STBFL and UW nerfs in next big patch. Just watch.

What perks are next for the chopping block? Pain Resonance? Sloppy Butcher? Unrelenting?

Can't wait.



  • Brimp
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    Hardly think sloppy needs a nerf. Now sloppy butcher addons for certain killers like nurse sure but the perk itself? Never.

  • Fërgesë
    Fërgesë Member Posts: 60

    Totally forgot about NWTH. Didn't you remember the outcry for this perk?

  • Reinami
    Reinami Member Posts: 4,252

    The only real outcry on it was the fact that people though it was bugged then the devs said that the "bugged" part of it was intended. So people haven't really said anything else about it.

  • LazyClown
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    I think if stbfl was nerfed it would require more overhauls for the low mobility killers like we are seeing with trickster here. Do survivors really want to nerf stbfl? That could have some detrimental effects to the game especially since we are already seeing anti camp feature destroying all variety from the game.

  • kin
    kin Member Posts: 517

    I think they will be change painres because his nerf is persistently demanded by survivors, and if some side is demanding something (especially beginners), then it will happen sooner or later. tested on my own experience . but the UW will definitely weaken, that's a fact.

  • C3Tooth
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    Spirit phase attack is M1. She's still get the benefit. Blight can M1 then use the weapon cool down buff for M2 to shorten the distance even more. Its not like they need the perk. But aint doing s is wrong.

    On M2 killers, If they miss M2 trying to save STBFL stacks, its on killers' fault. Not "nah STBFL isnt good on Demo because I miss alot of M2" on another topic. Its the lack of counter to the perk (by Obsession taking a hit to reduce stacks) against actual good M2 killer players.

  • ChaosWam
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    I dunno but if Jolt gets nerfed I'll be mad.

  • crogers271
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    Sloppy - they should nerf hemorrhage.

    Pain Res - It's fine. I could see changing it to 20%, but don't think its necessary.

    STBFL - It could do with a slight reduction. 4% per token and stacks lost is 5/4/3.

    UW - It doesn't seem to be a meta pick, I've felt like its frequency has dropped off. But yeah, I think the perk should get a nerf.

    Other than UW, I think most of the perks are in pretty good place. A few could use a little bit of touch up, but being BHVR doesn't do touch ups and instead tends toward radical changes, we're likely to get substantial changes.

    We had a rework of hangman's trick to take the perk from incredibly weak to a different type of incredibly weak and an overhaul of trickster that I don't think anyone was anticipating, so who knows what will happen.

  • Astel
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    Don't know about UW, but other things shouldn't be nerfed.

  • Ink_Eyes
    Ink_Eyes Member Posts: 561

    I can see UW getting chopped but STBFL will stay the same, there is no reason to nerf it, Only basic m1 killers use it and it's not even that good.

  • Venusa
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    edited November 17

    It's very common especially on the Feedbacks section. There's always one circling. Just replied to one a couple of days ago. You'll see them if you choose to.

    Btw what do you mean you "haven't seen anyone asking for nerfs for ANY of these perks"? Haven't you seen ANYTHING related to WoO AT ALL? That's very unlikely...

    Edit: Just saw you joined forums just a couple of days ago so that might be the reason you haven't seen anything.

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  • Archol123
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    Who runs stbfl for last on an instant down killer like Myers? XD You Oneshot people regardless so why would you need a short attack cooldown ^^

  • Archol123
    Archol123 Member Posts: 2,199

    The perk isn't good because you barely get value from it on those, because you have the opportunity to get the hit with your power way earlier and safe time that would be otherwise spend on getting closer to m1.

  • Ayodam
    Ayodam Member Posts: 1,758

    People absolutely complain about every one of those perks. It’s strange you’d state (after saying you didn’t see complaints about it 🤔) that complaints about WoO aren’t “really worthwhile.” So which is it? Have you seen complaints or not?

  • Venusa
    Venusa Member Posts: 1,084

    "It’s strange you’d state (after saying you didn’t see complaints about it 🤔) that complaints about WoO aren’t “really worthwhile.” So which is it? Have you seen complaints or not?"

    Yeah... That's strange... It's almost as if those two statements completely contradict eachother...😂 Btw IDK what happened but everything they said disappeared all of a sudden and now it looks like I've been talking to myself.😭

  • SleepyLunatic
    SleepyLunatic Member Posts: 280

    I am stupid rn what is nwth?

  • dwight444
    dwight444 Member Posts: 65

    mfs just be wanting everything nerfed

  • Rickprado
    Rickprado Member Posts: 320

    Ultimate Weapon is nowhere near MFT to deserve a nerf (as some people where complaining). Its a balanced perk, as aura perks can be stronger if not for distortion. You can't win a match just because of Ultimate weapon: it just helps getting into chases faster .

    Nerf STBF will nerf pig again. I don't think i need to say much.

    If they want to change it - although i don't think its necessary - , limit to 6 stacks and make that when you hit the obsession the perk lose just one stack. It will be weaker, but usable.

  • LilyPad
    LilyPad Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 36

    Hemorrhage, STBFL, and UW all need to get nerfed so I guess this thread is just secretly a bhvr praise thread.

  • TWS001
    TWS001 Member Posts: 76

    Could see them nerfing UW slightly, but nothing really strikes me as being ridiculously OP or busted at present. Don't see them altering WoO because of the help it gives new players.

    More likely they randomly buff or change how a couple of perks work that nobody uses and haven't been mentioned once in any thread in th past couple of months!

