Issue: Naughty Bear skin being clearly pay to win beyond any reasonable doubt

Leonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,157
edited November 2023 in Feedback and Suggestions

Hello, I wanted to report an issue with the Naughty Bear skin, which is the fact that, currently, it is pay to win beyond any reasonable doubt, for 4 reasons:

  1. He has no sounds coming by default from Trapper's mouth at all, he is completely silent, especially if standing still with Insidious or Moving with Undetectable; while Trapper has very loud grunts that make his M1 1vs1/chase weaker. This is by far the biggest advantage of all.
  2. He has no sound when beginning to swing compared to Trapper, and makes a sound only when the swing ends the "lunge part", which gives another advantage in 1v1/chase situations, especially when needing to drop a pallet and the killer is swinging behind a wall. Trapper instead by default makes a sound when swinging.
  3. His footsteps are incredibly quiet, making any potential Undetectable perks even stronger, and making a small but consistent difference in chase/1v1. Trapper's default footsteps instead are more loud and clear.
  4. His vault sounds are super quiet, where Trapper's make a more clear louder sound instead. Despite overall being a small advantage in chase, it makes a consistent difference when a killer double vaults a window in chase and you can instead react earlier because you can hear the sound.

For these reasons I ask to reconsider how the Naughty Bear, or Trapper, works in terms of game balancement, especially considering the previously stated will to make, for survivors, all sounds equal in loudness.

Thanks for the attention and for listening, have a nice day and keep up the good work as always ❤️😃!