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Update 7.6.0 brings The Unknown into The Fog. With three new Perks and a Killer Power, UVX, we would love to know how it feels to play, or against, The Unknown.

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  • glitchboi
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    Not sure if I'm tripping, but the projectile feels far more bouncier than it did in the PTB. Props for making it bouncier because it allows for landing cooler shots and increases his skill ceiling for strategic and stylish shots. Had a damn good time playing him for the first time on live, will play him more when I have the chance and may give more feedback eventually

  • Nerfpopalready
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    they need to have a look at killers like huntress demo wesker bubba and look at why the community loves them so much it’s because their power is so simple yet rewarding not to oppressive or complicated

  • Karth
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    He should not be able to insta teleport right after hooking someone

    the buffs he got right before live where not really needed, i feel hes gonna stomp survivors anyways on low mmr

  • dwight444
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    hook, teleport back, tunnel, repeat yummy I love it

  • KA149108
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    Yep, twins, the unknown, hag, Knight, Skull Merhcant all have terrible game design that's not fun. People will say "you just want easy killers who you can bully" no I don't, I want killers who provide fun chases and have fair counterplay, wether I survive or die is besides the point I just don't like 'cheap' tactics that ruin players fun like the mentioned killers thrive on. They all need a rework so they feel good to play as and against.

  • Renaest0721
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    His infection runs away so fast it feels like I have to shoot my second shot as soon as it came out of cooldown.

    I think it will be better if it lasted untill you shoot again even survivor revealed you.

  • Rumble
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  • Ohyakno
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    Not every killer should do the same stuff, there should be dudes with weird powers like knight and unknown. You can't make killers that throw themselves/something at the survivors with over and over again. All the killers you have issues with are obviously fun to play as or else people wouldn't.

  • Callahan9116
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    Like a less fun huntress with built in tunneling

  • ChaosWam
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    I'll repost what I said elsewhere:

    I do think it's power is fun, but I admit it's extremely easy to avoid and it doesn't have anything to do with dispelling weakness.

    Most of my chases would last a ton of time because I wouldn't hug walls for hits through walls, easy to avoid snipes and if it had a clear shot I could just run at it, go through the projectile, and go back to my safe loop or pallet before it could M1 again. I got downed eventually, sure, but it's incredibly easy to do 2-3 gen chases against it.

    And playing it, I can't really do any fun builds without gens flying and as usual, would need to rely in two or three gen regression/stalling perks unless survivors really mess up and don't mindgame your shots.

    Basically in all, the power is fun, facing him is fun, but due to the fast-paced nature of the game, map sizes being large and all the other aspects that SHOULDN'T be changed due to how other killers work, he suffers a bit more for his ranged attack requiring so much commitment for as much work as the Nemesis tentacle.

    Edit: I will say though, the Blurry Photo addon may need to be watched. A decent counter for his teleport is the delay before he can do much, and I managed to get some nasty downs because of the 50% reduction. I wouldn't say it's a major concern yet, something to keep an eye on though.

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  • Crowman
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    After playing some games with Unknown I feel like we need to wait a few more weeks to really gather his true strength.

    As for his perks, the only decent one is Unforeseen and it's more a sidegrade option to Trail of Torment.

    Unbound lasting only 30 seconds when most of the time you hit a survivor and they run away from the tile doesn't really make it that helpful to catching a survivor at a strong window.

    Undone is okay, I guess. It's going to be more effective against newer survivors who can struggle to hit skillchecks. I guess it could be decent on Doctor with an anti-skillcheck build.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    The chase music still sounds like a broken washing machine. I hate this music so much. Words cannot describe how awful and terrible I think this music is.

  • KatsuhxP
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    I find playing against and with him pretty fun so far, he doesn't feel to oppressive in chase (at least the one's i saw) and still seems to be quite good if used right.

    I don't know what to say to his addons I played mostly without them. But I'll see if I find something interessting.

