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  • behave_pt
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    Survivor Perk: Outlast

    The desire to live keeps you from slowing down.

    For every 10 seconds that passes during a chase you gain 1% haste.

    While not in a chase for more than 10 seconds you lose the added haste from this perk.

    Survivor Perk: Soul Exchange

    You'll give your life for those in need

    Press the activate ability button while unhooking a survivor to transfer one of your hook states to them.

    You cannot use this perk on your last hook state.

  • SamuraiDragon27
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    Some perk ideas for a Puppeteer killer, because I can:

    Encore: Your performance has attained the Entities interests, and you cannot help but to show off. Any perks equipped with a timed cooldown have this cooldown reduced by 10/15/20 seconds.

    Set the stage: Activatable perk. A show cannot begin without the proper preperations. Start the beginning of the trial with 2/3/4 tokens. If you have any hex perks equipped, they are not activated. These tokens can be consumed by pressing the activate ability button on the appropriate object to do the following: Destroy an upright pallet, block a generator for 60 seconds, or activate a hex on a dull totem of your choosing. Once all tokens are consumed, any hex perks unnactivated are activated if possible on random totems. hex perks do not gain stacks while unnactivated.

    Stage Fright: Your presence frightens a survivor to the point where they're ability to function around others is flawed. You become obsessed with one survivor. For each survivor within 10 meters of the obsession, action speeds performed by or with them are reduced by 5/10/15%. When the obsession is within your terror radius, performing an action will increase the penalty for missed skill checks by 12%

    credit for the names go to my sister, who had the idea before me, but had trouble making perks

  • Accept_Flow123
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    I really like the killer perk! Its got the complexity and fun that could be needed in a trial.

  • Shymare_11
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    Intuitive: When you are performing an action while healthy, increase the success zones of skill checks by 25/50/75%. If you are injured, decrease the success zones of skill checks by 60/40/20%.

    You function best when you don’t have a knife in your side. Though the pain is distracting.

    Get it done: When you are pushed off a generator by the killer and enter a chase, your generator will be unable to regress or be kicked. It’s aura will be revealed to all survivors for 10/15/20 seconds and any survivor that works on that generator will receive a 100% repair speed increase for as long as the generator’s aura is still being revealed.

    ”Damn it, someone get this!”

    Reckless: When you are healthy, you can press the active ability button. When activate, your aura is revealed to the killer for 3 seconds and you are afflicted by the exposed status effect. However, you also gain a 30/40/50% increase to all action speeds. This perk can be deactivated by pressing the active ability button. After deactivating, this perk will going into a 60 second cool down.

    ”No matter the cost, I’ll do it.”

    Imperfect Pitch: When can no longer hear the terror radius or chase music emitted by a killer. When you are within the killer’s terror radius or in a chase, you can see the killer’s aura. If you are to fail a normal skill check, you are inflicted by the blindness status effect for 30/20/10 seconds. Any perks or abilities that use terror radius will still apply to those using this perk.

    “Being deaf doesn’t mean you can catch me that easily!”

  • TheButcher
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    Predative Instinct

    Your keen natural senses finds your prey.

    Every 360/300/240 seconds Survivor's aura's are revealed to you for 2 seconds.

    "One, Two, I am coming for you."

    This perk would literally eliminate all the issues Killer's has with players taking the game hostage by hiding in a match. It's at least a good fix till the hatch is actually balanced to not ruin the game anymore.

    Take The Shot

    Take the shot starts the trial inactive. While Take the Shot is inactive at the start of a trial, the survivor will not spawn an item when they successfully search a chest. When the survivor successfully searches a chest - Take the Shot activates.

    While Take the Shot is active. While the survivor stands completely still. They can hold the M2 button to aim down the revolver's sight. Pressing M1 will fire the revolver straight ahead. If the shot hit's the killer - the Killer is stunned for 1/1.5/2 seconds. When the shot is made, Take the Shot deactivates. Take the Shot can only be used once per trial.

