Myers Buff when?

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Just a list of issues with current Myers:
1. His t1 lunge has been outdated since September 2020 when maps were reworked. This matters for Scratched Mirror Myers (make it 0.4 seconds instead of the current 0.2, and dont change Boyfriend's Memo).

2. His t1 not giving bloodlust has been outdated since 2018 (Myers is currently the only killer who cannot get bloodlust, this matters for Scratched Mirror Myers)

3. His base 105% movement speed in T1 has been outdated since September 2020. I get that 110% might be a bit much, but he deserves at least 107.5% so he can gain distance around rocks.

4. His stalking mechanics in general has been outdated since the release of Ghost Face. He moves too slow, can only stalk 1 survivor at a time even if all 4 survivors are in his face. I'd say make Jewelry basekit for his stalking movementspeed modifyers, and make him stalk all survivors at the same time. Even if that means stalking the first survivor at 100% and the rest at 25%.

5. If a survivor dies with stalk remaining, that stalk is lost forever. This is outdated ever since Myers can no longer stalk in T3. So either bring back the stalk in his T3, or transfer the stalk to the remaining survivors.

6. Tombstone Piece has been outdated since 2019. It's generally too easy for any Myers to just get an early kill and slow down the game significantly. Just add any slowdown perk like Dead Lock and he wins quite easily. It needs a rework. I'm fine with it being a mori addon, but it should definitely be tweaked to have more negatives

7. Talking about Tombstone in general, here's a list of things that shouldnt prevent Myers from performing Tombstone, but do: using a map, using a key, using a flashlight, cleansing/blessing a totem, repairing a generator, using Clairvoyance, slowly entering a locker, spam vaulting, healing a survivor, being healed by a survivor, healing yourself, using dead hard, dropping a pallet, picking up a pallet with Any Means Neccesary, using an invocation, using Deception (only for a few frames, but it does block the mori), picking up an item, dropping an item, opening the exitgate, mending, sabotaging a hook, using Dramaturgy (the first 0.5 seconds), using Scene Partner (cant mori a screaming survivor), opening a chest, rummaging a chest, using Chemical Trap, using Diversion, using Flashbang (or 1 of the item reskins), using Potential Energy (its different, since you can start using the perk at 99% of a gen), interacting with a glyph.

If I didnt forget anything, and didnt miscount, that is 30!!! instances where Myers cannot mori, but he should be able to.

Please BHVR, please look at my boi. See him through my eyes. On paper he might look fine, but he is not. He is depressed. I am 100% fine with Myers being the weakest killer, but please, at least make his kit do what it's supposed to do. T1 Myers is unplayable against decent survivors. Tombstone Piece Myers players are unfun to play against, and Judiths Tombstone Myers is extremely easy to counter. Just do him justice.


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    Well, thats fair and dandy, but most of his tweaks other than tombstone piece are literally 5 minutes of work. Enable his bloodlust again (they have disabled bloodlust before, so it must be nothing but a switch by now), increase the multiplier of his movementspeeds by stalking from 0.2x and 0.6x to 0.5x and 1x (why slow him down if he doesnt see any target anyway?) and change the number to his t1 movementspeed from 0.914x to 0.935x.

    The rest needs bigger changes, but these easy number changes will be already HUGE and could be implemented with the next patch

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    the amount of evil within(stalk) required going from tier 1 to tier 2 should definitely be reduced, tier 2 to tier 3 as well but not as much as the first one. The amount of setup required is very time consuming. Some of his add ons like the stalk movement speed and aura reading ones should also be reworked imo.

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    Oh, the only aura one that is an issue is the T1 shard. His stalk movement speed addons are legit fun to use. Currently its bugged from what it was. Before the UE5, it was additive to the basekit multiplier, now its multiplied with the basekit multiplier. Difference? Before you could reach 5.0 meters per second with 2 stalk movementspeed addons, being faster than normal movement speed. Now you can at most reach 4.2 meters per second (105%), which is slower than normal movement speed. Which is probably the intended effect, but its an extreme difference in usefulness.

    Before the update, T1 myers with green speed addon was "good", better than Boyfriends Memo. Now? Its absolutely the opposite. And Boyfriends Memo was never that good

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    he is a killer.
    never get justice.