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  • Imo, what trapper needs is to lose the trap carry limit and get nerf/buff system based on the number he carries instead. Carrying 1 or no traps gives a bit of haste and a smaller terror radius, for chasing survivors after he's prepped an area, but he gets a slowdown and larger terror radius for carrying over 3 or 4. This…
  • I'm still hoping for an OG nemesis skin. This year is the 25th anniversary of the original RE3 so here's to hoping my lad can get some love from the devs (Or some better add-ons would be nice too)
  • Honestly, with the amount of killers and survivors to prestige and perks to unlock, they need to just boost BP rates flat out or reduce bloodweb prices
  • What i don't get is why nowhere to hide was killswitched. To my understanding it was only a sadako glitch so why not killswitch sadako instead of the perk which is probably affecting more people?
  • It's hardly punishing. The tryhard and sweat players are going to be at the high MMR and most affected by this. If you play more casually, you're going to be lower to mid MMR, which makes you less affected and less likely to encounter more skilled players. The idea is to make it less likely for a match where either side…
  • There was another idea i posted earlier to deal with slugging https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/discussion/402877/survivors-should-be-able-to-use-hooks-to-pull-themselves-out-of-a-dying-state#latest
  • Well yeah, the numbers are just an example. To make sure the concept is presented clearly
  • At this point, there should be some kind of unbreakable basekit, but that can also be counterbalanced by a mori basekit as well. Something simple, like say, survivors get 1 point for being downed, 2 points for being hooked. And if a single survivor builds up 10 points, that survivor can then be mori'd. The extra points for…
  • Yeah, healing a certain amount, like 50%, was my first thought. Then second idea was to make it a timed action, so a survivor has a choice of sitting there healing so someone can do a quick revive or start crawling to a hook. It should be slow enough that it can't be too abused, but fast enough to urge the killer to hook…
  • Honeslty, i often see players go into sweat mode when a terrormisu is in play. They're rare at this point so players are eager to get the point boost. It's highly likely the killer just came across you first and wanted to get a survivor out to take control of the game just to make sure they weren't stuck with a 10k point…