    This one might be a bit confusing, but basically it impliments the idea of a survivor finding a gun in a chest instead of an item. The reason it resolves around chests is because first it removes the random aspect to chests, so you know what you are going to get. Secondly using the chest system balances the perk. Where if all survivors take the perk into the trial, only 2 will be able to use it. Unless the survivors use coins to spawn more chests. Lastly it can only be used once in a trial, which could give you the ability to save an ally - or extend a chase. The idea is that if this perk is implemented it's a fun alternative choice to using perks like Decisive Strike, or Flashlights to stun the killer and escape.

  • themirrortwin
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    I made another thread in feedback and suggestions, but I'll also put it here.

    Maybe the killer could get a gen blocking perk that triggers when a gen is completed. Something like...

    "Each time a gen is completed, block all other gens for 30 seconds. This perk will force survivors working on a gen off of a gen."

    "Each time a gen is completed, block the 3 gens farthest away from it for 30 seconds. This perk will force survivors working on a gen off of a gen."

    I don't think this would be overpowered because it can only trigger 5 times. Additionally, 30 seconds isn't very long and gen progress isn't lost. BUT, it would stop the experience of having gens popping in quick succession and allow the killer a littler breathing room to travel around the map.

  • Shymare_11
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    Since there are only about 7-8 generators per map I think doing the 3 furthest generators from the completed generator should be it. It will also discourage survivors separating too far and individually doing generators so you as the killer are more likely to find more than one survivor. If the team is very uncoordinated, generators will take forever to get done and lots of sandbagging will ensue.

  • Shymare_11
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    Meltdown: If the killer is stunned, you press the active ability button while within 5 meters of killer and facing their direction. After activation the killer is unable to activate their ability for 10 seconds. This perk can be used 2/3/4 times per trial. After use, this perk will enter a 30 second cool down.

    ”The rewards of leveling the playing field, far outweigh the risks. All you need is a moment of opportunity and a lack of self-preservation.” -Stacy Hardland

    Grief: When a survivor dies, you are afflicted by the hindered (movement speed decreased by 25%) status effect for 60/45/30 seconds. However, after this period, you will gain a permanent 5% movement speed increase.

    “I must live on for them, or else both our memories will fade.”-Jack Lynn

    A Second Chance: When the killer attempts to perform a mori on you, you will instead be put in the injured health state with the endurance status effect for 20 seconds. The killer is then stunned for 3/4/5 seconds. This can only be used once per trial.

    ”I will not be an easy kill, if I die do it right!” -Stacy Hardland

    Cheat Death: If you are on your final hook, instead of being sacrificed, the hook will break and you will be placed in the injured health state with the endurance status effect for 4/6/8 seconds. If the killer is less than 15 meters away after the hook breaks, they are also stunned for 3 seconds.

    ”Death is a fair player, but I’m not!”-Stacy Hardland

    Willing Sacrifice: At the start of the trial, all survivors except you gain an extra hook phase of which is similar to the first phase. You no long have the first phase, instead when you are hooked, the entity will immediately begin the second phase but the timer will remain the same thus you have twice the time. Upon your death, all survivors will gain a 10/30/50% movement speed increase for 10 seconds.

    ”I’ll take the heat, but all of you better remember me!” -Jack Lynn

    Moral Character: When saving others from hook, cages, being carried, or death, gain a 10/20/30% speed increase for those actions. At the end of the trial, gain an extra 100/150/200% blood points for altruism.

    ”In the eyes of God, all good deeds count so I just try my best.” -Jack Lynn

  • Shymare_11
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    Secret Seclusion: After hook a survivor, they will remain hooked and unable to be saved for 10/15/20 seconds. For every sacrificed survivor, gain a stackable bonus of 50% to the sacrifice category. The extra blood points will be awarded after the trial.

    ”If you want the job done, make sure they stay put.”

    Snitches get Stitches: If a survivor can see the killer’s aura, that survivor’s aura is revealed for 10/20/30 seconds. This perk has a 60 second cool down.

    ”I didn’t want to do this but you know the saying, should of kept quiet.”

    Part of the Family: You become obsessed with one survivor. Any other survivor that is within a 5/10/15 meter radius of the obsession has their aura revealed. If the obsession dies, all survivors are afflicted with the exposed status effect for 60 seconds.

