Community Challenge, be creative - Design your own Perk

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If you could Design your own perk to be in the game what would it be?

When we get new chapters we may not always be into the perks, this doesn't mean they're bad but they probably wasn't what you're looking for in your build. So be creative, think of the perk you would like to be added into the game. this could help the devs see what sort of perks the community are wanting and maybe share some creative ideas.

Note: This is just for fun, there are no winners or losers. just join in and have fun, maybe the devs will see what they like! (Do try think about balance, synergies and existing perks)

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  • IIITweedleIII
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    Release the Hounds:. Killer can whistle and call upon 2 Bloodhounds to hunt and down a injured survivor. This can only be used once per trial. The bloodhounds then staves off other survivors at a 15m range from picking up a downed survivor. And if a survivor jukes and manages to get close enough to touch the downed survivor. The Bloodhounds can injure the would be savior. This ability lasts until downed survivor(s) is picked up by the killer or ?/?/?s pass (tier wise).

    Replaces Deerstalker perk. Bloodhounds howl in order for killer to track downed survivor location.

    (Ironically I lost track of thoughts in the end explaining, but the concept is there) 🤷‍♂️

  • Spooky13
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    This sounds like it could be a potential killers power if it was based on like a token and cooldown system or something had some other use like tracking. Maybe a hunter using them to track his quarry like The Most Dangerous Game?

  • IIITweedleIII
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    Yea, my first idea in mind was a Huntress perk. I was gonna go with " Call of the Wild" and instead of bloodhounds I was gonna say wolves. But the concept was there. I just lost track of what I wanted to say. It happens lmao.

  • ZtarShot
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    So basically

    Survivor surviving-

    After vaulting a window or pallet while in a chase, this perk activates. If the killer facecamps you, Kobe with BT l, DS, and Unbreakable for an unlimited period.

  • Warcrafter4
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    Its part of a "Warlock" survivor aka a Traitor survivor idea.

    Its intended to be a trade off since your immune to mangled effectively and with 3 debuff on you your bonus healing is nearly double that of botany plus selfcare no longer has a 50% self healing speed downside while you have a debuff.

    Also part of it is just giving a survivor a trade off perk that isn't as detrimental as No Mither so it could be played even if its just a meme.

  • Heartbound
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    Oh god, do I dare do this?

    For survivors:

    Ambush - When you're in the terror radius of the killer and not in a chase for more than 5 seconds, run up to the killer and press the action key to stun the killer for 5 seconds. This exhaust you. (Cannot be used to free a survivor being carried to a hook. It's meant to be like a horror movie thing where the person evading the killer blindsides the killer and runs off.)

    Off the Record: My version. For a minute after getting off the hook, the survivor found reward score and chases do not trigger for the survivor using the perk. This means no entity blocker for windows, no bloodlust etc etc. Just a the record.

    For Killer:

    Hangman's Trick: My version. Time to unhook survivors is slowed by 2 or 3 seconds. Red progress bar for unhooks.

    Killer Head On: Enter a locker and trigger the insidious effect. Reveals survivor auras within 8 meters of you. If you successfully rush out of a locker while a survivor is front of you they are instantly downed. 10 second cooldown so you don't enter a locker trying to pick up the survivor that just browned their shorts.

  • Warcrafter4
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    Survivor perk:

    Charred Hex: Acceleration. Twist the entity's power to your advantage.

    Create an extra totem as a charred totem totem in the trail(Works like a totem but with a green aura/flame and doesn't count as a totem for killer perks). If you have a charred hex perk its aura revealed to you within 8 meters.

    While the Charred totem stands all generator progression is reduced by 15%.

    When any survivor cleanses this totem they gain 10% movement speed buff for 20 seconds.

    Once the Charred totem is cleansed all survivors who have worked on a generator for 10 seconds will gain a 5% movement speed buff and for 5 seconds afterwards. The duration is doubled for survivors who have this perk.

    Effectively this is a perk that slows down the survivor's own gen speed but also grants their entire team a permanent bonus once its cleanse.

    Edit due to soul guard's existance: Charred hexes do not count as being cursed

    Also if this becomes too much of a liability of not being cleased then it should also have:

    (Optional Failsafe part)After 4 mins of not being cleansed its aura is revealed to all survivors within 12(16?) meters in green.

  • RaSavage42
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    Is one the limit or can I make more?

    I made a Paragraph with myself as a survivor...

  • RaSavage42
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    Live or Let Die:

    Your frustration of dying has given you power

    If you are the first to be sacrificed or killed the other survivors have 10% increased repair speed for 10/15/20 seconds with no skillchecks

    If you are the last survivor left your vaulting speed is increased by 5/6/7% and gain the Haste status effect for the rest of the match

  • notstarboard
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    I'd reduce the duration a little bit, as that's getting into territory of an unstoppable 5 Devour Stacks for killers that chase reasonably well. I like the idea, though.

  • immortalls96
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    Hmm..I'll design 2

    For killer: ritual of the abyss..each negative change in health states on survivors grants this perk a token, upon a total of twelve tokens all survivors become exposed for 60 seconds, tokens are reset after the perk duration ends

    For survivor: heart of gold..every time you take a protection hit, unhook a survivor, or heal a survivor, heart of gold gets a token, at 1 token the perk grants 25 percent healing non stackable bonus speeds to yourself and others around you within 4 meters,this bonus is trumped by other perks

    .. at 2 tokens you restore a health state after taking a protection hit after 60 seconds, at 3 tokens survivors unhooked or healed from dying to injured have 25 percent of their healing bar recovered , heart of gold loses all 3 tokens if a survivor is sacrificed