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Extreme, unplayable FPS drops?

SonicOffline Member Posts: 915
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Is anyone else getting this issue? It's started happening around the time of The Singularity's mid-chapter patch, but has been getting worse and worse.

I had a forum post detailing it as a bug but I was basically told it's not, and to come here.


  • SonicOffline
    SonicOffline Member Posts: 915

    Anyone at all?

  • SonicOffline
    SonicOffline Member Posts: 915
    edited October 31

    Still having the issue, ngl. Is literally no one having this?

    It's survived a complete Windows reinstallation. Somehow it's not a problem with the game, despite the only changes are they updated it to The Singularity, and I reinstalled Windows.

  • V4NA_
    V4NA_ Member Posts: 4
    edited November 3

    Ive got the same issue unfortunately.... Game ran before the event now ill get random fps drops, worse on some maps. RX 6800 XT / 5800X3D. Every other game runs very smooth... Hoping its resolved when the event is over

  • Kukwee
    Kukwee Member Posts: 5

    I've been having the same issue as well. It's more tolerable on killer but when I play survivor my game becomes nigh impossible to play after a few consecutive matches and I have to stop. It gets worse depending on the killer too, Pinhead and Artist just absolutely destroy my game now which is a huge bummer.

  • loveninho
    loveninho Member Posts: 2

    This is not a drop in FPS, but regular freezes. Many people have them.

    The solution to the problem is to install ssd m2 970 evo plus or 980 pro ssd and play the game on it.

    You also don’t have the most successful generation of ryzen processors, the 3700x is capricious in terms of RAM, and if you have some kind of HyperX Fury on Hyunix chips, then this can cause high latency. Memory on b-die chips cl14 with tuned timings can also fix the problem.

    And for such a videocard it wouldn’t hurt to change the processor to an AMD 5600x/5800x3d or intel i5 12400/13400.