    ”You’re part of the family now. Better stay loyal or your boys get it.”

    Also as soon as I reached the second perk I just went with the theme of mobsters, I did not plan that.

  • Shymare_11
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    Complexity: When a survivor is sabotaging, cleansing, mending, or disarming; there is now a chance for they to have to perform a normal skill check. If they fail the skill check, it will alert the killer and the survivor will receive a progress penalty of 5%.

    ”Why must I make everything simple? If they want to survive, they must work for it.”

    Silver Tongue: Every 120/105/90 seconds, your terror radius will be placed randomly across the map from you. All terror radius related perks and abilities will still effect that area that currently holds your terror radius. This effect will last for 45 seconds.

    ”If they think I can be two places at once their wrong, I’m just everywhere instead.”

    Crushing Aura: Any survivor in your terror radius is afflicted with the hindered (movement speed decrease of 15%) status effect and if they get a good skill check have a 20/40/60% chance of regressing progress by 3%. This effect will remain for 5 seconds after leaving your terror radius.

    ”If luck is on my side then many of you will be too scared to do anything right, and I must say I’m feeling lucky.”

  • Marsheiraa
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    You Can Run: Fate is sealed the moment your eyes meet.

    Get notified when any Survivor is looking directly in your direction and standing within a range of 32 meters.

    When a Survivor within 32 meters of you has direct line of sight for longer than 1.5 seconds, they scream and you gain 5% Haste for 3/4/5 seconds.

    The effects of You Can Run can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.

    (Kinda like the killer's own little Spine Chill, applies to the camera, not the model)

  • Shymare_11
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    Imagine this on a stealth killer, chases would be much short cuz while they sneak up on the survivor and just stay barely in their fov, which is very large, and get both a haste boost and a free hit. This could also be fairly buggy because survivors see in third person, but I like the concept and it would make for some funny plays.

  • Marsheiraa
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    I think it'll be a little bit like Spirit Fury or the like, where it's a surprise upon first use and grants an easy hit, but the survivors will have to be more cautious from then on. And ik it's possible, considering Ghost Face reveals, so it would likely function very similar, except their won't be a highlight telling you how close you'll be to popping the perk on survivor side.

  • jeekae
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    “That’ll show em”

    Your past experiences of being taken out early have taught you how to remain calm in the most dire of situations

    If the killer is within 28 meters of the hook, your sacrifice timer will be paused indefinitely until the killer vacated the area, you receive the broken status for 80/70/60 seconds

  • SleepyWillo
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    Hex: Hopes Breath.

    For every dull totem standing this Hex gains a token. For every token, one survivor has the exhausted status and will retain the exhausted status until either the Hex totem or correlated dull totem is cleansed.

    "Survivors feel anxiousness and dread constricting on their lungs... Their panic shortens their breaths".

    I feel this exemplifies Hex totems. Its massively high risk with a massive high reward while also being somewhat counterable.

  • Shymare_11
    Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    I like this, it would almost literally end face camping or camping in general. But I have two questions or problems. How does the isn’t the radius pretty big and when does the perk activate? The first one is more of an opinion but 28 meters is a fairly large space, I think 18 or 20 meters at the most should be good, but once again it’s an opinion. Next, is there a timer for how long the killer must stay within the radius for it to activate or is there something else. If this perk is meant to punish campers, I think it shouldn’t activate when the killer isn’t actually camping. So if it activates every time the killer put you on hook and they leave, it doesn’t really matter. All that happens is that when you get off hook, you get the broken status effect. Is it going to be a gamble perk? Where if the killer acts in a certain way they are “punished”; but if they don’t, you’re “punished”. Anyways, cool idea but those are my concerns about it.

  • Ryan489x
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    Here's a quick idea, what about a perk that marks people who help someone that a killer hurts. but the draw back would be that the person you hurt could see your aura for 4 seconds or something. I'm not a dev so I most likely have not idea what I'm doing.

