

    The argument of "it's rare for all 4 to have it" isn't a valid one. It's a meta perk and is quite likely for all 4 to have them as you get higher and higher with your MMR.

    And the "reward for doing 5 gens" argument isn't valid either. Survivors can do all 5 gens in under 4 mins. Also, there are maps that exist that even seasoned killers will struggle to get any sort of pressure at all, and then suddenly they all become healthy and it just sucks the hope out of the match. Survivors getting rewarded for simply getting taken to a heavily Survivor sided map is an insult.

    Adrenaline should be nerfed to do something minimal to what it does now.

    What Adrenaline should do is this:

    When the exit gates are powered, while you are Injured, gain a 200% Haste status effect for 3 seconds. Causes Exhaustion. Can be used while Exhausted.

    When the exit gates are powered, while you are in the Dying state, instantly recover to Injured.

    It only activates when you're vulnerable, but doesn't stack on top of each other. Individual effects based on what state you're in. If you're Healthy when the last gen is done then the perk never sees usage. That would be a fine version of Adrenaline.

  • Blueberry
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    Yeah other then hurting Freddy I think it's fine.

  • Nerfpopalready
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    Yeah I don’t agree with your idea that’s making the perk completely useless… I don’t think bhvr will end up going through with the nerf tbh but we will see

  • _Onyx_
    _Onyx_ Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 348

    Of course you don't, you think it's fine as it is. You're wrong. 100%.

    It wouldn't be useless. It would make it so you can give the killer someone else to worry about if he slugs them at end game. And it provides the Survivor with a chance, that's the key word, a chance to keep themself alive while they're being chased at end game.

  • Yoshirama
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    That’s a bad idea lmao

    in that case noed should activate when there’s at least two totems and cleansing one deactivates the perk, also, survivors got vulnerable when the last gen is finished, no when someone is hit.

    And what about a timer? The totem cleanse itself after a couple of seconds.

    That would be reasonable, right?

  • _Onyx_
    _Onyx_ Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 348

    Wanna try a proper argument aside from using a bizzare comparison that makes no sense. Adrenaline isn't the Survivor version of NOED, Hope is.

    Do you have an idea on how changing Adrenaline would be a fairer improvement on the perk or do you think it's fine as it s is too.

  • JPLongstreet
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    The only change Adrenaline needs is to remove the waking up part that is aimed at Freddy only. It is strong yes, but the surv has to get to endgame on three perks to even see it pop. And with a 60% kill rate that's no certainty, particularly with solos.

    If the intent is to make the perk run much much less, then they'll likely change the heal to be more like the medkit add-on and gain a health state over time, or something similar. And/or remove the disabled surv aspect. Again I don't think either of these need to happen.

    I'd like to see the stats on how often Adrenaline actually activates, and at what MMR. That would a better guide on how to gauge its effectiveness imo.

    Everything is a problem at the higher MMR area, with three or four stacks of anything rough. But their own numbers say those groups are the most uncommon by far. Their track record to date has been to make changes based around the middling groups of players, with a thoughtful glance at the newbies, and then those great at the game absolutely last. So we need to keep that in mind when making suggestions; less about what we see and more about what do most players see.

  • Crowman
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    When killer perks that were balanced got nerfed simply for being used, then it's fair that adrenaline will be hit next.

  • LazyClown
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    I think just keep it as it is, just keep nerfing the killers more and more. I want it to get to a point to where it's an embarrassment for a survivor to die. They've kick our m1 nuts so damn much I don't think they exist anymore. :D Just keep going on destroying our fun even more, it can't get any worse than it already has.

  • Quizzy
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    Dont care what anyone says. It doesnt need to be touched. But as we know, the devs have a quota to meet. They go into their data sheets instead of playing their game, and any meta perks thats used too much, gotta get nerfed. No excuses. Them the rules

  • MechWarrior3
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    I’m a killer main and I agree. Adren should be left alone minus waking up survivors against Freddy. That’s bs.

  • VomitMommy
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    Only thing I would want to be removed is Adrenaline working on hook / carried by killer. That's kinda silly in my opinion.

  • Ariel_Starshine
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    Only thing I'd remove is Freddy's part on it.

  • Dream_Whisper
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    Adrenaline is one of those meta perks that not always reliable all the time, but... when it does work, especially in a coordinating SWF team; this perk, especially when stack; can be overwhelming unnerving for killers dealing with it. If I were to tweak it and nerf it abit; I would...

    1.) Freddy's powers be awoken when this perk triggers. Freddy isn't that good and it unfair that this perk counters his power. So I would removed it!

    2.) Maybe, you should not be heal immediately when getting off the hook. There is so many perks like We Will Make it, Babysitter, etc. That helps with healing off the hook; that this perk completely outshines all those perks. So, I think you should not get a speed boost or free health state upon getting off the hook after last gen is done.

    Other then these two changes, I think it is fine. Doesn't need a harsh nerf or anything serious, and it is kinda hard to punished it when stacking it with other Adrenalines.

  • LeFennecFox
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    It very much needed a nerf I'm just surprised it outlived DS/DH. Tons of ways to nerf it without making it a completely useless perk.

    • 3-4 seconds instead of 5 sprint burst duration
    • Doesn't work off hook (maybe only if you got hooked after gens pop)
    • It doesn't work if you're on the ground

    Either way the wake up part NEEDS TO GO in 2024

  • Lexidoll
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    I'm getting genuinely tired of chasing someone with windows who isn't using their brain, pallet to pallet, window to window hold W boring ass gameplay only for when I'm about to finally get the down the gen pops and they run off healthy along and 3 other survivors are also suddenly healthy.

    NoED requires losing the game to even trigger and can be countered without the use of perks. Even if you bring terminus they still get the speed boost and effectively is a wasted perk slot just to deal with a perk with a 20% use rate. Same with windows but windows is has constant value throughout the entire match.