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    I think the add on could be changed but I think scamper is actually ok.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    Chucky's in a very good state imo. Strong power but also has counterplay. I think the Scamper nerf was enough to make it more fair and the extra 20% range on Slice and Dice feels good.

    I was a little surprised to see the Rat Poison addon buffed from the PTB though, it kind of feels like Compound 21 where it just takes away too much mindgame potential for the survivors. I think that should be reverted to PTB strength (same effect, but 8 meter range instead of 12). Hair Spray and Candle is also still kind of bad despite being buffed and could probably get another buff. The rest of the addon changes from PTB seem fine.

    He also seems a little difficult to blind at pallets compared to most other killers, does he have a smaller blind hitbox? It's normal for flashlight saves since you have to blind the ghost instead but when breaking a pallet it seems unusually difficult to do a flashlight blind correctly.

  • Leidenschaft90
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    Chucky's Slice & Dice hitbox is a ######### joke, even worse than Oni's Demon Strike

  • Kessora
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    Hi Bhvr Hi everyone yusup.

    Im coming here to the forum to report my personal experiences and those of some close friends when playing with Chucky on the console.

    Atmo im currently playing on the Xbox Series X and the main complaint(mine and that of friends who also are on console) is that the slice and dice mode is extremely "stuck/stick" and difficult to handle the camera/aim, and unless the survivor is in a straight line or in a exact 90° degrees, it is almost impossible to get the hit.

    I thought it was something common to everyone but I saw that on the PC platform it is possible to have much more flexible control of the curve, something that on the console seems like there is something completely "locking" the curve/camera when you dash.

    Dear Bhvr, would it be possible to add a specific tweak for this killer on the console/control? the same way you have done with blight in the past. It would help a lot to the countless players who play on the console!

    Thanks anyway for anyone reading

  • WashYourHands
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    scamper into hug tech is incredibly strong. scampering should make you come out of hidey ho

  • Gottawirehere
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    It's become very boring as a survivor now . He's to overpowered. I just played against him again and as I became the last survivor guess what I became the obsession so he knew exactly where I was, how fair is that. Survivors don't stand a chance.

    ABAEX Member Posts: 168

    start dashing → turn right+ a/d → scamper starts but since you're turning away.

    can move camera freely for 5~10 frames(60fps)

    just like highBili with LoPro Chains add-ons

    cool down is too long whit no addons. Force the player to choose cooldown-related addons.

    make that longer, after addons(Power Drill etc.), still need 18s cooldown. let them learn how to use that wisely.

  • mizark3
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    Only a handful of matches as Surv so far, but it is far too easy to proxy-camp and get free wins currently. You can't see him, but he can see around all the corners. Combined with on-demand stealth, too many Killers just get a hit on rescuer 1, then Hidey-Ho camp out a free hit into hook trade on rescuer 2. That basically means free win against soloq, and only SWF actually has a chance to play against him. Even with a hook trade though it is too easy for him to turbo-tunnel post-hook.

    If he is in Hidey-Ho, then you can't tell where he is at all when he uses it to approach (maybe footsteps are bugged?). Every time it only showed me his fake footsteps in the open, and not (fake steps) through walls or where he is approaching from. Mid loop it seems fine though.

  • OrangeBear
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    I love this killer. It's such a treat to play as him and his power feels very much inspired by the movies it's perfect. It's also a really engaging ability too. 3rd person and voice lines also add so much value as well.

    Perks are good too. But i'm not too sure about Hex : Two Can Play. I feel like the perk wouldn't be useful at the times it's supposed to trigger. Maybe i need practical experience with it though.

  • DrDucky
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    Chucky definitely feels top 3 in terms of power (might even be better than blight) but in an unfair way. A third of games I play against him, survivors DC in first 5 min! Here are the main issues:

    -Even though he's 110 speed and suppose to be slower than average killer, at loops he feels faster. Possibly due to his hit box being tiny, so he can hug loops better than average killer. Hidey Hoe is already a great loop mindgame mechanic, but with him being able to hug loops better it feels too powerful at loops. And if you opt to leave loop, he has Slice & Dice to catch up in the open. His hit box needs to be more like average killer to make counter-play balanced.

