Can you guys buff decisive already

jayz666 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 160

First of yes I play killer I know sometimes tunnelling as unfun as it is will sometimes be necessary but if you want to tunnel someone out of a game which puts the survivors at an a big disadvantage sometimes at 5-4 gens with most games especially solo queue feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle most of the time even with 4 players why do you guys continue to tip toe around the tunnelling issue.

Decisive strike used to be a feared perk a killer would rather go after the unhooker instead of wasting their time on the guy with decisive strike or if they did tunnel you they would be hit with a five second stun current decisive is not feared not respected not powerful in anyway like a anti tunnelling perk should be it’s a joke and against most killers a waste of a perk slot.


A very useless perk if you get hit through basekit bt which is 99 percent of the time anyways so yeah garbage perk very bad

my solution BUFF DS

give decisive the five second stun back because it is needed to make an actual impact in my opinion it should be active end game if you have juiced and survived till end game why have your perk disabled just because we have to give the killer a kill or their feelings will be hurt I don’t get why this game panders to which side cries the most