Nerfs for swf ideas.


No one who is playing with friends duo, trio or full squad can bring in the same perks or items into a match. If someone has a flashlight and someone brings in Residual they can't use it untill the flashlight brought in by the friend is useless. So if someone has Built to Last it will only allow a flashlight from a chest if they no longer can use Built to Last on it and it has no charges. You can bring Flashbang if you like so one person has a Flashlight and Flashbang. Same goes with Scavenger and Pharmacy. So if it's just 2 of you only one can bring a item like a flashlight while any rando can bring it so if you are item teching the item off a rando it won't work until the one brought into the match by your friend has no more charges. The person who brought it in can give the item to whomever and they can use it. This will prevent bully squads who go out of their way to make killer miserable it isn't fun for killers.


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    I play lightborn or iron grasp on all my killers, because a couple months ago I played a lobby where, all survivors had flashlights and breakout, two had saboteur and three had boil over. I still won the match, but only after I started leaving everybody on the ground/not picking them up or dropping them and spending the rest of the game going for slugs, playing against swf lobbies when everyone is running the same perks is definitely bull, and this kind of seems like a good fix for the issue. Maybe one or two shared perks across the whole lobby, but no more than that- it's a good idea.

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    I just had a bully squad with Boil Over, Background Player and Sabotouer. 3 of them had med kits with syringes and one had a flashlight. This is what needs to stop right now. I stand by that anyone in a swf shouldn't be able to have the same perks, items and add ons and can'tbe the same survivor. Either that or gut Background Player already.

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    You cannot punish people for playing a video game with their friends

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    Can we stop trying to punish people for playng with their friends? I mean, since when is this a crime? They payed for the game just like the rest of us and there is even an option in the lobby to invite your friends, so it's not like the game is telling them not to do it.

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    Because dbd is the only game in my life I play where people qq about people playing with family and friends. I do not see this in Evil Dead game, I do not see this in TCM , I did not see this in evil resistance. I do not see this in Identity V(I am loving that game I played for the third time today and my goodness total different experience from dbd. So much to do as a newbie and so much events and flavor. The fact you can even make a guild as if its an mmo or make rooms wowie. But we know what it is killers again just want EZ games that is why the cry about swf.😅 The funny part is op says let swf not carry the same perks, yet solo que can and its not a problem I guess?

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    Removing certain perks from being used if someone is sfw also has that perk is one way. Another is reduced number of perks for sfw squad.

    But there is another way - buff soloq, give them all information that swf already have - killer position as long as one survs have direct line of sight. Info about what the killer is as soon as first surv spots the killer or its power. Pings for certain actions, info about spotted perks.

    And then buff killers accordingly

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    Imagine punishing people who just want to play with friends

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    While comms do provide an advantage by default 99% of swfs wont get much more value from it than if it were soloQ. If dbd ever got a competitive mode, then I could see something like this being implemented for ranked swfs.

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    Bait them, use Franklin's, genetic limits or slug them. Be creative. Play dumb. You will get them eventually. I did this against "bully squads" for over 5 years and it works quite well.

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    Bully Squad is when survivors helps each other to survive (even if they're SoloQ)

    Same with people call genrush when survivors do their job