    Besides that I love how awful and goofy his design is. His voicelines are super funny for me. The fact that his hallucinations disappear after tapping them gets even funnier when you do a "meep" or "boop" every time xD

    So great killer, I love him!

  • Devil_hit11
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    He is fun to play against because turning corners allows you to remove weaken state.

    I tried Unbound as a perk but the perk feels very restrictive. I wish the perk was every time you vault a window, you gain 5% haste for 10 seconds. The condition makes it not too useful for bamboozle bubba.

    Yeah, I said that his issue in PTB is lack of reward for landing his projectile. I would like that they buff his hindered to 10% so he gets mini-pink bottle & damaging projectile. Not enough reward for how difficult the direct hit+explode is to land.

  • wydyadoit
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    killer's grenade is too powerful of a projectile. can easily combo a 1-2 knockout with it because of the range and lack of requirement for a direct impact.

    not much else to say about the killer. i'll have to experience it more.

    perks wise...

    i feel like soft caps are going to be needed in the near future for some specific combinations.

    obviously skill check counter builds are going to be powerful with this new killer's perks. relentless storm comes to mind.

    then of course there's the issue of haste stacking. chucky's haste perk when near completed generators and play with your food might make for a frustrating combination on the right killers. like trickster, trapper, or huntress? or maybe even legion. though mend isn't a big deal. injured by any means is quite the blank check.

    the generator terror radius ability is meh. but as a stealth killer user i take any form of undetectable i can get. pyramid head's perk just seems better.

  • TechyTheClown
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    While I really appreciate the audio design of this killer, I think direct hits shouldn't have an audio que. If bhvr doesn't want the killer to do anything on direct hits that is fine, but hearing the direct hit sound and then not getting the weakened status is just frustrating and makes playing the killer much less fun when it happens. I don't know why the killer needs negative feedback on hitting a part of his power.

  • Ohyakno
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    Nobody runs play with your food except tombstone Myers. Or that Chucky perk. When's the last time you saw game afoot? Is the answer literally never? You'll never see this awful vault perk either. The frightening spectre of haste stacking is a fiction. A non issue.

    My only issues with the killer is that the staring to remove weakened should not have been increased and clones near hook should auto destruct. Oh, and when he teleports away from the hook he should slowdown for parity with that weird part of singularity's kit.

  • k3ijus
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    Im gonna be blunt, its horrible to play as and against

    playing as the m2 time is so short and so dodge-able, and the teleporting is such a hit or miss

    playing against even worse imo tho, ill respect if i get damaged from the globs but i genuinely hate the clones that emit even if i can dispel them. It just makes the game look dead to me.

    Only fun match was when the killer waited my dh and missed his swing when i ran straight… had me giggling for a good minute

    the addons are even more questionable tbh

  • Royval
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    Least killed killer to use in the game by far the radius and cooldown gives you no chance to escape and they complain about skull merchant

  • Tits
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    From my current viewpoint (tunnelers and campers aside) the unknown is very skillbased much like the singularity, only slightly stronger. His shots take some getting used to but after a while become easier to land hits with. His teleportations husks kinda seem out of his control or are confusing as to how they appear around the map, i cant tell if its from everytime you hit someone with your shots or if theu gradualy appear while people are "weakened". To remove the weakened status as survivor feels quite long, but as killer it feels short, which must mean its balanced lol his lunge attacks feels like its slightly shorter than normal kinda like myers in tier 1.

  • MechWarrior3
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    I disagree. I didn’t mind skull merchant chapter, I loved singularity chapter, I hate knight but he’s a cool mechanic that’s new to the game. I hate alien but he’s dope. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I think behavior brings a lot of good to the game too

  • MechWarrior3
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    I like him. He’s a little clunky tho in regards to UVX. Direct hits should be more rewarding. Passing through their body is meh.

    Hallucinations auras shouldn’t be seen by survivors. If they moved on their own that would be cool too or if they chased the nearest survivor.

