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  • Okay, so i get some people are just looking at outfits, BUT that’s different than when they put on full bloody outfit or character just to revert back to their original outfit/character. I don’t think anything of it if it’s just a top change or something that they keep. Just showing it off is sortof cringey. i don’t…
  • @Mrrgle_the_Mediocre yeah, but if anything it just makes them look annoying imo
  • since you’re ps4, maybe change it so only friends can message you.
  • @Noodle i’m thinking maybe they’ll add Bunny Feng with the next chapter release since it should be around fall looking at the timeline they made, maybe it will be apart of halloween costumes? just a guess though, i’d love to see Bunny Feng soon.
  • The ideas about different flashlight colored beads and medkits, they’ve done it for halloween event before, not sure if it would be possible to buy specific stuff like that from a store as they came from the bloodweb. I think it would be really cool even though i’m not a big flashlight user. and love the ideas for new Mori…
  • i’ll have whatever she’s having
  • i’ve seen an increase in farming during this event, but with farming comes the annoying survivors who won’t leave after the killer shows mercy, they open gates, then run around for shets and giggles. then, they deserved to be killed imo.
  • i can say i’ll be annoyed or disappointed but in reality i’m still gonna play it when it comes out. even if it is a month after everyone else.
  • i knew this wasn’t real but yet here i am
  • okay so, i’m confused, is this a PC thing, because i didn’t have to purchase Feng or Ace on console...
  • i guess the order in which i’ve prestiged in and then plan to so 1: Meg- first i played as 2: Nea- i like urban evasion 3: Ace- it’s for the funny hat 4: Laurie- just like her character from the movies 5: Dwight- i admire how bloody he gets when you prestige him.
  • the end of your post about a kate leading michael to you was so relatable, a few weeks back i played a match as a survivor and i’m doing a gen in the corner of a map in the very beginning of the game, and i see a Nea crouching up and down really fast and running and waiting, this ~maniac~ led him right to my gen, where he…
  • yeah i only use them if i have an add-on to open black locks.. other than that they are completely useless. sortof like some maps, but atleast you get map scout points with them.
  • this happened to me the other day with a toolbox, i wasn’t too upset about it but thought it was weird, when i escaped, my toolbox was sortof floating at the exit point? it still showed in my hand at the end screen. but when i went back to the lobby it was gone.
  • yess this is like the 10th post i’ve seen about this since these forums opened, the devs have had to see one, i keep hoping they’ll respond to one and tell us if it’s reasonable or not. i would love it.
  • the “thank you Bjorn” made me laugh. nice one
  • i gasped
  • yes!!! it’s so frustrating especially when it’s a swf duo and they both quit sigh also i have this problem with killers quite often and most of the time they aren’t even doing that bad, i guess just not good enough in their book.
  • if i get unhooked while the killer is there and they tunnel me, i’m annoyed at the other survivor for unhooking me at a bad time. the only killer i really get annoyed at when they tunnel is the Pig, only because the reverse bear traps are there for a reason, so if i am chased while the timer is going it’s sortof…
  • fair warning, this may become a heated discussion once it gets going.
  • this happens to my friend ALL the time, i believe only on Gideon meat plant. we play on ps4.
  • it seemed a lot more intense when i first started playing but like everyone else is saying i guess it’s just because we are now use to the game? Myers still gives me anxiety lol and the pig when she first came out. i think it’s just because we’re so use to the killers, maybe once they add scarier ones the fear will come…
  • @Visionmaker exactly! i hasn’t been horrible yet but i don’t want it to get that way, i just noticed a post that got more hostile than they have been (and like you said not passionate just toxic) and thought to myself this isn’t how i want this forum to end up. i for the most part enjoy the forums very much and love…
  • @Zanfer i guess i am silly for that, i really didn’t though! i thought everyone would be like “yeah nothing wrong with more positivity!” i have met some cool people on here through positive interactions but i just didn’t enjoy reading the threads where everyone is angry.
  • @Dwight_Fairfield ive personally never had an issue, it was just a thought i had the other day while reading thread and i don’t even think it was about something super important but for some reason everyone was just arguing and i don’t even believe it was dbd related at that point. but i have personally been lucky and have…
  • @lasombra1979 you’re right so ironic. i am annoyed because i made a comment that there could be less hostility and people got defensive because it’s not as bad as reddit or steam. i guess we can let it get that way then. i never said worse than reddit or steam, just that there is anger in the air.
