Pls do something for tunneling



Can you please do something for killers who tunnel/camp players please?
It's just boring, barely off the hook, the killer returns and chases him even if someone tries to get in his way. Again and again. 90% of the games I play happen like this. The first player found does not play the game, since he cannot do ANYTHING. Which makes a lot of people rage-quit. It's understandable when you just can't play normally. (I already found myself alone with 3 bots and a killer loool)

The anti-camp system is a good idea but poorly done: The killers know how it works, so they camp right at the edge of the zone. So no one comes to help for fear of being killed as well just because the killer remains under the hook.

All this for what ? Hope to kill at least 1 out of 4 survivors lol
Even killers who can literally teleport, or do ranged attacks camp or tunnel :')

Before it was different, apart from Leatherface and a few killers trolling around, there was almost no tunnel/camp, and it was much better. More fun.


  • Ohyakno
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    Basekit borrowed time. Go to a loop.

    Also people don't even know what tunneling is. If you use your BT for a protection hit, that's not tunnelling. If you get on a gen immediately after being unhooked, you're not being tunneled. If your teammates crouch away and the killer can't find anyone sorry! You're not being tunneled. Your team just isn't doing the stuff they should

  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
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    BhVR does not seem to think so. Killers are being nerfed or limited in the means and number of times they can revert Gen progress, so they seem to be pushing a meta where reducing the number of survivors is the best means of sabotage.

    Instead, they are implementing base kit BT and making the HUD visible to teammates no matter who is chasing, so good luck with your chases. If you are lucky, your teammates will come to recover.

  • Archol123
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    The anti face camp feature does exactly what it is supposed to do, it is not supposed to prevent camping but only face camping.

    What do you mean the player does not get to play the game because he gets tunneled? He gets 3 chases... He gets more gameplay than any other survivor :D I take getting tunneled over doing gens for 10 min every day of the week ^^

  • ad19970
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    I agree that BHVR really should nerf tunneling and camping some more. The anti-facecamp mechanic does nothing against normal camping, and tunneling is also still too strong despite the 10 second BT effect.

    I really wish BHVR took more risks when it comes to such changes. In my experience killers can do well even without tunneling and camping. But those two strategies are simply the easy way out for killers often times.

  • Archol123
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    Then do them in a bot game I guess? When it is not the interaction with the killer you are looking for then it does not really matter does it?

  • Chaogod
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    Survivors want killers to have 0 means to play the game. You take out tunneling then it's nerf camping more. Then it moves on to nerf how fast they die on hooks and etc. It's just gonna move the nerf goal post.

    Honestly, the best solution is to set up a VS AI option where people can MM versus an AI killer because that's how people want killers to play. The game is never gonna be seen as fair for either side really and that's how it is with any game.

    Whats stupid is the focus is that every tool killers have is "toxic" and bad for the game. But anything survivors do like teabagging, body blocking, hook blocking, flash light saves when picking someone up or pallet saves. Is seen as a normal part of the game or totally fine. People seperate these things in their mind as intended and not intented. When both are the mechanics and tools for both sides to legit use to try and win.

    Tunneling is currently the only way for killers to deal with problematic surivors who do things like constantly wait for a save of some sort or with the up coming patch… using a tool box. It's also a punishment for playing the game bad. I rarely tunnel people unless it's one of those situations but like a lot of the time people get "tunneled" is because they do really really stupid stuff.

    Ill see someone who has a hook state left go in for hook saves or body blocks or any save for that matter. Or any situation that would intentionally put them at risk instead of doing gens and staying hidden. Like if there's two people I know about in the area and one has a hook state left to die and the other doesn't then it's pretty clear who I am gonna try to kill.

    Sure tunneling can't be completely avoided but like slugging a lot of the times people have that issue is because they make mistakes or dumb plays.