  • Phasmamain
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    He's cool though his animation on the survivor end aren't great. Maybe i'm just blind but it's very hard to see when he's preppjng for a grenade.

  • PreorderBonus
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    It's too easy to get out of the Weakened state, especially in maps where there are open areas and short wall loops (like the new Greenville Square). It's too easy for survivors to loop or hold W while looking at the general direction of the killer. This, coupled with the cooldown of the power, sometimes requires a quick shot because you know they're just about to break out of Weakened. Maybe survivors shouldn't be able to stare down the killer and lose the state if the Killer is carrying a survivor or something. There are many scenarios that give survivors a free stare down, even breaking a pallet in a chase is enough so that when you get closer they're already out of the Weakened effect.

    Direct hits are less rewarded than "close call" hits. In fact, direct hits are barely rewarded since most of the time the UVX goes right through the survivor and the AoE doesn't affect them. The hindered effect, sadly, isn't even enough to close the distance anyway, so there's literally not a single scenario where it's worth going for a direct hit. I think Direct Hits should be buffed so that more skilled plays are encouraged. I've literally had cases where I sniped survivors from very far away, but the UVX only hindered them. In my opinion, it would've been better if the UVX exploded on contact with a larger area of effect, so you're encouraged to go for more skilled shots.

  • _Onyx_
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    I love this Killer. I have loved every minute of playing as it. The combination of his projectile and teleport allow for so many cool variations in play. You can go from a long distance chase to being right on them, it's very fluid.

    The AOE through walls is especially beautiful. Being able to predict movement and get rewarded for it is such a great feeling.

    I can't wait to sink many many more hours into this character and discover unique mind games with it.

    I haven't played against it yet, but I'm sure I'll have a blast too, I love going against Slinger and Huntress so this thing should be an enjoyable experience too.

    I have also just looked at the cosmetics for it...The Eyeless Woman is perfect. On a whole, the alternate colours for this character seem pointless imo, The Unknown has such an amazing base aesthetic that switching up the colours isn't as good as it on say, Trickster. But the change in form skins, like the Woman and Cheerleaders are definitely the ones that draw the eye more. Make more skins that are like those, the ones that change the body it's wearing.

  • Kmiccc
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    It's hilarious how these killers are made, so he teleports, has a range ability that also does damage while also being AoE ability and bouncing from walls. Literally no fun playing against this killer, if only that bs wasn't AoE and a bit more skillbased so you have to actually hit someone it wouldn't be that horrible LOL

  • skylustv
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    It's so easy to remove the killer power, like really? Just look at him, and it's super fast. The way that survivors should remove his power should be interacting with his clones, and giving survivors some penalty like oblivious state without addon

  • Ohyakno
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    When you only mention the positives of a killer to try and frame them as op, your post comes off as very disingenuous.

  • Crowman
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    Have you played the Unknown, because even though his power is AoE it does take practice to actually land them consistently (AKA skill).

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I feel like Unknown is in a pretty good state. I think he will be powerful in the right hands once players have had more time to practice him. It’s another Singularity situation imo, where the killer is difficult to play but can be powerful if you've mastered them.

    As for Unknown's perks:

    Unforeseen is a really good perk.

    Undone I still wish had a different way of getting tokens, as it is it's basically only usable on Doctor or with some other skillcheck-oriented build, unless you're going against new players.

    Unbound would be a little better if it activated after each time you hit a survivor, right now it only activates when you put a healthy survivor in the injured state (it's like Hysteria, where it doesn't work when you down a survivor, only when you injure them) which means even Myers can't really use it very well because he instadowns people and can't activate the perk that way because it bypasses injured state entirely.

  • alpha5
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    The Unknown is power creep. Too many mechanics which separately are fine but together are quite oppressive especially in soloQ. 2 of his 3 systems act as slowdown. The teleport is way over the top, no idea where they could be. He has great map control, great zoning, massive snowball potential, really risky counterplay on hallus, no way to protect mates, insane tunneling ability. He has the best parts of multiple killers.

