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  • We have 33 different killers. And hundreds of thousands of players each day play the game. To make sure that every five of them are different is extremely doable. Also, keep in mind that when they did it with maps, there were less than 40 different maps. I find it incredibly hard to believe that so few people are playing…
  • What gimmick? Devour is part of my standard build. I always use it and get Merciless just fine. The emblems/merciless are kind of important if you want to make Iri 1 rank before the 13th. I mean, that is kind of my goal when playing the game. Get Merciless Victory Reach Iri Rank 1 ??? Profit
  • I'm all for anti-slugging, but it should be situational and not a blanket across the board 45-second timer. So say I'm a killer and I knock down a survivor right before they reach palette. Their first instinct is to crawl to the palette so one of their teammates can drop it on the killer the moment they're picked up. The…
  • I worry mostly about being able to achieve Merciless Victories with this new system in place. As we know right now, Merciless Victories requires a certain minimum number of hooks. If a survivor ends up dying on his first hook because other survivors don't rescue him, then the killer never gets those other two hooks that…
  • I just found this thread because I did a search on the name of this Daily Ritual to see if anyone else is having problems with it, since I just tried it twice and it's not making any progress for me either.
  • As a killer main who occasionally plays survivor, I can genuinely say that the one thing that has made playing survivor even an ounce of fun for me was the addition of blast mines. But this nerf really just makes the perk completely useless at this point and stops my desire to play the survivor role dead in it's tracks.…
  • I guess the problem with that, is we don't know exactly which player is the hacker, nor do we have a unique name to associate with them. It's not like the end screen shows their Internal Name#1234 type of name, it shows the name they use on their console/PC. Console is probably easier since only one person can have a name…
  • First off, Lightborn does NOT nullify Blast Mines. Second, don't talk about your perk slot being wasted for bringing in Flashbang to a Lightborn fight when you have survivors breaking hex totem right at the start of the match and the killer never even getting a chance to get anything out of them. It's all part of the game,…