Who is your favourite Killer and why?



  • DraconDirnc
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    Maurice skin on my Dredge. Love my Dredge he is still fun even when I lose.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 1,157

    i like the dredge bc im a dangly skeleton that can teleport and can give any child nightmares

    i just love scary things :) <[:<

  • caipt
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    Nurse because fast fast fast gotta step on the gas

  • rha
    rha Member Posts: 413

    Hillbilly, both to play as and against.

    I just like his aggressive playstyle and how I can just go hunting with him like a madman, no "power build up" or stealth or complicated multi-part power, just go after those survivors with the chainsaw.

    Many Billy mains also tend to be rather chill players. Had multiple cases when other survivors gave up early that the Billy practiced sawing around particular loops with the remaining two of us. Always having fun in Billy chases and never mind dying to one, even when it's a bad day.

    I'm not too much into killer outfits, but I like his Rabbit Season and Sunday Slaughter outfits.

  • drsoontm
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    Nurse because the idea to link her power to the precise timing of a button is pure genius.

  • Alen_Starkly
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    The Pig.

    I love her passive game slowdown (the traps), I love that she has stealth and a cool ambush attack (with addons it's super cool).

    She also makes the cutest noice when stunned. She sounds like a badass lion while charging her attack.

    And the best: booping the snoot is one of the cutest things in the game, it's nice when survivors bond with the killer. 😊

  • Olnofelk
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    I will forever love Nemesis.

    I was first introduced to him through Marvel vs Capcom 3 and through that, got to experience the larger Resident Evil franchise that I now hold so dearly. His power is clunky and there is no option to play as Classic Nemesis but I will always love him despite his faults. This is a joke suggestion but I wish he had an addon to give him crimson heads.

  • Rulebreaker
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    Our current favorite is artist. We like how versatile her power can be. We can scout across the map and search many lockers quickly, we can trap survivors if they try stupid loops or snipe from across the map to harass ones on gens while chasing another. More possibilities than we would think for shooting crows. As an added bonus she's both creepy and pretty at the same time.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    For a licensed killer, The Executioner is my favourite. Alongside being from my favourite gaming series, he has a strong power which has counterplay, yet still devastating. His mechanics involving the trails and cages adds for a bit more strategy and I do like how he can be a menace to face with an eeiry presence. He desperately needs some better, more diverse add-ons to make him more appealing to players who may otherwise be happier playing the likes of Nemesis or Wesker. I reckon he'll be seen more often if his add-ons are improved.

    For an original, it is The Oni for me. He has a fun and extremely devastating power that the killer has to earn to begin with, which I felt was a novel mechanic that should be explored again. His add-ons are decent, he has a scary presence that - like The Executioner - can be heard across the map. He's a strong killer which again has counterplay but also is powerful.

    Six other killers I like that are worth mentioning as ones I enjoy are: The Onryō, The Hillbilly, The Dredge, The Trapper, The Deathslinger and The Singularity. I haven't played The Alien yet, but that will likely replace one of the above later.

  • M1SHaNy9I
    M1SHaNy9I Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    Blight,I am pleased and like to play for him, as well as for the artist

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 4,127


    I love to play as and against him, he has a high skill ceiling, good addons and is a lot of fun too.

    He was also the first killer I mained after Freddy got nerfed so hard I gave up on him. No other killer could really satisfy my playstyle till Wesker came.

  • Skoegul
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    Wesker. I didn't really play killer at all before he came out because I found it too stressful. Neither have I ever played any of the RE games. Then Wesker released as killer and he just... Looked so goofy with his sunglasses and silly tentacle worms that I decided to play him a little. Without putting any BP in him and only running a single perk, which ended up to be Lightborn Tier 1. Because the man was born with sunglasses.

    I reached Killer Iri 1 for the first time ever while playing Wesker on lvl 1 with only Lightborn Tier 1 equipped and had a blast. For once I had fun playing killer with this weird middle-aged man from a canon I never was interested in touching.

    By now I played through most of the RE games, nommed up them lore and got incredibly excited when the Birkin skin was added to DBD. Now I sometimes play Birkin, but that whooshy boy is tricky to control. Wesker, Birkin & Nemmy are the three killers I make sure to have all perks on while the rest.... Well. They exist. I sometimes try my hand at them for challenges or dailies, but they just aren't as fun as whooshing over the map, yeeting survivors around and just having your killer make silly remarks all the time.

