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    The perks you guys added are great. 70% healing speed is too fast. As a killer main I will never check the basement. Even if I'm playing 4 sable wards. Can we have Jeepers creepers now?? Long overdue. He doesn't have to fly but maybe him teleporting to his scarecrows has a flying animation with the wings flapping sounds since demogorgon has an underground animation. Funnest killers to play against would be clown, legion, demogorgon and trickster because of the visuals and extended chases. Teleporting killers are the Funnest to play as because you don't have to scale the whole map to traverse it. Give us Jeepers creepers with scarecrow set-up but make it where he can lunge off the scarecrows and attack you too. Theres just so much you could do with him and everyone knows him. The unknown is soooo mid I'm only getting him for his perks. So mid. We deserve Jeepers creepers then you guys can get some flowers for the game and you wouldn't have to keep making people

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    I would like to express my opinion about add-ons.

    Personally, I would like a killer add-ons basically to be something that not only strengthens the killer, also expand the range of play.

    Ultra Rare "Captured by the Dark":

    Current effect is not worthy of a Ultra Rare.

    Suggestion: Add more effect. "When survivors become weakened, that survivor's aura will be displayed for a certain period of time."

    * Survivors' aura will be displayed for at least 7-8 seconds, because to match UVX cooldown time of 7 seconds.

    Very Rare "Discarded Milk Carton":

    In the first place "situations where the Unknown wants to bounce UVX with wall etc." are limited to some scenes. In addition, I don't think it's necessarily lead to more better results to use this add-on in that situations.

    Suggestion: Rework. "UVX if after flying for more than 0.2 seconds after bouncing, will causes a more powerful explosion than normal."

    * Compared to a normal explosion, the "explosion range" and "the duration of the explosion remains before the hit detection disappears" are strengthened.

    Very Rare "Homemade Mask":

    Current effect is not worthy of a Very Rare.

    Suggestion: Rework. Survivors who start a Dispel action on a hallucinations are immediately Weakened and Oblivious state for a period of time.

    * This effect can also be expected to have synergy with the above "Ultra Rare: Captured by the Dark".

    Very Rare "Serum Vial":

    Current effect is not worthy of a Very Rare.

    Suggestion: Rework. "Right after the Unknown teleports, the survivors who witness that Unknown or are seen by the Unknown, will scream and become Exhausted state and Hindered state for a certain period of time."

    * The same can be said for other teleporting killers, it would likely be more fun as horror entertainment if it were possible to make nearby survivors scream immediately after teleporting, so I think there should be more opportunities for that.

    Rare "Hypnotist's Watch":

    I think that very few people will use this add-on, because it is too difficult to directly hit survivors with UVX projectile, and it is questionable that it will be effective enough.

    Suggestion: Rework. When the next hallucination can be spawned (the visual effects on both the left and right edges of the screen are yellow), if you hold UVX, and press the ability button instead of the attack button to launch UVX, a hallucination will be remotely spawned at the place where the UVX blasted (or the ground beneath it). When this hallucination is created, it immediately stands up and it becomes a teleport point.

    * I think it would be more fun to be able to remotely create hallucinations by using UVX (I imagine UVX blobs dripping onto the ground and becoming hallucination).

    Uncommon "Notebook of Theories":

    As mentioned above, it is too difficult for UVX projectile to directly hit survivors. Also, "-6% Hindered state as 3 to 5 seconds" is hard to feel beneficial personally.

    Suggestion: Rework. "UVX projectile speed increases."

    * I think this not only makes it easier for UVX projectiles to hit survivors directly, also makes it easier to hit UVX blast. In addition, it may be better if the trajectory of the projectile does not change depending on whether this effect is present or not. In addition, I think the benefits of directly hitting survivors with UVX projectiles could be increased a little more on the base kit (such as the UVX cooldown time is shortened).

    Uncommon "Last Known Recording":

    I think very few people will actively use this add-on because the effect is too modest.

    Suggestion: Rework. "Survivors entering the Aura range of a Hallucination suffer from the Blindness status effect certain period of time."

    * This means also survivors will never be able to see the hallucinations' aura (although they can still hear the sounds it makes).

    Uncommon "Slashed Backpack":

    I think it's good to be able to quickly clean-up the one hallucination and quickly respawn in a better spot personally, but I'd like a more mechanism to make it feel that what players clean-up hallucinations is worth it. In addition, I think the effect "hallucination exploding when hit by UVX" is almost worthless.

