A Way to Nerf Tunneling but Keep it Viable

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming here out of spite. I'm merely a humble player. These days I primarily play killer, and don't ever feel guilty about tunneling when I have to rely on it.

Frankly, when I play survivor and get tunneled, I blame myself for not being better at looping or running anti tunnel perks. Just as I blame myself for not running unbreakable when I get slugged.

I think a slight change should be made to tunneling that keeps it a viable option for killers who are simply running out of time due to gen efficient SWFs, but in a way that gives survivors less to be mad about.

I have a solution, perhaps allowing the survivor to unhook themselves on their second hook if they got back-to-back hooked. In otherwords, if someone else gets hooked before they are hooked again, they cannot unhook themselves on their second hook.

Survivor who is hooked back-to-back will have their anti-camping gauge filled to 100% and can unhook themselves. This relieves pressure from the other survivors, allowing them to remain on gens.

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