    Wesker also has great meme potential. Every time I load into a RPD and it ends up being the West Wing, Wesker has to go to his office and do paper work first and foremost. It's always a treat if survivors walk into me and just understand. Many help out and a few worked themselves literally to death, but that's just work life, right?

    Anyway. Wesker is an awesome killer and I just love playing him. Though he really could use more outfits. Labcoat? RE4? RE4R? Uroboros? Much potential and I know a lot of people would buy them all XD

  • GentlemanFridge
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    Having a hard time picking an absolute favourite. I’m kind of a Jack-Of-Most-Trades when it comes to killers.

    Gameplay-wise, Slinger, when he works, is some of the best killer gameplay I’ve ever had. Given that he was also my first experience with ADS’ing, I’ve also come quite a ways with him.

    Sadako was my favourite until very recently. I have a tendency to gravitate towards lesser-played characters (although not the very least picked.) To me, it was her combination of efficacy through on-the-fly teleports, and the fact people consistently kinda underestimated how good a non-slugging Sadako could be. But now that she’s been updated I can’t consistently teleport away from a bad chase anymore, meaning more downtime that I often can’t really afford. Also Slugdako’s have soured her character.

    As for theming, predictably I have to say Artist. She is birb lady, and I like birbs. The fantasy of controlling an army of crows seems really fun, and when she just came out I had a great time with her. But now that players have adapted to her I’m struggling to make sense of her playstyle.

    ARTRA Member Posts: 910

    For now Knight.

    It needs a few tweaks here and there (base map of the realm and less clunky summoning). But in general i like this guy.

    In a future will be alien, i love alien but didnt bought it yet, DBD burnout + baldurs gate3.

  • EternalRique
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    Nurse; she's the only killer that I feel is truly based on my skills as a player, other killers get ruined by RNG/map design/perks/add-ons/etc but If I lose as Nurse then I know I was just simply outplayed whereas losing as Trapper is usually cause the maps are not in his favor/meta perks/and not due to my skill as trapper.

  • Deathstroke
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    I don't have favourite, no-one has really stand out for me. I like Oni one-shot ability and speed probably most but he only has that really short amount of time and has to earn it whereas other killer can use their even stronger abilities freely blight, spirit and nurse... So that's why I would say I has multiple favourites, bubba, demodog, wraith, myers, alien and nurse. Those killers I mainly play now.

  • pseudechis
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    Michael Myers

    His power captures the feel of the movies really well. Creepy stalker who builds to big slasher ending.

    His addons can completely change up his play style.

    Stealth, jumpscare, threatening tier 3 he's got a lot going for him.

    Great killer to play and face in all forms.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    My favorite is probably Legion, because they are one of the very few killers where I feel like they have a wide variety of outfits. And maybe Legion has a wide variety because they are 4 separate people, but a lot of other killers feel like they have a very restrictive theme, which is a bit sad.

    Nurse is pretty much "long puffy dresses", and Blight is pretty much Mr. Hyde late 1800s London attire. Oni is pretty much a samurai in every single outfit. And licensed killers tend to just have a super small outfit selection. Wesker is so very popular, but he still only has 2 outfits in the store? Cosmetics are a huge opportunity to get players to buy stuff, but it feels like the art department rarely tries to make something fresh and exciting, unless it's a super expensive outfit.

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  • turfking
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    My favorite has always been the Cenobite, especially the Chatterer. The Alien is awesome, and a close second by the way, but for me the Cenobite and his Mori are still the bomb.

  • Spirit_IsTheBest
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  • UntilValhalla13
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    Nemesis. His music alone just makes me feel like a big, hulking, badass, even if things aren't going well. XD

    BUBBA_BUDDY Member Posts: 1

    Bubba for the fun of chasing people with a chainsaw. Dredge for the spooky games

  • Donkeybqlls
    Donkeybqlls Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 74

    Plague: love the dilemma between not curing and giving the killer the option to easily activate corrupt purge! Both as surv and seeing which way teams will go when playing killer

  • Donkeybqlls
    Donkeybqlls Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 74

    I'm not a fan of the killer, but nice argument!

