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  • For her to be buffed properly traps need to be nerfed in some way. As an actual slowdown tool traps weren’t nerfed really only people trying to exploit traps to secure kills with big maps and screaming perks. And now her ambush and crouch are better. Maybe not by enough but it’s still an overall good change imo
  • Increases the stare time is probably too strong of an effect (Don’t want to have 1 ubiquitous add-on) but I’m fine with the rest of these. His add-ons are pretty bad but at least his base power is strong enough
  • Feng has a more dedicated playerbase and will always have much more cosmetics. Sable will be popular but nobody is dethroning feng
  • Billy is great though I’m not sure how hard it’ll be to achieve overdrive. Currently overheat is a non factor with how hard it is to get so they might have changed the numbers The base speed increase is crazy though meaning curving around loops will be much stronger now
  • That’s fair. A lot of 3 gens spawn in areas which just have no resources making it dangerous to even attempt to repair them especially against certain killers who can quickly down an out of position survivor.
  • Hawkins exists so no. There is not a single good element to Hawkins as a map. Literally everything about it is bad from the loops, the claustrophobic hallways, the terrible gen spawns. Killers like billy and huntress just don’t get to play Hawkins basically
  • I agree to an extent but if we want smaller maps for more balanced gameplay gens will inevitably spawn closer.
  • Permanent ADS deathslinger has entered the chat
  • Billy changes are definitely interesting. Considering how hard it is to actually reach the overheat threshold this will encourage billy players to go for curves and the like with less punishment. Also please consider being his cooldown add-ons back to some extent (Huntress and blight both get them so why not him?) STBFL…
  • Either that or they're not happy with what they currently have. These trickster changes were left field though especially considering his low pick rate
  • Exactly. They want trickster identity to be the machine gun ranged killer but that design is fundamentally flawed to a point where any buff like this will cause issues. Huntress had a lot of thought put into her as the first ranged killer with wind up, charged hatchets, long cooldown, slow movement and a large lullaby to…
  • It’s a pretty bad change imo. It excemplifies his current design flaws and leaves survivors with next to no counterplay At a low wall loop? Either just take the knives or try to dodge and lose distance for an M1 or more knives At high wall loop? Take 3-4 knives per rotation thanks to throw speed buff until you get injured…
  • Trickster seems to be a developer favourite due to the amount of work that was put into him. His list of post launch changes is drastically longer than most killers, He gets tons of cosmetics despite a relative low pick rate and got his archive very soon after his release (back when that wasn’t a common thing) Compare that…
  • Huntress and slinger actually have a long cooldown for missing alongside 110% speed giving survivors time to run away and find a new better loop if they outplay and dodge the shot Trickster doesn’t allow this. He throws constant knifes with little cooldown, moves at 115% now and can easily pull his knifes up and down for…
  • He doesn’t even need amazing aim tbh. Once the survivor is on their way to the pallet they have 2 choices Run through and take 3-4 knives Try to dodge and potentially take even more if he has even half decent aim Why dodge him if it only allows his new 115% speed self to get close. He has no long cooldown after throw like…
  • My concern is that at any low wall loop the survivor has no option now. Run away and get injured, loop around and get guaranteed injured by knives, throw pallet and get hit with knives Now that he’s 115% making distance doesn’t work as well especially since he can throw faster bursts of knives from afar to keep laceration…
  • It doesn’t particularly matter in most cases since he can now hit you with way more knives per loop and is faster during each rotation
  • The pain point for survivor they wanted to address was that “dodging blades felt inconsequential” which it does. Problem is these changes only make that feeling worse and I’ll explain why here. He now throws 4 blades a second instead of 3 but ramp up has been removed. In practise this means each loop you will take 2-4…
  • Unlike killers like huntress Xeno gets countered by turrets. It’s on the survivor to play around the counterplay they are given If you are in a loop without turrets it’s no different than being in a deadzone against bubba. You got outplayed or played poorly since you are out of position
  • As far as I know the limo was always visible but I do remember his animations being changed slightly As for the scream it’s a placebo changed that doesn’t really affect anything. Characters like nurse blight and Oni all have similar sounds
  • Tbh power creep is more the reason he’s worse now. All he really lost was charge add-ons so he can’t insta saw His main issue is how steep his learning curve is. Takes more effort than any other killer for a middling reward
  • At least it’s kinda dark but yeah trapper has been indirectly nerfed so much that a lot of his buffs don’t really matter too much
  • He definitely has a high skill floor and ceiling but he’s fine tbh. Nothing wrong with a killer who requires a lot of skill to use
  • Knight easily Added nothing of interest and his perks are pretty boring. Face the darkness makes pig boxes even more frustrating and the aura perk made the call of brine 3 gen even more obnoxious Knight’s gameplay is a literal flowchart with no deviation. Either you get hit or you don’t simple as. He also relies on common…
  • Meg objectively has the best with 2 meta options and 1 more niche but still strong choice Gabriel is actually pretty high up too. All 3 perks are useful with made for this being meta.
  • She’s 100% better now. Sadly that’s mostly due to her power demolishing solo queue players similar to pinhead’s Hopefully they can find a middle ground with her condemned and make it feel more fair while still being a mechanic that needs to be managed on the survivor end. Right now she gets so much reward for very little…
  • Honestly forged in fog was just bad. Bhvr have no clue what they want Vittorio to be, knight’s gameplay is just a flowchart and borgo is migraine inducing Tools was pretty bad but it had some fun perks and a decent shelter woods rework. End transmission was actually great overall though. Cool killer with a good power and…
  • Fair enough but I feel people have gone soft on knight since skull merchant exists. It’s understandable people dislike her but that doesn’t mean knight is suddenly fine
  • Yeah people act like the 10% haste isn’t much but then complain about MFT’s 3% It’s very powerful and allows clown to play nearly any loop even when the pallet is down
  • Knight is the most boring killer in the game and one of the worst designed. He has a 1 note playstyle which only allows survivors to hold forward. He is also super reliant on low rarity add-ons to use his power properly (dried horse meat and map of the realm) Gen regression and progression perks shouldn’t exist or should…
  • That isn’t holding W though that’s just chaining tiles. In which case I’d agree depending on the killer being played and the skill of the survivor If were talking about holding W as I understand it then overcome is better. It’s way more consistent and allows you to potentially break the chase completely after a hit unlike…
  • Made for this is much better in tight looping scenarios than holding W. If you want to hold W overcome is much more viable than MFT In tight loops against 110% killers it’s absurd though
  • It’s not abusing the mechanic. That being said the mechanic in question is dumb and should’ve never been added even as a fun event thing It’s on par with the snowmen working as shields if not worse
  • Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack could be a fun killer I guess. Similar to knight summoning different loaders which can do different things Survivor I’d pick Lillith since she’s the most iconic character outside of claptrap and a siren.
  • Didn’t they say future deep rifts wouldn’t all be blue? Pretty sure they said they will be different
  • To be honest I’m glad it’s wesker compared to old spirit or nurse. Going against back to back prayer beads spirit made me want to just play something else. At least wesker has a power that can be interacted with It’s not fun to deal with the same killer multiple times but adding a prevention system would be hard to…
  • Survivor perks aren’t really “fun” to go against since most of them either go unnoticed or help in minor ways. None really add new elements to interact with. The on,y ones that do are boons and I think they’re in a solid place right now. Not fun to fight but feel impactful when used correctly
  • I really don’t understand the dbd community’s absolute urge to try and ruin events. It’s childish We all want to have fun in a video game right? That’s literally the whole point
  • Would love to have a Haddie avatar Probably the same time she gets an archive………..