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  • Luck is purely the % chance you have to escape the hook without a perk like Deliverance (Adam) or Wicked (Sable). It is an outdated mechanic that also used to apply to Trapper where you had a % chance to escape a bear trap. This has since been revised to be a limited RNG to a max of 6, where you are guaranteed an escape.…
  • Instead of removing entire Realms, they should bring back the retired individual offerings that can send you to a specific MAP (Such as https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Lunacy_Ticket) and instead it blocks that 1 map. So you can block Asylum but you might still get Father Cambell's Chapel. But I 100% agree with you…
  • Safe Unhook score event is given 15s after an unhook as long as the survivor who was unhooked does not go into the dying state. Basekit Endurance lasts 10s, Dwight goes down at the end of the clip. While he escapes, he goes down in about 12-13s, meaning he did not trigger the Safe Unhook score event. This is not a bug
  • I love facing Head On vs certain other exhaustion perks, so a buff for solos that would encourage it's use? I whole heartily agree. Trail is a bit trickier. It's already an incredibly weak perk that rarely gets value because it advertises itself. A unique color that says 'Hey Trail is in play come touch this NOW' is bad,…
  • Halloween was great! You did a gen for a short time, leave the gen to deposit, do the gen, deposit and you get your reward, regardless of game progression!
  • If you remove exhaustion from DH, then it needs DS/OtR rules and be deactivated after a time and on Conspicuous Action. You do not get to get off hook, jump on a gen, SB away then also get a DH. That's not going to be okay.
  • Because they don't need to unless, on the rare chance, someone uses a Sacrificial Ward. And no one uses those because you never know when a map offering is going to be used. This system would encourage people to use more than 1 offering on a team to ensure they remove a problematic realm.
  • It's literally already like that for hook distance offerings. You don't need to coordinate if you're removing realms from being chosen. everyone can try and steer away from whatever they like I am not bringing symmetry into this, it already exists. The hook distance offerings work the way they do for a reason and it makes…
  • A 25% reduced chance to go somewhere is nothing to sneeze at. The current system is unfair and I'm suggesting a much fairer system. Having to play in someone else's map of choice because they brought 1 measly offering is unfair. We already have symmetrical offerings, so it's not out of no where that I suggest a symmetrical…
  • I literally covered that problem by saying weigh the offerings like hook offerings. When I say "deny 1" I mean deny 1 realm not offering, in my suggested system, not the current. Each survivor can bring a 25% chance to remove 1 realm from the pool and if they all bring 1 that's 100% and Sacrificial Ward, like it currently…
  • I also experienced this: https://streamable.com/68a7d3 Hit David dead on, he has no items so it's not linked to the current "flashlight protects you from powers" bug going on, I get the scoring event for hitting him, he clearly has 3 chains and has broken 1 of them as I round the corner, you can hear it. And in less than 3…
  • This whole "well then just tunnel the body blocker" mentality is why this endurance is a problem. It promotes unhealthy gameplay and the 10s does NOTHING to stop tunneling anyway.