    Of course he also comes with an iri addon that spawns survivors dead but unlike Singularity and Wesker he forces survivors to huddle up around him to get rid of the effect while being ranged.

    I would appreciate clarifying what ''will intermittently creates ... hallucinations" means. When does he create hallus? How? By spamming power? I just was first chase and ran into one thinking there couldn't be any yet. Btw I think there might be a typo in there.

    edit: Nowhere to hide is unbelievably busted on him.

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  • Bafugaboo
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    He is a goofy little goofer. I like the thought process behind his kit. As I am only a beginner with him I found the combo of chase survivor to loop shoot them place husk at key spot chase them to husk tele free hit. It is too simplistic with what appears to be no counter. I may be wrong on this as I do like the character but he just seems flawed.

  • Gabe_Soma
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    He shouldn't be able to spawn hallcinations around hooked survivor.

  • HolyDarky
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    I'm really enjoying the Unknown. His power is really cool because you can get very unexpected snips and teleports to surprise survivors. Its skillceilling is also quite fair while his power is quite strong. But he has still some issues

    The Power:

    Nevertheless, The Unknown has some issues: Firstly, the slowdown for charching and discharching its power feels so clumsy/not smooth. It would be great when you could reduce the slowdown to make it more smooth and not so punishing. Speaking of clumsy, I feel like the Blurry Photo Add-On should be half or completly basekit because it makes the teleport so much smoother. Another issue is the Weakened-timer; I am an Artistmain and have a good feeling of how much time the survivors need to remove the swarm. But it is very hard to get a feeling for the Unknown because sometimes the survivor looks at you and then not, which stops the timer. A quality of life change would be great here to better know how much time the killer has left until the survivor has removed the Weakened status effect. I also feel like the timer could be 12seconds instead of 10seconds. I don't recommend a shorter cooldown because otherwise the killer can just spam it's power and this is not a good thing. Next, hitting a survivor directly with the Projectile feels so underwhelming because the 6% Hindered Status Effect for 3seconds is nothing - it makes no real difference. As a result, a higher reward would be great. Maybe something like resets the timer of the Weakened Status Effect. I mean, you landed a precise shot with a small object, this should get a good reward and encourage the player to be precises.


    The drawback from the Add-On Capture Of The Dark feels not fair because if we look at similar Add-Ons from Mastermind/Wesker and Singularity, they don't have any drawback - in fact they have another positive effect. This feels not right and it would be more than fair if this drawback gets removed. The Add-On Vanishing Box should be a purple Add-Ons because it so such a good one. The Add-Ons Serum Vial and Hypnotist's Watch are weird ones because they have the same effect but different requirements. In my opinion, these Add-Ons could become one purple Add-On and instead of 10seconds down it to 6seconds. The Notebook Of Theories Add-Ons should get a buff because it is too weak.

    General Issue:

    collision and hitboxes from objects and the enviroment: They are not consistency and just feels so bad when one object let the Projectile bounce and the other one not. But this is a general issue with the maps and other killers suffer from that. I really hope that you, the developers, will make the collision and hitboxes more consistency when reworking the maps because it feels so bad to have to deal with such a bad gamedesign.

  • ReverseVelocity
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    I'm gonna give feedback for the perks here since there doesn't seem to be a separate thread about it.

    Unbound seems alright, it could probably do with a longer activation window though.

    Undone is not a very good perk at all. The cooldown really lets the perk down here, since most of the time it'll be proccing at 3 tokens. A 60s cooldown for an extra 3% regression and 3 seconds of blocking really isn't good at all. The fact that it requires skill checks missed to activate makes it poorly designed, as it relies on the other team's mistakes to be powerful at all. The perk's effectiveness decreases as the Survivors skill increases. I still think the activation condition should be completed heals and successful (un)hooks.

    Unforseen is a really cool perk, I don't have any changes I'd like to see.