    I could see myself having fun going against a skull merchent who uses her drones for this purpose

  • Ni7rogen
    Ni7rogen Member Posts: 80

    Ghostface, there's something great about 99'ing survivors during Corrupt Intervention, a great way to have an upper hand in early game, it's enjoyable and I hope to keep learning how to play with him.

  • Amaroq64
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    I bought this game a couple months ago solely because I heard they were putting the Xenomorph in it. I never cared about this game before, but when I heard that, I bought it instantly.

    Then I bought the Xenomorph DLC as soon as it came out.

    Then I never played the Xenomorph, not even in a practice mode. I dunno why, I just didn't feel like it. But I'll get around to it!

    The Huntress, because I'm a furry, and I have to play the furry bait in every video game. I wear the doggy mask with the red markings on it. I will be biding my time until the masquerade next year to get her wolf mask.

    It's a shame she's so difficult to play as.

    The Dredge.

    Before, I never cared about The Dredge because it's so butt-ugly and unappealing aesthetically.

    Then I saw his horse skin and thought to myself "That's absolutely terrifying!" And I've been a horse-Dredge main ever since. I bought the Maurice skin before I even played The Dredge once.

    Then I read his story, about how he's this terrible being that emerges from the repressed darkness in people and moves through their village while they're hiding in their homes, and I absolutely love how his locker teleporting is a perfect embodiment of that feeling of dread he's supposed to invoke and prey on.

    I've noticed that I play Dredge different than most people. All the youtubers play him like a normal M1 killer who can sometimes teleport to a locker when they need to.

    I play Dredge by busting out of lockers all game and slapping people before they can react, then get the hook as quickly as possible, then immediately busting out of the next locker and slapping the next person while they're still having a heart attack.

    Apparently Teleporter Killers are my jam, and The Dredge is my favorite.

  • Amaroq64
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    I recently prestiged her because I wanted her perks. Wound up thoroughly enjoying her while doing so. (Same with Freddy, The Doctor, Pyramid Head...)

    I found that her strong suit is 3-gen camping at the end. You "wink-wink-nudge-nudge" make sure the last 3 gens are close together, then you constantly send crows to them and chase people off of them and slowly win through attrition. The crows scare them off of a gen quicker because they think you're coming for them.

    My best games as her were on Raccoon City PD. Survivors will try to aggressively do the gens in the center room because they don't want to be forced to do them later, so you aggressively keep them off of those gens, and make sure those two and a nearby one are the last three.

  • Halloulle
    Halloulle Member Posts: 1,155

    Nemo. I throw matches for the triple tap. Works once in a blue moon but when it does it's glorious. I also hate getting stopped by pallets.

  • XshyguyX
    XshyguyX Applicant Posts: 107

    I like sadoko, Leigon, Billy, and Xeno atm.

    Billy is my late night had to much to drink just wanna zoom around the map and go for chainsaws. Leigon, I love his power but he can be incredibly frustrating to play with a group of strong looping survivors.

    Every now and then I get in my range killer mood and play huntress and slinger.

    NAERUUU Member Posts: 501

    The Knight.

    Before you get out your pitchforks and torches, let me speak out about my disastrous opinions.

    I like this killer, the atmosphere, the music, and the dark fantasy.

    This killer is certainly not super good, although once mastered 100%, he can become really good.

    Yes, this killer is painful to face, with "another killer who will soon be reworked" he is the one who benefits the most from the slowdown mechanic, it is a horror a loop, "Hold W or Give Up".

    These addons are... meh, really not crazy. But, damn, this killer is quite pleasant to face, not really bad maps, he even does very well on The Game map.

    Simply, we are reduced to simple gameplay, and to innovate we have to add lots of little things ourselves that are almost useless.

  • M1_gamer
    M1_gamer Member Posts: 341

    Sadako. love everything about her to her design,animations,sounds etc. just a real fun killer to play.

  • momisplayingdbd
    momisplayingdbd Member Posts: 24

    I love Oni. He is big and his cosmetics are great. The sound he makes when he gets his power is sooo scary!

    I don't play killer tho, but I love to go against Oni, because of jumpscare from nowhere.

  • Rickprado
    Rickprado Member Posts: 506

    The Knight.

    I was attracted to play him because of his visuals, then, after the changes in January, i've started to love his gameplay. The strategic bits, the ability to cause mayhem on the match, everything.