    -Illusionary Foot Falls should be proximity activated (ie. if he is X amount of feet away from you in Hidey Hoe). Having it map wide seems like punishing Solo Que survivors in particular.

    -The perk: Friends 'Till The End, has the power of 2 perks! It should Either activate on Obsession getting hooked, OR on a non obsession getting hooked (like Furtive Chase). Not both.

  • Th3Nightmare
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    The footprints that Chucky leaves to give more advantage to the survivors when he goes with the terror radius (without the power activated) is unfair for him, because they can track you at any time in a loop, he is forcing you to use the power when I don't want to. Change this.

  • Avo
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    Nothing about Chucky is giving survivors any advantage. Just remove the Chucky and replace him with Vecna

  • DrDucky
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    Landing a dash from blight, chucky or wesker etc defininitly is.

  • WitchWalpurga
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    Chucky is the worst thing to play against, even after xenos broken tail hits.As i like the general idea of his mechanic, I don't see any viable counterplay against him. Vaults? Useless because he just continues his attack after vaulting. What the?! Shack? Useless as he can hit you from (more or less) any point around it, even able to flick 180° inside the doors. Jungle gyms? Well just get hit from anywhere, and even if you vault, you don't gain any distance. He is definetly not hard to "master". I mostly play in SWFs and holy canelloni, the kill rate is absurd compared to anything else we usually get. The only "counter" i found is to permanently do 50/50s and leave loops, which is boring or not even possible if maps are open. I like to play him (easy, and mostly constant wins) but i really don't like to play against him. Please tell me, how can i counter this thing, without relying only on pure luck?

  • Emeal
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    nope. and if it was that would be a badly designed Killer.

  • HandsomeJack_049
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    Yeah I love playing as and against Chucky (aside from human specific things, but that's not a fault of the character) - I will say that it does feel like Hex: Two Can Play should get buffed. It doesn't make sense that the concept of the perk is a meme (blastmine) killer perk, but survivors get only 1.5s to the killers 2s. It should be equal. The duration of the blind/stun should be equal for both sides.

  • DrDucky
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  • DrDucky
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    How did he do another dash right after missing one? He has an 18 second cooldown before he can do it again.

  • WashYourHands
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    friends til the end needs a cooldown

  • DMB
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    This chapter is amazing, and Chucky is really fun it's absolutely perfect but... I think you guys should change his power and make it more lethal it's too second chancy and he feels like a baby blight

    Now what keep everything the same but make the meter into a passive rage meter instead of cool down idk if I'm wording that right?

    How is power should work?

    The meter builds up in a slower passive but pallet stuns, flashlight blinds etc increase it moderately.Then you should be able to go into Slice & Dice mode for 40 to 60 Seconds upon manual activation and survivors can then be exposed?

    I see it as in the movies if Chucky launches at you with that blade like that people usually go down in one attack.

    Scamper should be an ability you could just use but on a cool down.

    The stealth should just also be part of his kit and could stay as the rate it uses currently but you would not be able to use slice n dice during or activate it until 5 secs have passed but Slice n Dice should still be able to scamper under pallets.

    Also I feel like the Mori may be to comical I do see the Easter Eggs of it but I feel like it's to comical.

    New Mori : He should jump on and latch to survivors repeatedly stabbing them until they fall down

    Tiffany should probably Slice them across the belly survivor falls to their knees and then she slices their throat with her signature nail file

    Thank you for reading this and or considering even changes never happens.

  • Unequalmitten86
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    yes! I thought it was me. Because I stunned him twice. Once in a pallet save and once in the hex and both times he used scamper to get a hit on me. Basically rendering pallets useless. There was no stun with either and I was downed with the hex but only hit with the save. Still it proves either he has a bug or he is way OP and there are some serious flaws.

  • LordHeXaGoN
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    So many of our players thoughts that GGuy is too overpowered.

    What i think for a few days after release is:

    He needs an ability change in many ways.(Recharge time decrease, Hitbox in S&D, Addons that are almost BAD)

    People dont want to learn how outplaying him.(And staying afk to the whole game)

    Even nerf's didnt do a lot.

