Question about Were-Elk Huntress

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Actually 2 questions. Does it have a new lullaby? The new mori looks sick, now I must know about the lullaby.

Next question, this one has to do with the shop. As we know, the devs said they were evening out shop cosmetic prices with this update. Legendary and Ultra Rare cosmetics will cost 1485 ac or 29700 iri shards, Very Rare will cost 1080 ac or 21600 iri shards, so on so forth.

SO WHY IS THIS COSMETIC MORE THAN 1485 AURIC CELLS? Is it a bug? I'd say "Oh it's visceral so maybe they're treating that as it's own rarity and so it's more as bs as it is" but no. Naughty Bear is also visceral and is still 1485.


  • GentlemanFridge
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    I believe it does have a new lullaby. Haven't heard it myself, though.

  • MiriamG
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    Announce that prices are getting standardized next patch. Immediately go against their own words the moment the patch drops. Classic BHVR.

  • Shirtless_Myers
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    All of the skins that affect the lullaby are pay-to-win currently.

  • Peanits
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    For you first question, yes, it does include a unique lullaby.

    As for the second question, this is a Visceral outfit, meaning it comes with a unique mori (like The Trapper's Naughty Bear outfit). This is the normal price for all future Visceral outfits, whereas the Naughty Bear outfit was released at a special lowered price as part of our Halloween celebrations.

  • 100PercentBPMain
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    Oh great, a Huntress lullaby that won't put me into Madness Tier 3? I hope more people use this skin then.

    I cannot stand going against Baba Yaga she's sooooooooooooooooo annoying

  • ChurchofPig
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    Thank you for answering my questions, but this brings a new question to my mind. Wasn't the whole point of standardizing the prices of rarities to get rid of these sort of anomalies?

    Maybe this is just me, but I feel like Visceral should just be considered another version of the Legendary Rarity just like Ultra Rare is currently to Legendary and the Event rarity is just treated as another version of Very Rare for cosmetics. From the perspective of the players who weren't ever aware that Visceral was going to be 1755 ac and just thought it was going to be 1485 ac like legendary and ultra rare, it feels like BHVR took out all anomalies just to introduce a new one. It creates more confusion to the players like when I initially brought up how weird it was when asking if the 1755 auric cells was a bug. Maybe I'm just completely misunderstanding what exactly happened with visceral. Hopefully you can clear up some of the confusion.