  • Chordyceps
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    I actually designed a whole new system of perks called Dead Zone perks. These are perks that apply to specific areas of the map. You can read the post I made about this system and some example perks here:

  • SpasticLlama
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    Here are some of my ideas for Perks! I hope you find them interesting! :3

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  • SpasticLlama
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    15% penalty to movement speed within Terror Radius is way too busted. Like OP lol.

  • OniKobayashi
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    Hemophilia: Your love of malice and desire to cause suffering leaves a bloody mess in your wake. Each time you hit a Survivor, Hemophilia activates, empowering you and your actions:

    • Kicking a generator does instant 10% damage, and locks all Survivors out from resuming repairs to it for 10 seconds.
    • Breaking a wall or pallet is instant, and causes all nearby dropped pallets to also break.
    • Your next hit has 50% faster cooldown, and all actions are 25% faster for 30 seconds.
    • Once the gates are powered on, hitting a healthy Survivor causes others within 12 meters to become Exposed for 10 seconds.

    Hemophilia has a cooldown ranging from 10-30 seconds based on the action performed.

  • Deadeye
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    Survivor - Conviction of the Versed:

    Succeeding a good skillcheck gives you one stack, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Great skillchecks can exceed the maximum stacks to 8/9/10.

    With 5 stacks the perk activates. While the perk is active, sabotaging and unhooking action speed is increased by 50% and failing a skillcheck prevents the regression and killer notification.

    Finishing a sabotage or unhook action or failing a skillcheck consumes 5 stacks, when the perk is active.

    (Probably sabotage or unhook could be exchanged with other cool actions that are more useful, but nothing with increased repair speed though ^^)

  • Shymare_11
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    Fireside Trash- Around the campfire, you can occasionally find the remnants of previous survivor belongings.

    When you bring in an item WITHOUT any addons. You have a 25% chance to bring in a random addon for that item. This addon will be of uncommon/rare/very rare or lower rarity. You also have a 0/5/10% chance to gain an additional addon, however, it will at most common/uncommon/rare. Any addons given by this perk cannot be kept after the trial though any method. (Author’s note: so you have a 25% chance to bring in one, but assuming you got that 25% chance, you only have at most a 10% chance of getting a second addon. This a 2.5% chance of getting both addons, not even including the probability of getting both addons to be very rare and rare while also being synergistic. TL;DR: it isn’t op.)

    ”These may be useful but who in world is littering here?!”

    Vulture- Your lack of morals lead you to find the hidden treasure within dead survivors.

    When a survivor dies, you will gain the option to “scavenge” their body. When doing this action, you will have a 50% chance of finding a random item. This item will only at most be of rare rarity. The item will, also, have only 50/60/70% of its charges left. Any item found is able to be kept after the trial.

    ”How did you hide a wrench in there? Welp, it’s mine now.”

    Frugal: You are very conservative of how you use your resources, to the point where some may call you cheap.

    Gain a 30/45/60% increase to item efficiency, but also gain a 25/20/15% decrease to item speed (ie. repair speeds when using a tool box or healing speeds when using a med kit).

    “That enough gauze! It stopped most of the bleeding, you’re fine.”

    Stuffed to the Brim- You are more keen to find something good in chests. Maybe you find more too.

    When searching a chest, you have a 25/30/35% chance of finding an additional item. You also have a higher chance (20%) of finding items of a higher rarity.

    ”I think these could also be of some assistance.”

    Trapped Chests- [can’t think of a description, if anyone wants to try go ahead]

    At the start of a trial, 2/3/4 chests on the map (If possible) become trapped. The auras of chests are revealed to you. Any survivor that interacts with these chests will have to do a very difficult skill check after searching. If they succeed, then both a visual notification and audio notification is shown where the chest is. If failed, the survivor is afflicted with the exposed status effect for 30 seconds, their aura is revealed for 6, and both a visual notification and audio notification is shown where the chest is. All trap chests have a 50% chance of giving any survivor that searches it, whether or not they fail the skill check, nothing.

  • Shymare_11
    Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Fair enough, it can see in retrospect that may be very powerful. Maybe instead 6-7% and when the killer is stunned, the perk goes on a cool down? Like 40-80 seconds?

