Archive 'Cellar Search' bugged

Palmer Member Posts: 10

The following archive challenge is not guaranteed to work.

Video of it not working:

I cannot tell exactly if I pressed forward after unlocking the chest. That's the small tech you can do in the game to save ~1s.

In the next video, I decided to let the chest opening animations to play out fully.

I also opened it in the basement of the RPD map since I know there's a workaround of another bug which is doing the archive on that map instead while other maps do not work.

So unsure which of these two things made it work, but I absolutely had two or three other matches where it just did not work.

This was on PC on Sep 20, 2023.

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  • Toader
    Toader Member Posts: 10

    Having the same issue, does not work for me either.