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  • When I find someone blocks off the tomb, they get no accolades.
  • I'm also having this issue. My base is claiming I'm about 800 over capacity while inside build mode, and will not let me set it to active. But from the console in the sanctuary is shows under. This did not occur until I had prestiged it once.
  • Do we have any updates on this? Still can not buy the rift pass on PC (Steam).
  • Thanks for the feedback. I liked the idea of using hex perks with a Skeleton, because bones. LOL! I don't feel Panic would work as well as a status, especially on a hit. If you're hitting them they're running already. It won't hurt them at all. But as a hex, the people who hide at the start of a match (or are immersed the…
  • Interesting idea, however it still suffers from the same issue that the current Ruin has. It holds the killers hand, and slows down the game without the killer doing anything. Because of this, killers who use Ruin never learn to pressure gens and become dependent on it. It's usefulness is completely dependent on the skill…
  • For dying light at least, the condition is just killing the current obsession. Once it's active a new obsession won't change anything as the perks condition has already been met.
  • The upcoming changes to DS (and more specifically the ability for the Obsession to change mid-match) makes this idea more of a reality now. Will be cool to see how the Devs use the mechanic going forward.
  • I think it's really cool that being flagged as the obsession is able to change mid-match now. Wonder how that mechanic can be used with future killers/ perks.
  • @The_Crusader According to the post, this isn't going to the PTB. It's going live next update.
  • Fixing the spawn location rules is the 1st thing that would make totems more viable. Also, they could maybe make a new Hex perk that increases the total number of totems on the map, and if a hex is broken it would jump to a new totem after a cooldown. So it would have no effect (can't gain stacks) until the new totem is…
  • They didn't choose to be put on the hook. And the killer is only being "kept busy" if THEY choose to stay. The survivor on the hook is doing nothing and should not be rewarded for it.
  • @Avariku I disagree with giving points to the hooked survivor who is not doing anything. It sucks to get caught quickly, especially if the killer camps and you die. But that's not a reason to reward the hooked survivor.
  • "Killer near the hook" mechanics don't work. They tried an effect where the hooked person didn't die (or died slower) as long as the killer was close. They had to scrap the idea because survivors were abusing the mechanic. How? One or two survivors would go near the hook (but not close enough to get caught) and "keep the…
  • Yes, Borrowed time is now the "Deep Wounds" effect. It no longer goes down during a chase. I'm guessing it's intended to go against the killers that just tunnel all the time (one of the purposes BT exists). But the "mend" action (how you heal from the Deep Wounds effect), is not considered healing. So Nurses Calling does…
  • Editing your file like this for performance is not directly ban-able. The Devs are not watching for this. EAC is a 3rd party company however, and not controlled by the Devs. They have said that IF it becomes something that the EAC software detects in the future, they can/ will not help you.
  • This post is the primary reason people camp "without reason". They want to see you upset about it. They're trolls, and posts like this make them feel justified. I am 100% certain that if people stopped complaining about camping it wouldn't be as big of an issue. I'm not trying to say it's not a problem for the game,…
  • It's almost impossible for players to prove someone "rage quit" vs getting disconnected for some reason. Obviously the timing could indicate they left intentionally, but it's not proof. That's why they've said to leave DCs to the automated system and don't report them.
  • Did the event lore ever confirm that this was Benedict Baker? I know most of the lore is assumed to be written by him, but I don't recall this lore ever being confirmed as his.
  • Oh, well I don't think those perks are usable together. Stake out is ignoring the special Autodidact skillcheck and making it a great skillcheck automatically. Unless the Devs decide to change it, you'll probably need to use one or the other.
  • If you use autodidact there isn't a great skill check. Are you using a medkit? Autodidact is ONLY active when healing someone else and not using a medkit.
  • The only way I could see it having any chance of working is if it made everyone see the killer as a different survivor and/ or made survivors see each other as OTHER survivors. SWF would still be able to see through it, but that would delay it at least a little bit.
  • I don't think they could do this. Trying to match up a map that 5 different players didn't play in the last 3 games would be almost impossible. I get that playing the same maps again and again is annoying, but I doubt they can do anything about it.
  • If they don't like the change, it doesn't matter what the community thinks. Ultimately... It's their game, not ours.
  • I know there is sometimes a visual bug that shows a de-pip/ de-rank, but it's not real. After the next game it goes back.
  • @GrannyonAcid In fact, even if you don't earn enough points for a pip the game automatically gives you a safety pip (black pip) if the killer DCs. You lose nothing when a killer DCs. The Devs changed that quite some time ago.
