Chat filtering out words it shouldn't.


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    They have what I call a "smart" filter, emphasis on the quotations. It tries to censor based on context and/or you trying to hide censored words within another word.

    For example, in another game I play, there is a motorcycle called a Gargoyle. However, that motorcycle gets censored as it contains what people of the Jewish community call non-Jewish people. Don't get why it's censored (not a slur IMO as a non-Jewish person, but it is according to that game.) Another game I play censored the last day of the week because it contains the letters T, U, R, and D together. There is an in-game title of Bar'sen'thor that gets censored in chat due to it containing a British word for the posterior region.

    So, I think that's what is happening here. Tapp? That's totally part of a slang phrase.

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    Oh yeah, I totally see what they did. They likely grabbed an off the shelf solution and instead of spending time white-listing terms they just implemented it as-is. I highly doubt they spent the dev resources to try and create their own smart filters.

    But this implementation is lazy and unwanted. In an M-rated game where only one platform can even access chat and no one in the playerbase (that I'm aware of) was asking for it, it seems like they just need to pull the plug on it.

    It gets in the way of actual communication.

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    Still an issue. Let's not pretend this is working as intended, that it is a desired feature, or that it is in any way difficult to fix.