    Suggestion: Rework. If you attack a hallucination with melee-attack or UVX, instead that hallucination will disappear, you will gain the following effects. Granted a Haste status effect for a certain period of time, and significantly reduces the cooldown time of teleport, and reduces the spawn timer of your next hallucination.

    * This will makes it expand the range of use for this add-on. Depending on how you use it, you may be able to get benefits such as being able to chase more advantageously, but I think these effects will be just right, not too strong.

    Uncommon "Victim's Map":

    Current effect is too little impact on rituals.

    Suggestion: Add more effect. "When a Weakened state survivor is looking at Unknown, that survivor's aura is displayed. This effect lasts for a certain period of time even after the survivor is no longer looking at the Unknown."

    Common "Blurry Photo":

    This explanation of the effect is not correct and gives rise to misunderstandings. Not only is "full movement speed is recovered 50% faster", it's actually "also 50% faster time to be able to initiate actions other than movement and perspective changes".

    Suggestion: Revise the description please. I hope clearly explain that "the Unknown will be able to attack immediately after teleporting".

    Thank you for reading.

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    This killer has been AMAZING! In my opinion, the horror this killer gives you sometimes is what this game is all about. Ive never felt that before (other than my first games) the horror aspect is not to be overlooked because in the end, we came here to get jump scared, we came here is see what lurks in the dark. For his abilities i love em because they promote the horror aspect (maybe not his UVX) I have to give credit were credit is due. his add-ons are... ACTUALLY DIFFERENT?! depending on the other killers I'm surprised to to see NO ADD-ONS that were recycled (some of them were kinda, but they each have a situation to proc) no EXPOSED add-on! some of them we're actually changing the killers playstyle and of course there's add-ons that straight up benefit the killer. From what I've seen they've thought of not only the killers mechanics and add-ons, but has refocused on why this game is so good to us... Keep growing your game! Show us horror!!

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    I like the Unknown so far but there is one thing which is really strange and inconsistent to other killers (dredge especially), after teleporting there is NO cooldown to use your m2 again? I Mean okay, you should not be paralyzed after teleporting but being able to instantly make even more disance up with your m2 power is a bit crazy. So even after reacting to a placed illusion correctly, you are often screwed because he can just fire another shot. This is the only thing i really dislike.

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    I think the two powers are intended to supplement each other. In chase against better players you have a very, very small window before weakness is removed and you won't always have time to line up a shot. Against these players you will often have to use the teleport to preserve/pocket the weakness and then fire a grenade from an unknown angle. It's honestly incredibly creative and lore fitting how the power is designed and plays out. If you remove this power syngery/add a cd, better players would just turn you into an m1 killer and it would limit the skill expression the killer currently has.

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    So far it has been a decidedly negative experience to play against this killer.

    A couple changes I think might make it feel a little less oppressive on is:

    • Removing the clone that the unknown teleports to
    • Put a slight pause between the teleport and when the killer can move/strike (make it similar to the dredge when it exits a locker as opposed to the hag)
    • Removing a clone as a survivor will cleanse the UVX effect
    • I can't remember off the top of my head if this already happens, but losing a health state to UVX should reset the status (so the killer should have to hit a survivor a total of 4 times with UVX to down them only using the power)
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    We will.never get jeepers creepers and thats good.

    Yes I like the monster two but getting that killer would support a real live monster and that can't be

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    • decrease weakened time
    • remove his ability to shoot through walls
    • UVX cannot be applied near hooks (so no sniping the hook from afar)

    Horrible killer to play against, but it has increasingly become worse. Oftentimes you only have the choice between an M1 or M2. Getting rid of weakened on maps like rpd is very difficult to almost impossible during chase. Most unknowns simply proxycamp the hook and apply weakened once the surv comes off.

    Sight detection also feels a bit off in a lot of scenarios. Oftentimes you can clearly see him but the system doesn't detect it.

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    Killer is well designed, seems a bit strong at times. Kinda weird that there was 4 killer perks this time. Weaving spiders being the best one. It gets survivors to go to the basement for easy hooks, the 2 minute action survivors have to do is interruptible, has more than -50% time spent to productivity conversion and gives a survivor permanent broken. Kinda weird that the killer can't choose to equip it though

  • CarlAlc7
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    The weakened time is barely long enough to land a second hit as it is, decrease it anymore than that and his power would become literally unusuable.