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,013


    Demo is the reason I tried out dbd in the first place. The idea of playing as a supernatural creature and hunting down survivors really appealed.

    A year after starting he is still hands down my killer main. One of the most well balanced killers in the game imo. Requires skill tonuse well and can really sing. Love running jumpscare builds with him, nothing quite like launching yourself out of the bushes to shred an unsuspecting surv 🤣

    I just wish he'd come back soni could buy cosmetics for him

  • KnightOfSumeria1
    KnightOfSumeria1 Member Posts: 44

    The Nightmare. All though he's really weak, I really like he's look and all versions of Freddy. I did kinda like the nightmare on elm Street remake movie too.

    Anyways, the nightmare can have some cool moments and fun builds with blindness etc. I wish he could get some sort of buffs sooner than later though to be able to compete better against comp players.

  • Neprašheart
    Neprašheart Member Posts: 426

    It's Spirit, Rin Yamaoka, in my case.

    I've been playing her ever since her release, during her peek days of truly oppressive and very unique power that has made me consider maining her. Back then I have barely even played the game, so she was the first killer whom I have tried out and been satisfied with after a few matches, making me creating a certain bias towards her and maining her.

    After a while, I have read her lore.. And, I can sort of relate to that. Not completely full of accidents and misfortune, but a huge part of it covers it. It'd sound silly, but I feel like I have felt some connection because of that, so no matter which killer got released and Rin got nerfed, I've still stayed loyal towards her and bothered playing with her.

    However.. Xeno just got into the game, so I might change my main and start mastering curving the tail with Xenomorph, giving me an edge in every single chase I enter, infinite chasing power.. I don't care that much about the lore in game of this beast, the movies were good enough to cover that.. Right?

  • catslayer
    catslayer Member Posts: 147

    if talking about liking a killer to go AGAINST, i'd say myers. i think we all know why; his jumpscares actually make the game feel horror-like.

    if it's about liking a killer for another random reason, then i'd say huntress because...strong russian lady uwu

  • BubbaDredge
    BubbaDredge Member Posts: 815

    The Dredge.

    I started playing for Leatherface and loved the game because of the movie tie-ins. Never that interested in original killers until Dredge. Played them a lot, for fun, but I was here to play horror movie.

    Love his power, love his looks, love the idea of the "monster that might be in your closet". I'm drawn to characters that are grim and mature, but Dredge makes me think back to being a kid, seeing a shadow outside and being sure it was a monster. It's so simple, innocent and primal.

    Also Dredge is scary, powerful and fun. Also kinda gross, bonus.

    Until Dredge, I was here to play killers I was a fan of, but now I'm a fan of an in-house creation, opened my eyes to the others. Thanks to Dredge, I'm now a fan of DBD's Lore. We actually need a little more Dredge lore, btw.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,280
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    For me I LOVE Plague. She just looks so cool. The way she walks super tall and upright gives such a creepy feeling.

    Second would have to be Oni because his yell is so terrifying. Anytime I play against him I legitimately get scared. Amazing sound design.

    My honorable mention would have to go to Pinhead because he legitimately scares me. I have this superstition where because he’s a dimensional traveler, he can actually arrive here in the real world; because of that I refuse to solve the puzzle box, even in the game. I’m just too scared he’ll actually appear in my room and take me away to see “such sights” 😂

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  • Atsuka_Anarchy
    Atsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 355

    Pig. I like the stealth, though slow, it's a free hit or yoink usually with Lethal. Plus I love the Saw movies and Amanda was my favorite disciple of Jigsaw. Her Ambush is primarily used to get pallet huggers and zoning to a different location.

    Wesker. Another HUGE RE fan and Wesker has always been the enigmatic antagonist I craved more of to see in every game he appeared in. Highly intelligent, highly clever, highly mobile, etc. He's not op, he's actually fun to play and against. The theme is even epic. Wesker is THE man with the master plan.

  • jasonq500
    jasonq500 Member Posts: 112

    Sadako, I ended up enjoying her from her design and power, even before her rework I love playing her the most out of all the killers

    Legion, I like Legion since you're basically a survivor that can vault windows and pallets while stabbing survivors, also his chase theme is a banger to listen to

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,098

    Trapper. As character I love that he still has original terror radius/chase music and hope he keeps it - I really I'm not a fan of majority of the unique music and wish there was option to have original instead. He's had some pretty good cosmetics. He has a great grunt when pallet stunned, perfect annoyed what just happened grunt.

