Safe the mori offerings!


This is a collection thread for anyone that doesnt want the mori offerings to become BP offerings in the future.

According to the livestream, they plan to make the yellow mori basekit and it will be THE ONLY way for a killer to mori survivors, changing green and red moris into BP bonuses only.

Im fine with the basekit yellow mori but dont take away our mori offerings, it will feel super bad to be forced to 4k if you want to see a mori in the future, it adds problems where it should not. Its not neccessary to change the offerings. I have safed up on them, its nice to have the free choice to mori survivors after their second hook states, not only the last one, but the full trial with red mori (or the first one with green). I feel like we will be ripped off if we safed up on moris for this purpose, only for them to become BP gain offerings. There is alredy enough cakes and event offerings for BP

So please, BHVR, we alredy went over this. People DONT want the mori offerings changed, we want them to stay the same. Again, basekit system is fine, no issiue there. But leave green and red mori offerings be.