  • SpasticLlama
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    The whole perk in general isn't really a good one, not to be rude or anything. The movement speed penalty is too strong to be tied to terror radius no matter the number. And the regression one is interesting, but too RNG based like Autodidact.

  • leviivel
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    hex: obsessive link, bind them and fill them with connective fear, you become obsessed with one survivor, the first survivor you hit that isn’t the obsession will suffer from obsessive link, when obsessive link is active on a survivor, both the obsession and the obsessive link survivor take damage if one is hit, the hit that apply’s obsessive link will not damage both players, if the obsession is switched, the old obsession suffers from obsessive link after a 60/50/40 second delay. This hex persist’s until cleansed.

  • DontleaveSayorihangi
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    A Hex perk:

    After successfully hitting a survivor 8/7/6 times all survivors are afflicted with the Exposed status effect for 30 seconds

  • Sekhwek
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    [url=]status punjabi[/url]. good information

  • Shymare_11
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    I guess we can all have our opinions. Thanks you your criticisms tho!

  • Shymare_11
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    Philanthropist- You were well known for your kind and charitable action towards the weak and needy.

    For every altruistic action, gain a stackable 5% blood point bonus, to a maximum of 75/100/125% towards all categories. This effect will apply to you and the survivor with the least amount of blood points (if you are that survivor, it will apply to the survivor with the second least amount of blood points). The blood point bonus will be awarded after the trial.

    ”Donations to the poor only come back to the rich’s pockets, so might as well start moving the money now.”

    Blood Pact- You are willing to sacrifice anything to help others, even your health.

    When healing a survivor that is either injured or dying WITHOUT an item, you can press the secondary action button. After which, you will be put into the injured health state and be inflicted with the hemorrhage status effect for 20 seconds. However, the survivor healed will instantly gain a health state and gain the haste (+10% movement speed) status effect for 2 seconds. This perk can only be activated if the you are both in the healthy health state and healed the injured/dying survivor to at least 70/60/50% progress. This perk has no cool down.

    “Since you lost a lot of blood, I’ll give you some of mine. Don’t worry whether or it will work, trust me!”

    Knock Out- You need to make a choice, if only it did required throwing your stuff.

    When you are holding an item that has sufficient charge, you can hold the active ability button to charge your throw (base time takes about 10-12 seconds depending on the item). After it is fully charge and aimed at something, you can release the active ability button to throw the item. This will alert the killer (visually) when the item collided with an object, and if it thrown at the killer, it will stun them for 4 seconds. However, this cost the item to lose 60/50/40% of its charges and if it is not picked up in a 30 second time period it will disappear. If the item does not have sufficient charges, the action will consume the item instead and if it were to stun the killer it will only stun for 2 seconds. [author’s note: Is the charge penalty to light?]

    “I hope you like the taste of screws!”

    Tripped Up- Make them trip and stubble, only for them to fall into despair.

    If you are in a chase with a survivor that has the exhausted status effect and is running, they will have a 10/15/20% chance of tripping. When they trip, that survivor will be forced to walk for a short (1-2 second) period of time and are unable to perform rushed actions. If the survivor is also injured, they will have a slightly higher (+5%) percent chance of tripping.

    ”The faster you ran, the more you delay the inevitable. If only takes one slip up to ruin everything. It is only a matter of time.”

    Bull Rush- Your strength and reflexes give you the ability to quickly pick up and carry others before they can react.

    When you are within grabbing distance (3-6 meters) from a survivor, your melee attack will instead grab the survivor even if they are not in position to be grabbed (ie. performing an action, vaulting, etc.). However, the struggle (wiggle) progress bar will start at 50/40/30%. This action will not occur for lunge attacks or special abilities.

    ”[insert quote here]”

    Locker Blocker- You can call upon the entity to block or trap survivors who deem a locker as their safe haven.

    When you check a locker and find it empty, this perk will activate and the locker’s aura will be revealed to you. If a survivor were enter that locker, the killer alerted visually and no longer see the aura of that locker. The survivor that entered that locker is now trapped in that locker for 15 seconds, in which the killer can pull them out during or after that period. This perk can be used on 4/5/6 lockers at once and has a 60 second cool down between uses.

