Should killers have additional bloodpoints for hooking different survivors?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this will cure a tunneling, but... For a first step to fight this...?


  1. First you hook Dwight - no additional bloodpoints.
  2. Second you hook Claudette - this is a +500 bloodpoints.
  3. Third hook on Nea - now it's +1000 bp.
  4. And for the last of a circle, you hook Jake - it's +1500 bp.

It should also work if it's like this: Dwight --- Claudette --- Dwight again.

After that you keep hooking different survivors and make yourself a +500 additional bloodpoints for each hooked survivor. In that case, you basically intensifies a killer to go for different survivors to get a better reward.

It also should include a pip system based on that idea, like you have a better perfomance if you hook different survivors all match. Maybe even depip if you're hooking the same survivors over and over?

Now... Should the killer get some sort of a penalty for tunneling along with this idea? Personally I don't think so, because when you tunnel 1 guy, you basically have no presure on gens, and losing a match rapidly if survivors actually sit on gens. It's a penalty by itself.

But if in need of a penalty... How exactly to...?

Tunneling should still be a thing, but only when the killer have no other choice to secure a kill.

I'm basically talking about tunneling from the beginning of the match (5 gens), which is pretty sad and unfortunate for the guy who getting tunneled...

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  • awustzdn
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    What they should do is just bring back the BP bonus on BBQ.

  • Grigerbest
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    But it's going to be a restriction to run this perk if you want more bp, no?

    Devs removed the bp from this perk because it was way too popular.

  • Alice_pbg
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    I believe they mean, make the bonus just inherent to the game. get 25% bonus bp per unique hooked survivor.

    also should get something similar to survivors. each gen completed, hook save, protection hit, hex totem cleansed gives a 25% bonus. max of 100%

  • Marc_go_solo
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    They could make a tiered system, such as you described, but resets if you rehook somebody before you finished hooking the other 3.

    Using your example, the first goes as you say with a 500BP bonus, but if you hook Dwight - Claudette - Dwight, it goes back to the original value because Dwight was rehooked before Nea and Jake.

    However it's done, anything which rewards killers for spreading the "love", gives survivors a bit more respite who have just been hooked and overall promotes a playstyle which could only benefit both sides will always be a good idea in my book.

  • Incentivize survivors to be off gens and farm it. They are the role that needs the extra BPs.

  • CatnipLove
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    I don't think it would have any effect on tunneling. Players tunnel to win, not to maximize their BP.

    If you wanted something to stop tunneling at five gens, you would need a mechanic that actually stopped the killer from doing it. The allure of BP isn't going to fix that.

  • WilliamSN
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    The issue isn't bloodpoints,(killer can make anywhere from 60-80k BP regularly just with a single bp offering) its how innefective the strategy is.

    A survivor that gets put on death hook early on is more likely to waste pallets aswell as play more passively troughout the entire trial, essentially reducing survivor effectiveness from 4 to 3.5.

    A better solution would be to make certain perk effects like grim embrace basekit in order to encourage multi-hooking, Maybe give killer a basekit version of alien instinct so he has a far away target to chase.

    My point is there's multiple ways to encourage multi-hooking, but BP bonuses ain't it.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    It is not much of an incentive as this is how the game is supposed to be played. The increments are too small so I'd rather just tunnel. Also, I tend to tunnel not per default but when I see the opportunity.

  • CatnipLove
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    I could vaguely imagine a system which makes tunneling a pure losing strategy up until a certain point in the match. A cut off point being something like achieving three or four unique hooks or survivors completing two or three gens. In exchange, the killer gets buffs that make it substantially easier to locate new survivors, down and hook them faster.

    But it would have the potential for causing a lot of issues with the game, so something like that would have to be implemented very carefully. Not to mention the kind of backlash that happens any time substantial changes are made to the game.

  • ChaosWam
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    The thing I think people overthink is those who actively camp/tunnel don't care about BP incentives.

    If they camped/tunneled before the BBQ change, they're doing it now too. If they think killers are nerfed one way or another, more decide to camp/tunnel to compensate.

    Personally I'd love BP bonuses for it, I actively try for different hooks/chases and legit feel bad if I accidentally tunnel or feel forced to depending on the pace of the match. But if we're talking those going out of their way for it, BP won't change that.

  • miniwengsel
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    True. Everyone used it and try to get all the stacks. Even on Killers like Hag everyone used it.

  • miniwengsel
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    I dont think this would prevent tunneling. I like, that your fist steep is reword the Killer for not tunneling. 😁 But sometimes you need to tunnel and dont habe time to hook everyone. In these situations BP doesnt matter winning does matter there.

  • Rudjohns
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    That doesnt change anything

    a tunneler could still hook all 4 survivors and gain the BP bonus

  • Rudjohns
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    I think hooks should multiply the points you already have

    hook survivor 1: 1000 points

    survivor 2 right next: 2000 points

    3rd survivor: 4000 points

    4th survivor: 8000 points

    Any survivor next that is not the 4th: keep the 8000 points

    If the same survivor is hooked back to back: no points granted and the streak ends

    That concept is not exactly to punish killers that tunnel but instead reward killers that don't

    Again, I've said a million times, the game should be balanced around fun, not for sweat winnings. Having a good match with 4 escapes should grant more points (and be considered a win) than a 3 minute match with 1 hook for every survivor and 5 gens up

  • Xxjwaynexx
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    I mean a 4 escape can happen within 5 minutes as well. I good game is subjective to whose having a good game. To me a good game is playing for about 10 15 minutes, if everyone gets out after that time then good if, I 1-4k good. As of right now I'm tryna to play for Max BP and hooking 1 surv and slugging the remaining 3 at 5 gens isn't gonna cut it. Bp for sure should be way more than it is as well, it'd be different if it were pooled in to one all survs contribute to a pool of BP that they all get equally not split, that way if meg gets camped at 5 gens or tunnel3d her team can still net her plenty of BP. Killer obviously doesn't have this issue.

  • Rudjohns
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    The killer would get less points if they tunnel or don't spread hook states as much as possible

    its also fair that survivors would get less points if they gen rush

    And if Meg is getting tunneled and camped, she could get points for "giving a chance" for teammates to do the objectives as well. Not much, but at least something

    At the end of the day, its way too complex to come into a best scenario for all parties.

  • xltechno
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    no more BP, there's I crave more than that.

    In other words, if we are close to a hooked survivor, the repair efficiency of the generator will increase, and if you move away from it, it will decrease.

    The AFC system has a threshold of 16m, so we should be good to go from there, with a 1% repair penalty for every 2m of extension, up to a maximum of 10% (at 36m away).