    Solution for this is one: Back to the ptb and decrease his S&D hitbox size.

    Then u see how he is balanced.

    What are the downsides to our much-loved killer?

    • Now, this is 4.4 killer with 32 meter terror radius, without ability in the early game, with 18 sec to recharge cooldown and 16-15,8 sec with addons.
    • Do U used dash?Wait while longer cooldown is over. Without anything to do.
    • Do Survivior hold W? So guess when he stops to stun u. Or outrun whole map!
    • With 32 meter t.r. u cant go stealthy, cuz in the early game surviviors can hear it and start hiding, or run.
    • If u do a scamper, without any fakes, u just loose distance u can get. (Only "scamper" good at god pallets and windows, cuz u dropped, u die. Any other loop useful than this against chucky)
    • Addons are bad, so many useless without any help in chase, exept a few.

    What are the advantages of our much-loved killer?

    • low growth, which allows you to outplay survivors.
    • good chase, thanks to S&D.
    • Average stealth, which will take a long time to wait its cooldown.
    • You can put a survivor into a dying state for one ability if he tries to mindgame you.
    • Low cooldown after a miss S&D, which alows u to get some distance in chase.

    Thats all!

    So this is not such an unbalanced killer)

    So theres solution to balance his basekit in a good way.

    Ability recharge time are now decrased to 14 seconds.

    If u hit a survivior with S&D cooldown takes + 1sec to its cooldown/

    If u hit a survivior by basic attack without a hidey-ho, your ability recharges faster.

    S&D no longer turn into scamper on pallets and windows.

    Addons are reworked or changed in a way to chase survivors faster without ability.

    There's no need to nerf it even further, cuz in that case he will be just 4.4 killer with somehow sometimes working ability without any other chances to win the math of that game.

  • Unequalmitten86
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    In a perfect world this is how he is meant to be played. This not how the base killers play him. The camp the blue line of the hook or skate in and out and use slash and dash to take out everyone on 5-4 gen.

    However I agree for those that have actually played him without the cheesy ways he is counterable but sadly most won't play that way and it's unfortunate because he will get nerfed because of crappy players. Although there are perk combos that can make you completely undetectable throughout the game which is unfair and needs to be looked at.

    A good nerf though would be similar to the nurse's blink needs to happen with slash and dash or scamper. I have been hit twice with scamper after stunning them with a pallet. The hex is way to OP as well, it takes away all survivors defenses too.

  • LordHeXaGoN
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    Thats i m talking about, his stealth is realy average. And theres a problem. Not with addons, not with scamper.

    All his problems with S&D and nothing less.

    If they will nerf litlle bit only S&D i think it will be OK.

    But if they will nerf whole ability it will be sad.

    Cuz its high risk high reward gameplay, the most times against good surviviors.

    If u missed S&D u literally 4.4, with low growth , and thats it.

  • LordHeXaGoN
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    just see for the footfalls, and then he is so easy to mindgame

  • IronKnight55
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    You have to be joking… He would be garbage without his dash ability. I’ve been playing him since release and I’ve gotten to a higher mmr and the survivors definitely give me a beating sometimes, lol. He can be countered most of the time.

    The only issue he might have is being able to scamper under a pallet and then dash towards survivors. I think it might be fair to cancel his power once he goes under the pallet. I think he would be perfectly balanced with that change.

  • Unequalmitten86
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    Just because you play one way doesn't mean the majority are playing the way it's intended to be played. I agree with you too. I have went up against 2 Chucky's that didn't use any crappy tactics and played a fair game, however the 100 or so other did not. They camp and face camping has returned regardless of the anti camp. Slash n dash allows Chucky to proxy camp and take out whoever goes and saves the hooked survivor and one is usually exposed. Games are ending at 4 gens. If that doesn't get you they are adding NOED. Not only that scamper does not have a cool down or stun.

    Don't blame the survivor mains here blame the killer main base that have abused the camping, proxy camping, and tunneling for years. Chucky is the perfect killer for it so they are the ones to blame for the nerfs, not the crying survivor mains. It's been 100% bonus on survivor since he came out, maybe because no one wants to play against him anymore.