  • DBD78
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    This killer is a job well done I have to say. Not too strong not too weak. Fun to play and fun to play against. Also his goofy walking is very fun lol I like everything about this killer.

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    Unknown is fine overall, the only major complaint I have is the hitboxes on his explosions linger for way too long, let alone longer than the entire visual effect lasts for.

  • slipttees
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    Area upon impact with bad game latency seems like a joke. lol

  • BritneyMitch
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    The teleport mid chase should get adjusted. Maybe just a stun before being able to move after teleporting. The weakness duration could also be adjusted minorly as it feels a little bit too long, I could live without this change if the teleporting during loops wasnt so damn oppressive.

  • Halloulle
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    Idk what brought on the sudden wave of Unknowns during the past few days. - But at least I can say for sure: My first impression wasn't at all wrong. It is incredibly easy to tunnel with this killer. It's probably the easiest and most reliable way to play this killer too.

  • Legendary_deedee
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    Nothing is wrong with the Unknown. Once again stop imposing changes that aren’t needed. The Unknown has counterplay and it’s easily to look out for. If the unknown did not have that teleport he’ll be significantly weaker. It’s a reason for them to add that with him. I’ve played against him and it’s very manageable just as other killers are manageable. I don’t want him to be weaker period. Y’all don’t get tired of looping a killer so hard that they don’t even get hooks? Like come on it’s disgusting that y’all just wanna loop killers forever. They’re supposed to be powerful that’s why there’s in-game things that is meant to help survivors escape from them + perks. Let’s get out of these idealistic mindset and look at the facts.

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    Regarding the Weakened status of survivors, I noticed specification issues that were difficult to accept.

    When an already Weakened survivors start dispel to a hallucination, and the Unknown teleports to that hallucination, that survivor may be removed from the Weakened state in a short time.
    In principle this seems to be, because even if the Dispel action of a Weakened survivor is interrupted, the duration of that survivor's Weakened status (the time required to remove) will not be extended.
    With this specification, even if the Unknown successfully interrupts the survivors dispel action, the advantage resulting from this may will be smaller than it should have been, and I think it would be difficult for the Unknown to accept this. I want you to imagine what would happen if a "survivor who could remove the Weakened state by staring at the Unknown for just one more second", started a Dispel action on the hallucination and was interrupted by the Unknown teleportation. A one UVX shot will not be able to damage that survivor.

    Perhaps the same can be said for the effect of the add-on "Vanishing Box".
    This means that when survivors who are already weakened completes a repair on one of the generators, the duration of that survivor's Weakened status duration will not be extended.

    Even under conditions other than UVX, when survivors who are already Weakened status suffers a "Weakened effect," I think it would be better to extend the duration of that survivor's Weakened status.

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  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
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    Explosions being able to hit through walls is probably the stupidest thing ever.

  • YamamuraVideoRentals
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    Okay my feedback: I've generally hated every single game against the unknown. Killer aesthetics are god awful, even the sounds. Creep/disgusting factor is through the roof.

    As for the powers and actually trying to play against it, I find most matches to be miserable. The ability to put down teleports pretty much wherever you want, and they take so long to dispel (as opposed to taking just one second to turn off Onryo's TVs) is extremely powerful. You can compare the teleport power to several other killers:

    Freddy: can only teleport to unfinished generators, and there is a massive tell, giving survivors ample time to run away. At the start of the game there are only seven fixed teleport locations. At the end game there are only three, or ZERO once they've all been completed.

    Onryo: also has seven fixed TV spawns, and while most generators have a TV near them, they are often such a distance away, at such a facing angle, and with obstacles in the way that you also do not get any value out of trying to teleport to survivors on generators, as they have ample time to get away. So the TVs' purpose feels more like spreading condemn, and map mobility, however, this mobility only usually gets you into the general area of survivors and you can rarely ever land hits coming out of TVs. And the TVs are way too easy to turn off now.

    Hag: can put down traps anywhere she wants, and they are often hard to see, so she also isn't usually fun to go against. However, this one singular power is all she has, and she is very slow to compensate.

    Unknown: knowledgeable killers can charge their UVX to delay the placement of hallucinations. Thus they have a lot of control of when and where to put them down. The hallucinations are not hidden, and survivors can see their auras, however this is only within a certain distance and doesn't always seem reliable. The teleport is INSTANT, and the action to dispel the hallucination is quite lengthy, with a penalty for canceling and massive animation lock.