    I love seeing what random places I can set his traps to catch survivors. I wish maps would have more ground cover for this but since realm beyond began there's been less and less and maps have become brighter which is a huge bummer as a Trapper fan. I know alot hated old Haddonfield map but it was one of my favorites to play Trapper on - all that grass and tight spots where survivors couldn't avoid the traps, it was great.

    Whenever I hear the snap of a trap from catching a survivor it always makes me smile, even when I'm playing survivor against Trapper. There's just something so satisfying about that snap sound.

    I've had plenty of matches where I just end out laughing at some survivors getting caught in traps I've placed - same survivor stepping in traps I've placed back to back, matches where I place a single random trap and every survivor manages to step in it, one survivor stepping in same randomly placed trap multiple times throughout the match while sneaking around the map, etc. I probably laugh the most playing Trapper.

    He's the only killer in the game that in next match after playing against him I am still paranoid about his power - I'll still be looking for traps for sometime even when I know it's not Trapper. 😂 I also tend to not feel bad after losing to a Trapper because either they are really good or I messed up - there's no "how did that trap catch me?" because of latency or what feels like a funky hit box.

    He's one that survivors underestimate and will become cocky against but he can quickly have the match snowball in his direction from some well placed traps. I've had too many matches as survivor where I see my teammates get cocky and then just snowball after stepping in a single trap.

    I caught 3 survivors at once from 3 randomly placed traps around the map, was quick end to what probably would've been a 2/3E became 4k. The multiple snaps/screams was great. Nothing will ever top that for me.

  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,063

    Clown. I just love his laughter after a successful down. He is also the most anger-inducing killer if you are a survivor for the same reason. The confetti add-on is great for fun matches where you just want everybody to get a lot of BP and his most recent summer BBQ outfit was superb! Somehow, I also feel like he is very fast (as opposed to his obesity).

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,280

    I’m with you on his laugh. It sounds so spiteful huh? “HEH HEH HEH HEH!”

    And his summer BBQ was definitely a treat.

  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,063

    Especially when he coughs in the process. He is so full of himself.

  • HarlockTaliesin
    HarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 763

    Any killer with high mobility. With how fast gens fly these days, plus the size and hinderance of some maps (Shattered Square as an example of size, Gideon as an example of hinderance), plus the number of chase extending options survivors have, if you don't have mobility you're already losing a gen as soon as you spawn in and start looking for survivors.

    It's awful playing some killers like Trapper and Hag, where you have to spend time with setup on top of mobility issues (if no one trips a Hag trap or erases it, you're walking). Particularly Trapper. Poor guy actually has to go around and pick up his power, then set it up, then look for survivors. At least two gens gone at that point.

  • Wh1sky
    Wh1sky Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    My favorite killers is Trapper. I play this game since 2017 and I always liked Trapper, because he is a strategic killer and there are not that many killers with this playstyle. Always loved when my devious plans works out and his skill ceiling. He needs huge ton of experience and game sense to place traps at the right place at the right time. My second favorite killer since 2019, which I play as my second main is Hillbilly, but after 2020 "rework", I don't play him as much as before.

    Also glad to see some small changes to Trapper on PTB 19/09/2023. Hope it will make him more fun and stronger in chases.

  • RpTheHotrod
    RpTheHotrod Member Posts: 1,728

    Ghostface, because the film series is fun, and you csn have some thematically silly fun with the survivors. Also, stealth and jumpscare killers are just overall more fun and interesting.

  • LucaDuca11
    LucaDuca11 Member Posts: 17

    I've always loved doctor, His lore is disturbing and dark as all killer's should be. His chase music and his laugh is really fitting for the insanity aspect of his character. But most of all I love how he lends himself to a chaotic playstyle. My favourite way to play the game is to throw so much at the survivors that they just get overwhelmed and panic and then during the panic take some easy kills or get the drop on them. That's why I've always wished they did more with his illusions, like imagine how fun and terrifying it would be for survivors if there were a couple fake doctors running around chasing them and then just before they land a hit, poof, they vanish because they were never there, and sure you could just ignore it, but what if this one's real. If they made this small tweak to doctor then he would be the most fun killer in the game period.