Freddy Buff/Rework Idea

Replaces Dream Projection with Dream Cloak

Press the Secondary Power button to activate Dream Cloak for 15 seconds.

While cloaked Freddy gains the following benefits:

  • Freddy is completely invisible to all survivors when further than 16 metres
  • Sleeping survivors do not hear the lullaby
  • The aura of all sleeping survivors are revealed to Freddy 
  • While looking at a generator, press and hold the secondary ability button to perform Dream Projection (functions like it does now)
  • Upon completing Dream Projection, all awake survivors within 16 metres of the generator are pulled into the Dream World
  • After 15 seconds or after performing a basic attack or Dream Projection, Dream Cloak ends (the length can be modified with add ons)

Dream Cloak’s cool-down is the same as Dream Projection is currently and functions the same way with it being reduced the more survivors are asleep.

The idea of this is to give the Dream World a bit more of a threat. Not knowing whether Freddy is coming for you while he knows exactly where you are might encourage people to actually want to wake up.

The Dream Projection change making survivors fall asleep is to help Freddy have more control on when survivors go to sleep and give Dream Cloak some benefits if used while everyone is awake and maybe give him a bit more of a skill ceiling.

Of course his add ons would also need to be reworked to take this new power into account.