  • Venusa
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  • BlueRose
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    Oh please this whole community is a us vs them augment. Every single day I see the same stuff on both sides I just decided to join since there no point in fighting against these arguments anymore. We all favor one side over the other and DBD will never be a truly balanced game. I just write my opinions down and leave them. Ppl can agree or disagree with them all they want, it honestly doesn't matter to me bc at the end of the day my life doesn't revolve around what faceless strangers on a Internet forum think of me or my opinions.

    I can't speak for all killers but I can for certain say I never complain about Lithe, SB, WOO, Resistance, or adrenaline. I think the only two perks I ever really hated and complained about are old DH and MFT. That's it nothing else. I may make few comments about other survivor perks but I never went on and on about them. Take WOO I never thought it's a op perk it only really helps newer and average players in chase. Nothing wrong with this perk and honestly I don't mind seeing it in every single match. Adrenaline is annoying but honestly I never play for the end game in DBD anymore especially since hope and MfT has made end game more miserable but I still don't think Adrenaline needs to be nerfed.

    The reality is that every single normal player usually picks a side they enjoy more in this game and they favor that side. This why I say DBD at end of the day will always be a us vs them game. It not like other games where both sides have the same choices in characters, powers and items. DBD is a role based 4v1 game and it will always be survivor mains vs killer mains.

  • Venusa
    Venusa Member Posts: 1,084

    I never said you personally complained about those specific perks though. I simply said your comment was unfair and one-sided since both sides ask for "what's the next nerf" constantly and gave some examples. That's all.😉

  • RoastedGarlic
    RoastedGarlic Member Posts: 491

    in my case i never complained about old dead hard, but i did about mft. mft is going to be in a good spot soon though.

  • BlueRose
    BlueRose Member Posts: 658

    Yeah I'm happy with the changes to MfT. I can't really think of a survivor perk I want nerfed now honestly. Unlike so many others I don't jump to the next powerful perk on the side I don't play much and demands nerfs. Actually I rather them buff some useless perks instead now. My whole point of my original post on this thread is the cycle of complaining about perks in this whole community is unending. Maybe it came off one-sided sure but honestly this is true on both sides. I just spoke from the side I play the most and that is the killer side. I guess that fact kinda threw over Venusa head tho.

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 6,210

    The problem with this take is that it assumes the nerfs we do get happen because of the "crying", as you put it, but they don't. I can't think of any perk nerfs from the past year or so that weren't targeted at perks that needed to be changed in some way, with the sole exception of Prove Thyself, which I'll readily agree was a weird outlier and didn't need to be nerfed.

    Whether the perks in question got the right changes is a different matter, but the perks that get nerfed typically needed some kind of change.

    Heck, even some of the perks you cited need some changes. FTP + Buckle Up is an obnoxious combo that could do with reigning in, after all.

  • Reinami
    Reinami Member Posts: 4,252

    You have it backwards.

    First of all, there is no spirit in the world that is any good that is using STBFL, she doesn't need it, its a waste on her.

    Blight does not need it and should not be using it. A GOOD blight, is hitting m2s from super far away, if you are m1ing as a blight into m2 you are taking too long to do the m1 and aren't a good blight.

    For the others, you have it backwards. You don't want to be m1ing at all, you want to be m2ing, so if you have STBFL you aren't getting any stacks anyway, and if you are, you are playing the killer wrong.

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,223

    It's nice when you run a build not centered around T3 downs. If you use vanity mirror for example, you stay in T2 the entire time.

  • RoastedGarlic
    RoastedGarlic Member Posts: 491

    You shouldn't get 3% haste until you decide to heal just because you were injured. If 3% is nothing as you and others claim then the change doesn't really matter does it? but it does matter we all know it. I don't use the perk because I know what its like to go against it as a killer.

    Before you declare me a killer main or anything stupid like that, I will admit that I used to be but playing killer is a miserable experience these days now I'm pretty much a solo q survivor main. I am pretty a pretty staunch defender of buckle up + ftp. I will go to my grave defending that combo because I use it to counter hard tunneling. I don't us vs them perks. Never have never will that mentality is not healthy for the game period.

  • RoastedGarlic
    RoastedGarlic Member Posts: 491

    Until BHVR can figure out how to stop tunneling and I mean stop it unlike their bad anti-camp mechanic that doesn't do anything. FTP and Buckle Up Should not be changed at all.

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 6,210

    I don't really see how one unbalanced thing justifies another unbalanced mechanic. It'd be one thing of FTP + Buckle Up was an anti-tunnel mechanic, but it's not, you can use it in any chase provided you're healthy when you swoop in to save your teammate.

    Tunnelling could still use some adjustments (though "stopping" it would be a fool's errand), but that doesn't justify something causing problems well outside the realm of someone being tunnelled out.

    (Also the anti-camp mechanic does exactly what it's meant to, people just assumed it was for anything except for facecamping when it isn't.)

  • Rudjohns
    Rudjohns Member Posts: 1,340

    STBFL just need 2 simple nerfs:

    -lose tokens when the obsession loses a health state by any means

    -deactivate when the obsession is dead

  • Rudjohns
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    Why not? A perk named "save the best for last" should be taken more literal

  • RoastedGarlic
    RoastedGarlic Member Posts: 491

    the perk really doesn't need changes period outside of m2 killers being able to avoid losing stacks. Any even then if we're being honest it doesn't need them then either.