  • Giving your opinion about the game (in the hope of improving it) is NEVER a bad thing. People will disagree, people will flame you, and you could theoretically be "wrong" on points you suggest. But as long as it's your opinion, that's your choice to share it. If you write a big post complaining, ranting or attacking the…
  • But you're literally preventing your death. You know... surviving. I get what you're saying, but at the same time they can't really change that.
  • @splatvybz But my point is that an automated system can't determine intentional DC from uncontrollable DC. If someone has a problem that pops up, this proposed system is punishing them for something they can't control. The fact that this is only doing temporary punishments means nothing. It's still a punishment the player…
  • People don't have control over losing their connection. You can have the BEST connection money can buy that is stable 100% of the time, but a small problem beyond your control can drop your connection long enough to DC you from a game like this. Also hardware glitches or just a simple game crash can DC people from games…
  • Yeah, I know that a map altering ability like this would probably never happen. It was just a fun addition that went with the theme I was making. The momentum effect itself is more the point of the power. Add-ons could be fun to toy with the power and/ or add effects to it. @The_Fallen_Utopia Stone-Faced could be used WITH…
  • It takes multiple reports for the same thing (within a certain amount of time) before any actions are taken. If they have video evidence (and it clearly supports their claim), actions may happen more quickly. From the way you describe the event, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • I don't see the issue. Gen tapping is overall a slower process, so Ruin is still doing its job at slowing down gen progression. The Devs have specifically stated this on stream. Ruin isn't even needed by killers who know how to apply proper map pressure. So maybe instead of saying "survivors need to git gud at skill…
  • Good post Liny, and I agree with most of what you've said here. Except for one thing... The "building on a flawed system" part. Thing is, we don't know what they have in the works right now. They've mentioned for a LONG time now that they are working on a new ranking system all together. But they've also said that their…
  • One of my suggested character ideas was based on this. But mine was not so much "backstab" other players as subtly helping both sides.
  • They tried both a slowed AND a stopped progression on past PTB's. Survivors abused the mechanic and they removed it. As bad as camping can be, there is no game mechanic that can prevent camping. It's unfortunately a part of the game, whether people like it or not.
  • MLGA is no longer Whitelisted due to the addition of "features" that the Devs do not agree with. And as far as I know, MLGA was the ONLY thing that had been Whitelisted. So now there is no Whitelist. It's not blacklisted either, it's simply considered "use at your own risk". They are not actively pursuing anyone who uses…
  • I just had a game where the timer started counting down SUPER fast. I got out before it started though, so I can't confirm if a speed-hacker was involved. Makes sense the hacks would do this because it requires time in the lobby (I believe around 40 seconds) to detect a hack being used and boot someone. Faster lobby means…
  • They tried something like this in a couple of past PTBs. It was abused by survivors and they took it out. Camping is not something that can be "fixed". At least not by game mechanics.
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  • They have said many times in the past that they WANT a sort of reward system for rank. But they are planning to change the rank system in the future, so until they do this there is no point in adding rewards now.
  • @CheersTC 1) Add-ons would affect the time it takes to fill the deception meter (4th bullet point). They could also add other effects. Like bonuses that trigger when you come out of it. Or maybe add (or change) perk effects other than Leader. 2) SWF can mess with a lot of things in this game. No reason to build around that…
  • @CheersTC Wings of Faith is only active while NOT in a chase. Final Sacrifice basically gives a 3rd way out of the map. It's kinda silly, I know. But it's good in his lore. The survivor who is "touched" would know they have it. Up to them to not get hit until it expires. Kinda like Make Your Choice. The point of these…
  • @Brookstopher This was my idea. I transferred it here once I registered with the new forums.
  • Personally, I think they should remove the lobby all together. You set up your build before searching for a game, then once it finds people you start the game. No dodging No last minute changes Fair to both sides
  • @powerbats whether or not he gets 4 kills every game should not be the point. All I'm advocating for is that they somehow limit his ability to take a game hostage. I'm also confused as to whether you're talking about his static field or shock therapy. In your picture, there is no way (even with add-ons) that a shock…
  • Constant madness 3 is part of it. But mostly it's committing to a 3 gen strat from the very start of the game. Usually involves running Ruin/ Distressing/ Unnerving Presence/ Overcharge. Not chasing anyone unless they are near one of the select gens, and not trying to actually catch/down anyone. They "lock-down" the game…
  • @Zanfer I'd agree, for the most part. Biggest issue the doctor has right now (in my opinion) isn't his mechanics, but HOW people choose to use them. The lock-down strategy many people use him for is boring to play against for many people. No other killer can just stall the game as well as the doc can.