    ”Are you claustrophobic? Yes? Good.”

  • SpasticLlama
    SpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Bull rush sounds pretty cool!

    Locker Blocker is also an interesting idea.

    I think the RNG base of Tripped Up will be more annoying than a fun perk. An example, your running away from the Killer about to escape and then you just randomly start walking. You know what I mean? Also, It may not be fun for the Killer either cause of RNG. There is a high chance of nothing happening and it being a wasted perk slot. It is an interesting idea though. Maybe some tweaks here and there. :3

  • Shymare_11
    Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    yea I can see it but I envision like an animation or indicator for when you trip and I can see how it could become useless if the RNG is not on your side. But if you have at least decent luck it could work out on stealth killers who can get a sneaky hit and now the survivor they’re chasing has a 25% chance of tripping. It would also be somewhat counterable by two factors: not running and not using an exhaustion perk/getting exhausted(ie perks/addons that give exhaustion on the killer side). Yea maybe it could used in funny meme builds tho or someone finds some killer, perk, addon, offering synergy that absolutely op. Who knows?

  • simon9072015
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    -Professional Discretion

    Passing quickly and without attracting much attention is quite good for you because of your training.

    Your grunts and groans when falling are silenced by 100%.

    the sound of your steps when walking or running is silenced by 25/50/75% and your speed to jump windows and pallets is increased by 0/5/10%.

    -Prey and hunter:

    Make the enemy believe that he has you right where he wants you by not showing your full potential.

    being in pursuit for 45 seconds will charge the perk. Once charged the next stun that you produce the killer by a pallet will be increased by an extra 1/2/3 seconds.

    -Lesson learned:

    You know well that mistakes are good, you learn from them to improve and not make them again.

    If you receive an attack that leaves you in a dying state while jumping from a window, pallet, or falling from a certain height, the perk is activated.

    If you jump out of a window, pallet, or fall from a height while injured and in pursuit, you gain Resilient status for: the entire action / 1 second after the action ends / 2 seconds after the action ends. (one per trial)

  • Shymare_11
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    Vault Kick- With some extra force you can add some power to your vaults.

    You vault 5/10/15% faster. When performing a rush vault, you will vault an extra 20% faster and, if you fast vault into the killer (a 3-6 meter radius), the killer is stunned for 5 seconds. After which, you are exhausted for 50 seconds. You cannot receive the rushed vault bonus or stun the killer with this perk while exhausted. You do not recover from exhaustion while running. [Author note: this perk will take priority over lithe]

    ”Aim for the chest, if you have the guts”

    Assistant- You work well with others, even though you do more than them.

    When doing cooperative actions, gain a 30/40/50% action speed increase towards that action. Gain 100% more blood points towards the objective category. Blood points will be awarded after the trial.

    “This ain’t a school project so do your part.”

    Put a pin in it- Your diligence despite the situation gives you enough skill to put anything you do on hold for a bit.

    When you are doing a LONG action (ie. repairs, healing, sabotage, cleansing, etc) and are unable to complete it, it’s progress will be unable to be regressed for 20/30/40 seconds. The object that you cannot finished will be highlighted for that period of time for you. This perk has a 60 second cool down.

    ”When... at least I got something.”

  • MrPeterPFL
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    Every man for themselves

    People are expendable, have the ability to push your teammate on to the ground, stunning them for a few seconds and leaving them exposed.

    Can only use this perk once per trial.

  • PotatoPat
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    Survivor Perk

    Hail to the Chief (Baby) (Ash Williams Perk)

    For 5/10/15 seconds after you have successfully stunned or blinded the killer, you gain a 2/4/6% haste speed increase. However, your aura is revealed to the killer for 5/10/15 seconds and you are unable to heal (yourself/others), repair generators, unhook survivors, sabotage hooks, unlock chests, or open exit gates.

    Other survivors gain a 10/15/20% increase to healing, generator repair, unhooking, sabotaging, chest unlocking, exit gate opening speeds.

    This can only be activated once every 180 seconds (or once per trial).