    The second major aspect of the unknown is their ranged attack. A lot of people complain that it's too weak, but I disagree. Aside from just saying "git gud lul" there is a lot of versatility with the ranged attack. It can bounce, it can hit through walls, and it can hit multiple survivors at once. There is not even a speed penalty while charging it up or after shooting. So it's a very strong attack, the only problem is that you need to double tap with it. Some people say there's not enough time to do that but again I disagree.

    Combined with this killer's teleport ability and various other stealth perks and addons, a skilled killer can reliably get snipes again and again, harassing the survivors, coming out of freaking nowhere. And because there's no speed penalty to charging up the attack or shooting, this just lets the killer close in even easier as the survivor is trying to not only look behind them to get rid of their weakness but also juke the shot. They will lose distance or even catastrophically run into other obstacles trying to evade it.

    All in all, when I look at both the ability to teleport around strategically, and a powerful ranged attack when executed properly, I think this killer needs a nerf. You would think such high map mobility and ranged threat would equate to being a 110 killer, much like hag, huntress, or deathslinger, but apparently the devs thought 115 was fair and balanced.

    Oh well I guess that's the common trend with online games like this. Make the new thing shiny and very strong, which incentivizes people to buy it, then after months of complaints, finally nerf it after everyone has cashed in. 🤑

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    delete this. It's a double post.

    First post got eaten apparently and did not show up until over an hour after I had tried writing it.

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    A lot of addon variety on this killer! I have a few opinions of the less useful ones:

    • Slashed Backpack: Giving up an entire clone to reposition it is a massive waste of time, it seems this addon would be really cool if its goal was to get "satchel charge hits" as any hit you could get with a clone is postured away from instinctively or you could've gotten anyway through clever use of game mechanics. I would rework this or increase the explosion size by double when hitting it as it gives a LoS warning of its existence and a large cost spent in being your mobility.
    • Punctured Eyeball: This addon could do its current effect if you're Injured and Weakened but it can also injure people who cleanse while weakened in addition to its other effects, this addon miswell just be called interlocking razers because its equal levels of "throw the game to get value" as that addon is. Unfortunately people hesitate and fear cleansing when they're injured, so giving this a higher reward for ditching people with Weakened could help a bit.

  • BayushkiBayu
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    Please do not bring back lightburn. I much enjoy the consistency across the board we have now vs when flashlights aren't only good for blinds and blind saves but also help counter three of the killers. Especially when two of those killers were not worthy of niche additional counterplay. Nurse is strong anyway so lightburning her teleport is fine to me but Wraith didn't deserve all those burns he got over the years and Hag had traps you just had to dodge or crouch over if you spotted them unless you happened to bring or find a flashlight. I feel similarly about being able to dismantle Trapper's traps, don't have a tool box or Saboteur? Can't even do it. You did bring that? Now you're ruining his day.

    With killers still seeing items in the lobby screen and being able to leave it, what reason do you have to want to stay there as a Trapper if 3-4 of them have toolboxes? What reason do you have to stay there as a Wraith if they have 3-4 flashlights? I just don't like it and I'd rather just have counterplay be reliable for Survivors regardless of what they do or don't bring to the match item wise. It's a casual game with variance but I feel this is just another layer of variance on that only added feelsbad moments to the game.

    As far as the Unknown goes, I think it's fine but I agree that it feels weak against coordinated teams because they will find your decoy/hallucinations and dispel them but survivors who are all just kinda doing their own thing will fall apart from the pressure. Personally not a fan of the teleporting as it currently is but I also don't think it warrants a change necessarily either. Not sure what it is I'm not a fan of but maybe it's that it's a 115% speed killer that can teleport and has ranged attacks. But 115% is normal, the teleports aren't always reliable to know where they go, and the ranged attacks need two hits for a health state. But I think just the combination makes me feel like it gets a lot of tools despite them all being some sort of weaker version of it and I dislike that aspect I guess.

    RAWSHINOBI Member Posts: 5

    I honestly feel like he's overpowered. He spits at you twice and it's a AOE at that. You have to break your neck while running just to get it off you which is insane. I've stared at him running but because he wasn't close enough it wasn't disappearing off of me. He should have a longer cooldown for the spit and it shouldn't be a AOE. Also if you're getting rid of one of his clones he shouldn't be able to jump back into it while you're dismantling it. Just my opinion.