  • @lasombra1979 you’re acting as if i called you out by name. let me go back and edit it to “some people” so that someone doesn’t click on this and think i called them out and only them specifically. i never said it was the most anger i’ve ever seen and my poor positive eyes couldn’t handle the absolute hostility being…
  • @ASpazNamedSteve i need to see comments from more people like you :’-) thank you!
  • @lasombra1979 i didn’t mean EVERYONE. i just meant that seeing comments where someone suggested someone and someone else spazzed and insulted them instead of giving a good reply was annoying :) but you’re right, i’m crazy for thinking everyone could actually listen to each other. insane. sorry for bothering this place with…
  • @Dragonredking no not new, but thanks for asking :) yes i’ve seen the forums on steam and on reddit. i just meant the first few days this forum opened it was pretty nice and now it’s changed. this forum. not talking about steam. not talking about reddit. i don’t know why everyone is acting like i just spewed some crazy…
  • @Master no i understand coming to the forums to vent to show the devs your problems with the game, what i am talking about is someone commenting a suggestion or idea and instead of responding with a logical comment, or disagreeing and showing their p.o.v, it’s just straight to insults or yelling at someone for being a…
  • @weirdkid5 i know i know, i just thought maybe if i added a shred of positivity... i’m just not a fan of the arguing over pointless things. i guess it does show the community is passionate though
  • @Spiritbx i meant at each other, not at devs :) it’s just annoying to go on a thread i’m actually interested in reading everyone’s opinion but all i see is people at each other’s throats for differing thoughts instead of actually putting solid points it’s just insults. nothing to do with the devs or the game... just meant…
  • yes!! it’s so frustrating that we have no say in that, it happens to me all the time, and even if someone is in a chase sometimes they’ll unhook me (or someone else) to get the killer off their back and basically end up being the reason the other person dies. i guess you could report them for gameplay abuse? but that…
  • this is such a requested killer i hope to see it in the game at some point... it would be cool to see it maybe in the fall? they released a timeline plan for a new killer/survivor/map during each season so i’m guessing roughly every 3 months? i would love to see this around halloween time :)
  • @FSB75 nice one
  • haha yes it can be really frustrating however if you don’t panic and think it through you can get away from either chainsaw. i guess just knowing how to play against the chainsaw killers, buffing them would just weaken them and then there would be even more stuff to complain about... i think they’re fine the way they are.
  • thats actually a good idea however i’m not sure they would do this only because 99% of killers would choose to not allow swf in their lobbies, this would extend an already long wait time for everyone... to balance it they’ll probably have to add in game tactics for the killer and possibly SWF players? ( weakening them in…
  • good concept but the first perk is a mix of 2 perks that already exist! cool concept though! :) 
  • my favorite maps are The Red Forest and The Game and the Asylum... least favorite is the preschool. i don’t feel either way about the others one.
  • @Brady yes, thank you!
  • i really don’t think swimsuits are dbd material... i disliked them on f13 too but they’re counselors at a lake so i get it. I wouldn’t like the cheesy circus outfits if they didn’t correlate with the new chapter.. i just don’t want to silly the game down. f13 is basically dead now because no one took it seriously.
  • i am a ps4 player so i don’t know much about what’s on the ptb... is the new hatch on the ptb?! if so can someone explain to me how it works (ex: how many times the killer can close it, if there is a way to get it back open) thank you <3
  • i will admit Adrenaline is a powerful perk... it has saved my butt many times. i only use it when i play Meg because i try to switch my perks up between who i play with... but yes. and Self-care. it’s very useful against Freddy ( you can wake yourself up) and esp if the others are swf and don’t care about you. There is a…
  • i as a survivor dislike this too, if you unhook me right away it’s a death wish.. the killer is 9/10 times going to down me again and now i’m on my second hook. also, along those lines, don’t unhook someone when you’re in a chase to get the killer off of your back. it’s a such a jerk move.
  • @Shipthebread i have never heard them say the clown thing, but i have heard others repeatedly argue about the no clown thing claiming the devs said it... i guess they never did say it since we got a clown. maybe it’s just a rumor someone started and it got carried away.
  • the actual video where my curiosity began...
  • @Shipthebread