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This is quite possibly the longest post I have ever done but here is a detailed list of every rift cosmetic not yet added to the store with pictures, enjoy, and let the devs know that you want these back if you do, BUT, please, be respectful!

I am not including seasonal/event cosmetics since those are all time based and will return when their respective events. I have also not included any deep rift varients from recent rifts as those are confirmed by the devs to be exclusive to people who grinded the rift (unfortunately).

Tome 1 - Rift 1: Awakening

The Huntress: Miss Pussens

The Huntress: Lacquered Wono Ax

Nea Karlsson: Billboard Blue Cap

Nea Karlsson: Urban Country Vest Top

David King: King of Kings

David King: Fog Soldier Cargo Pants

Tome 2 - ​Rift 2: Reckoning

The Trapper : Pain Flail (Copper) (Thanks @Iron_Cutlass!)

The Wraith : Glowing Vigil (Orange)

The Huntress: Hunting Hitatare (Winter Blue)

The Legion: Fairview Varsity Jacket (Graffiti)

The Plague: Crown of Conviction

Feng Min: Last Quarter Skirt

Meg Thomas: Alpine Ski Vest

Claudette Morel: Tinted Walnut Glasses

Ace Visconti: Splashin’ the Pot

Jeff Johansen: Bloody Xmas

Tome 3 - Rift 3: Escalation

The Spirit: Thunder & Lightning

The Hillbilly: Wild Cap

The Nurse: Metacarpal Saw (Cool Rust)

The Hag: Dreaded Husks

​David King: London Dawn Training Jacket

Meg Thomas: Flash Leather Leggings

Nea Karlsson: Nuclear Skies Pixie Bob

Feng Min: Cartoon Bang & Ponytail

Tome 4 - Rift 4 : Conviction

The Oni: Vengeful Lord

The Trapper: Circus Brawns

The Doctor: Naval Warfare

​David King: Wave Runner

Jake Park: Ranchman

The Spirit: Seifuku (Red)

The Legion: Boot Knife

The Nurse: Hazmat Mask

The Doctor: Bloodied Pincushion

​Yui Kimura: Second Gear Shirt

Jane Romero: Bohemian Wonder

Dwight Fairfield: 8-Bit Pizza Hoodie

Claudette Morel: Blueberry Skirt

Tome - ​Rift 5 : Unleashed

Nea Karlsson: System Smasher

Tome 6 - Rift 6 : Divergence

The Legion: Rabid Seadog

The Trapper: Deep Frostbite

The Hillbilly: Williwaw’s Touch

Nea Karlsson: Marine Guardian

Claudette Morel: Montreal Chill ( Confirmed to be Rift Exclusive in Trailer, unfortunately.) (Thank you @Satelit!)

Claudette Morel: Northern Flurry

Dwight Fairfield: Office Santa

Dwight Fairfield: Wildland Adventurer

Meg Thomas: Golden Summer

Felix Richter: Mountain Scout (Confirmed to be exclusive in Trailer, unfortunately.) (Thank you @Satelit!)

Tome 7 - ​Rift 7 : Forsaken

The Plague: The Maiden Guard

The Blight: Tragic Monstrocity

The Huntress: Apex Ursine

The Deathslinger : One-Shot Bandit

Jane Romero: The Interviewer Extraordinaire

Jeff Johansen: Maniac Rider

Felix Richter: Autumn Getaway

Tome 8 - Rift 8 : Deliverance

Jake Park: Leafy Green

Nea Karlsson: Dead Surf

Zarina Kassir: On the Move

Dwight Fairfield: Stand-Out Style

Tome 9 - Rift 9 : Crescendo

The Trapper: Hack-O-Lantern (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

The Plague: Maiden of Vanity (Community Cosmetic, will likely return) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

The Clown: Pumpkin Eater (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

The Wraith: Lord Dracula (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Élodie Rakoto: Afropunk (Community cosmetic, will likely return)

Feng Min: Nexus Ranger

Feng Min: Mime Time (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Dwight Fairfield: The Adventurer (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Ace Visconti: Disco’s Dead (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Jeff Johansen: Scourge of the Seas (Potentially releasing when the seasonal collection returns(?) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Tome 11 - Rift 11 : Devotion

The Trickster: Glittering Magpie

The Nurse: Demure Dismemberer

The Hillbilly: Cabin Fever

Feng Min: Shorefront Enssemble (JUST RETURNED) (Thank you @Jhei & @BarnesFlam!)

Adam Francis: Commuter Casual

Dwight Fairfield: Mellow Fellow

Meg Thomas: Vacation Pastels

Claudette Morel: Rosy Rumbler

Any Tomes/Rifts not included (like Tome 10: Rift 10 - SAW) have had all of their skins added to the store or are too recent to be added to the store, I believe it takes at least a year or sometimes two for BHVR to add them. But feel free to let me know anything I missed in the comments!

BONUS Amazon Prime Exclusives:

Year 1:

The Artist: Altered Perception

The Artist: Deluded Perception

The Blight: Seething Ice

Dwight Fairfield: Love Hurts

Jake Park: Fancy Family Dinner

Meg Thomas: Cycle Courier

Year 2:

Haddie Kaur: Online Interview Get-Up (THIS HAS RETURNED) (Thank you @BarnesFlam!)

Jeff Johansen: Cold Weather Cocoon

The Plague: The Maiden Guard (Yes, it is the same as the rift one)

The Trickster: Golden Skull Mask

The Legion: Luminescent Carver

Feng Min: Nexus Ranger (Supernova)

The Artist: Indelible Stain

Jane Romero: Well-Deserved Hollidays

BONUS BONUS 4th Year Crowns:

Okay I lied about the no event cosmetics in this instance because, while the 5th Crowns have been given out with codes and the past Masquerade Masks were in the store, the 4th Year Crowns have not reappeared in any form. The picture is of Ace's because he is my favorite but they also exist for:

Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel, Jake Park, Nea Karlsson, Feng Min, David King, Kate Denson, Adam Francis, Jeff Johansen, Jane Romero, Yui Kimera, Zarina Kassir, The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly, The Nurse, The Hag, The Doctor, The Huntress, The Clown, The Spirit, The Legion (Frank & Julie), The Plague, The Oni, and The Deathslinger.

BONUS BONUS BONUS (Thank you to @BarnesFlam!):

Two exclusive April Fools head cosmetics.

Adam Francis: Pixelated Glasses

Dwight Fairfield: Propeller Head

I have written you all a book with pictures, so I beg:


Please let me know anything I missed or included that shouldn't be, thank you!

(Also if you made it to the end, thank you for reading!)

Special thank you to Mod @Rizzo who combined my two threads into one, and another special thanks to @BarnesFlam who has partaken in all of my threads on this topic and helped out with this list so much. To everyone else who has participated/will participate, THANK YOU! You guys are the GOATS!

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