  • Astel
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    Looking at back during chase is hard? I think that is basic aquirement for survivors?

    RAWSHINOBI Member Posts: 5

    Breaking my neck while trying to avoid him running into walls while being spit at with a AOE is pretty difficult

  • Hartbraek
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    I’m on console and whenever I try to hop through a window that has a hallucination next to it I keep trying to dispel the hallucination instead of hopping through the window away from the killer. It’s really frustrating and the hallucinations need to stay at least 5 meters away from windows

  • Crowman
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    You don't have to constantly look back at him. There's a buffer when you stop looking at him that will keep draining weakened for another second.

  • Angelosso
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    I have not done any research on how he works or anything, but things that I think would make him more balanced is capping how many clones he can set up and the duration of how long it takes to set it up instead of like dropping the clone of mid chase without anything to think about. He is an absolute loop counter and it does not help that he could teleport within half of a second. It should also take some time to teleport, but the duration should decrease with bloodlust tiers. And I don't know if the killer is just randomly teleporting to places, but whenever I stand within some meters of a clone even though I am behind a wall or anything, he teleports instantly to me and gets an hit. I've also used distortion to try counter it, but he just has eyes everywhere it seems.

  • Crowman
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    he can only have 4 clones, but oldest disappears if he places a 5th.

  • BayushkiBayu
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    I'm not claiming this game to be balanced. It is an asymmetrical game from the ground up. Both teams have vastly different advantages and disadvantages. I also miss old DbD but I'm not sure if it was the best for the long term either. I just never was a fan of the fact that flashlights could not only be used at animation locks to gain some visual interference and to save people on pick up but also to just take a Wraith out of his stealth.

    Also, you can call whatever killer you want a tunneling "B!#h" but people don't always play these killers the same. Leatherface was THE facecamp mascot back when he came out since you had to really bait him to avoid both of you going down. But not all Leatherface players would stare at you on hook. Wraith, in my opinion, while a fun killer to play is not an insanely powerful one and his add-ons make up for that somewhat or add mind games to him (everywhere bell, silent bell, terror/stain suppression add-ons). Even then, there are just better killers who can just tunnel better anyway.

    I haven't messed with flashlights a whole lot since coming back but I'm not sure how I feel about the "used to take skill" statement. Yeah, there was a point I'd say it was probably harder but there was also points where you could blind a killer at any moment in the pick up animation and they'd drop the survivor when the animation finished. There was also the instant blind era which felt like a low skill floor to me. I've seen this sentiment before so maybe they are easier than they were commonly in the past but I'm not really sure why that it's stated to be this way. People say it but I never see the reasoning why they believe this or say it.

    So I'm not sure that these changes have led to a more tunneling meta. I think that's always been something the game has struggled with. Facecamping was kind of part of the first bit of tunneling, just way less efficient as it scared off solo que players from saving more often (due to lacking the guaranteed coordination). Instead they'd go do generators with no pressure while their teammate's hook stage ticked downward. Has lightburn's disappearance really led to an uptick in tunneling? Why did this affect other killers who never had lightburn mechanics? Does Trapper tunnel more because his traps don't get dismantled either permanently or for 3 minutes? I'd imagine changes like that would reduce tunneling if anything. Or that integrating a built-in discouragement for facecamping with the ability to unhook if the killer stays around you too long has led to them tunneling more often. Obviously facecamping even then was a waste of the killer's time but now that it is practically forced onto them not to, they found a more efficient method to heighten their chances of a kill. It feels like a natural progression more than BHVR's fault because you can't lightburn a B tier killer.

    I quit playing around the beginning of 2021 and just started again about two months ago. Has tunneling not been a relevant thing for long? Is this a new phenomena? I see the Borrowed Time as a baseline ability change was made almost two years ago. Has tunneling spiked since then? What's the time frame because I legitimately have no clue.

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  • DerpedByDave
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    I'm Not talking about the OG insta blinds, there was a period of time (I think around the Stanger things chapter could be wrong) where you had to time the animation almost perfectly to stop a pickup this actually required more skill and you could justify giving the flashlights some utility, now it's much more forgiving to blind In the pickup animation, a new player with 3 hours in the game could watch a YouTube video and immediately use flashlights at the top teir level with very little to no practice, Some say this is good for the game but I don't think it sounds very fun for new killers getting blinded 30 times on their first match.

