Several Major Skull Merchant Bugs

Yep, you read that right. I don't have one, I've got several under my belt to show!

Now, because the files were too big, they had to be put into a Google Drive. Anyway, I shall explain what you're looking at/for in the off chance that either you need a description of what you're seeing, or the link is broken.

Ormond Clip

I injure the Mikaela and begin to chase her around a loop with a Drone at it. Problem is, the Drone, despite being "Active" and should be displaying the Scan Lines, are not visible. It only becomes visible when I go underneath it and it goes back down.

She was getting scanned, however, so it may be a visual bug of sorts.

Badham Clip

In the Badham Clip, pay attention to my Add-Ons. I am not using Low Power Mode, the Add-On that basically makes a Drone not turn whatsoever, but the Drone is acting like I am and isn't moving while I chase the Cheryl around.

On a side note, I know it's probably not your department, but, can you tell the Balancing Department that Low Power Mode is an awful Add-On and this Clip, despite being a bug, shows off why it's just bad.

Dead Dawg Clip

In this Clip, I place a Drone while chasing a Steve. Instead of being placed, the Drone gets returned to my inventory and I still suffer from the cooldown.

If I were to guess what's going wrong, I'd say that the Drone hits a wall or object and can't be placed, so it just gets sucked back into my inventory. Although, I must say, this didn't happen before the Rework she received recently.

Audio Bug

I don't have a Clip of this one, but I've noticed it. It's not a gamebreaking or especially infuriating bug, but a strange one nonetheless. Sometimes, when Recalling a Drone, you'll still hear the noises as if the Drone is still there.

That's all I could find so far. Hopefully, the link works properly.

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