Please note: Although we may stop by occasionally, this is not a developer Q&A.

Ask the Community subforum

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Welcome to the Ask the Community subforum!

This is the place to go if you've got a question you'd like answered. Maybe you're new and wondering how something works, or maybe you're a long time player curious about a specific fine detail.

The rules here are pretty simple:

  • There are no dumb questions. (Be nice to each other!)
  • Please keep discussions to a minimum. If you'd like to discuss something in depth, please use General Discussions. This place is just for getting a quick and simple answer.
  • This is not a BHVR Q&A. We'll stop by from time to time, but please don't ask about release dates, upcoming content, etc.

Marking the correct answer could help people with the same question in the future, so if you get a chance, it would be greatly appreciated!

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