BPs seem to be bugged in this event


I just started today with the event. Played Surv and Killer and in both cases and in every match there are some weird endgame results.


Surv Match: 3 escaped. Me on thrid place with 40.000. Second place 42.000. Killer around 35.000. So far so good. But the first place had over 100.000BP and I can't remember that he did much. I unhooked 3 guys, healed 2, repaired 3 gens, stunned the killer 1 time, and escaped chase 2 or 3 times.

Killer Match 1: Trapper: 4 escaped. 4th place 20.000, 3rd place 20.000 2nd place 22.000. Me 22.000. And again 1st place surv more than 100.000 and again. I can't rememeber that he did so much more than the other 3.

Killer Match 2: Trapper: 3 hooks 1 kill. 4th, 3rd, 2nd place around 25.000. Me 39.000 and first place surv more than 100.000. And here I'm pretty sure that this first place did less than the other 3. He was only lucky enough to be killed last. Was a streamer and I tried to find the stream to varify what he actually did, but no luck.

In all of that games event cakes from this event have been used except me I used the cake from last years event.

So is this just a weird coincident, or is this generally bugged or has this something to do with my 7th-anniversary cake offering? Any ideas?


  • dknb
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    My matches are in the same situation.
    I think it's a visual bug.

  • TragicSolitude
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    Event points have no cap and are separate from main gameplay points but are shown on the scoreboard at the end. Event points are things like bonuses for hooking on an event hook or completing a generator, picking up an invitation, using an invitation special ability, accepting a Party Totem (3.5k BP), and opening a Party Chest (5k BP).

  • MvHoeller
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    That's what I expected, but in fact only the first surv player seems to get those points. Because in every single game I've played since yesterday, the scorebord shows the first surv player with massivly more points than the other four players, no matter if I play surv or killer.

    I hope it's just a visual bug. Actually I didn't do the maths after my games, so I'm not sure if I get my bonus points or not.

    Edit: I want to add that in my last game the first placed survivor hadn't such a big BP difference from his teammates, but he didn't use a cake offering either.

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