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Bond base kit? Suggestion


Thing is, I use bond in almost 100% of my games. Finding a survivor for healing or to get healed, knowing where chases are happening what direction they are going, knowing which generators people are on so I don't take the killer there is all an amazing thing.

So I was wondering of bond or maybe a weaker version of it could be made base kit given how useful it is for a solo player like me, who doesn't play with friends over a discord call or other means of communication!


  • VomitMommy
    VomitMommy Member Posts: 1,032

    That's a massive buff, so definetly not for all survivors and definetly not current version of bond.

    I use bond regularly and it's really strong. You never bring killer to survivors working on gens, body blocks are really easy to do, easy to find survivors to heal...

    It might be interesting to try that it works basically only on survivors you are not in group with. So as solo you see everyone. Trio would see only that one survivors left etc.

  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 336

    No way it should be basekit. I had too many people use it to rat me out when I'm strrrugling in match because they think I'm doing nothing or are pissed I can't play well against a killer.

  • HypersKng
    HypersKng Member Posts: 27
    edited March 18

    I'm sorry to hear people hurt you verbally for your playstyle, but why is that an argument for a no on something that would improve gameplay? Sounds like a skill issue. Just reflect on your mistakes and become a better player! Or if you think they are wrong don't listen to them!

    Sometimes things just happen on matches that you could not have predicted. A powerful perk or a particularly skilled opponent, but these things happen...

    Either way, you can improve by testing your limits see what works against what killer, some of it depends on the person playing as killer more than their killer choice, observe what your teammates are doing and account for their actions and adjust your own according to what you are observing. Bond actually helps a lot with the observing part of my advice.

    If you do this you will become a better player based on information and experience gathered in your future matches.