    An no light burn dosint lead to tunneling lol but the "consistency" changes do imo, I'm just saying if were taking out mechanics that add variety to the game it will force everyone to play the same way and right now the way to play is eliminate 1 survivor ASAP. Look at the twins for example somehow we all decided that slugging is bad an needs to be removed from the game even tho survivors & killers have multiple perks dedicated to being in the downed state, it's changes like this that slowly strip different elements out of the game untill it's not us choosing how we play the game, but the devs and higher ups in the community dictating how we play like little puppet masters. The funny part is rn there clearly telling us to tunnel and play toxic on both sides.

    This is just my opinion tho maybe you like the way the games heading and that's great, overall yes the game state is better in theory because we have more killers to compensate for lack of variety but every one plays the same 3 killers anyways so what's the point.

    I realised I didn't provide a whole lot of examples so look at the hatch mechanic, I fully agree that the old hatch was unfair but there was nothing like the thrill of bringing a key&hatch offering then coordinating your team to shack with one gen left so you can all dip before the killer shuts it. Again I agree it was unfair but I wish instead of nerfing a Iri item and removing this style of gameplay they found a way to balance it and make it fun for everyone. Maybe like the key takes 60s to unlock a gate with 1 gen left but the killer gets notified and the other gate is blocked, idk it's in the past an I'm just spit balling but my point is there's better ways to change the game without strait up removing things, when we do this is limits our choices and leads to a singular playstyle.

  • BayushkiBayu
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    Thanks for that response. I understand a lot more of where you're coming from and agree with a lot (or maybe all) of it.

    I'm down for more variety but I feel that a lot of players I'm running into are more "competitively" inclined or adjacent in spirit to it. So they want to do whatever it takes to win. I know it's always been that way but I guess with a wider playerbase via crossplay I'm running into people that just are there to do their objective and only that. I personally haven't gotten to play against a Chag, a basement Bubba, a Heartbeat Wraith, and a few other goofy builds I used to see that are still available in the game as far as I know. I'm fine with most of my matches not being goofy. But I so rarely see anything goofy since I've returned and when I play killer, survivors don't seem to recognize when I'm not even trying to 3-4K them with a goofy build either. They play their hearts out even when I'm purposely downing them and picking up and dropping them over and over to let them go because they're death hook. They just run off and do a generator as far away as possible. And that used to happen but it feels more frequent now. I love it when I get a survivor that picks up on the fact I'm just having fun with them and comes over out of nowhere and t-bags them and stuff like that.

    So I can understand lightburn being gone kinda feels bad now I've thought about it more and more. But I'm not sure if it's just a symptom of something else more than anything. I'm not convinced the skill based matchmaking is great for the game either. And that all the unintentional techs whether strong or silly being removed is probably not great either. I understand the ones that could hold games hostage (survivors getting you to fall on them from a height that prevented you from moving, out of map or unreachable area glitches, etc) but things like SkyBilly should stay IMO. I don't remember it really being an issue and being more goofy rather than viable. I want stuff like that a bit more often than I see it.

    I think the goofiest thing I've seen so far since I've returned was during Blood Moon, I was running from a Leatherface before he caught up enough and still waited for me to throw pallet or keep going. The whole team realized it and we were all dancing and whatnot but he wasn't taking any Blood Moon hooks for his own gain. I thought that was strange. Well, the last generator pops and another survivor and I were with the killer and he suddenly M1s and instant downs her and moris her. Haha, he had Rancor. Funny. Well, I completely forgot about Nemesis being a perk and he does a little dance with me right after the mori and walks under a pallet and I throw it and become the new obsessions in which he M1s me and moris me. I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that I had run into this and that I fell for it. In the post-game he just said "gg. I knew you had it in you <my name>" and I told them how funny I thought it was and they said they've been flamed for it many times before because it's not "proper farming." Which I think is just weird. Maybe it's just the old DBD speaking to me but I'd much rather die to a Rancor + Nemesis Bubba who goofed off with us than deal with the traditional literal facecamp chainsaw rev Bubba that could chew through Borrowed Time if you even had it equipped. Oddly, Weskers are either some of the sweatier or sillier killer players I've encountered. I don't know if it's because he's a decent character to use in addition to being a character fans of a game series love that creates the combination or what.