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  • Lmronby
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    Predator Rework: All survivors leave behind Blue scratch marks for 1/2/3 seconds after they stop sprinting

    Simple and easy, and a Hell of a ton more Useful than *Tightening the Spread* of the scratch marks

  • Azterikk
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    𝐂𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 - After a survivor is unhooked, all generators that are currently being repaired are highlighted in a yellow aura for 10 seconds, gain 4%/5%/6% haste status for the duration of this perk.

  • Azterikk
    Azterikk Member Posts: 76

    𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰 𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 - If a survivor escapes a chase while injured, they suffer the broken status for 40/45/50 seconds. This effect can be applied to a max number of 1/1/2 survivor(s).

  • Shymare_11
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    I guess it’s blood lust but it you get the bonus of the game mechanic blood lust? So double the speed boost. Honestly, they just make it give bloodlust a higher movement speed bonus or smth.

  • Shymare_11
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    Since I just got access into this forum again I have a large stock pile of perks to unload again (21 perks?):


    Lullaby- Your soft singing calming those around you, even your self, but it is very distinct.

    Every survivor within a 15 meter radius of you, including yourself, will have their grunts and breathing decrease by 100/125/150%. However, anyone, including the killer, who enters that radius will hear the lullaby (In essence, a killer’s terror radius but for a survivor and it is calming). This perk can toggle between activated and deactivated, via pressing the active ability button. This perk will automatically deactivate when you enter a chase.

    “A sweet melody that distracts from the horrors.”

    Empty Promises- You gamble with the fate of other through the lies of your actions, but sometimes they come with consequences.

    Any survivor that you heal by one health state, this perk activates. The healed survivor gains the haste (50% increase) status effect for 3 seconds. If they are put into the dying health state within a 60/50/40 second period after being healed, you are instantly put into the injured health state and inflicted with the broken status effect for 30 seconds. If they survive that time period, you are able to survive a hit that would otherwise put you into the dying health state once. This perk can only be activated again after using the extra hit.

    “I’m putting my money where my mouth is, or in this case, my heart.”

    Cursed Blood- Your aura is dampen when you are near magical forces. Though your blood becomes attractive for those with a dark heart.

    If you are under the cursed effect (if the killer uses a hex perk), your aura is hidden until the curse is removed. If injured, your aura is revealed to the killer when within a 20/15/10 meter radius and your blood is more noticeable.

    “It seems he may not see you, but that doesn’t mean he can smell you.”

    The Center of Attention- All eyes must be on you, even if it’s not from the most agreeable spectator.

    When the killer enters a chase with a survivor that does not have this perk, the killer will suffer from a decrease in visibility (a dark haze appears over the fov [opacity: 25%] and range of sight (by 5 degrees). If they enter a chase with a survivor with this perk, they will see you aura when there is no obstacles blocking line of sight and they have increased movement speed by 5/4/3%.

    “What can I say? They all love me!”

    Spite- You refuse to allow them the satisfaction.

    When a killer attempts to perform a mori on you, the animation will play but they will not receive any blood points for the action. When you die from bleeding out, receive a extra 25/50/75% blood points for all categories. 

    “Hook me damn it?! I refuse to cooperate.”

    Last meal- Know your death, you try your best to make sure that everyone else lives on.

    When you are on your final hook, all survivors in a 10 meter radius of you receive a 100/150/200% increase to repair, healing, sabotaging, and cleansing speeds. Upon your death by hook, all remaining survivors will be able to see the killer’s aura for 20 seconds. 

    “If this is it, I will try my best for the rest of you.”

    Flexible- You can do more while being carried, increasing your odds of escape.

    When you are picked up by the killer, instead of wiggling, you must complete a total of 7/6/5 difficult skill checks to escape (multiple skill checks one after another until escape, dropped, or hooked). Any progress made with the skill checks before being hooked is kept. If the killer picks you up and drops you at least 3 times, you instantly escape.

    “Bending around here makes escape so much easier, although it isn’t for the untrained.”

    Falconry- Your experience with avian species,specifically birds of prey, give you insight on the entity’s informants.

    Decrease the chances of disturbing a crow by 50/75/100%. When a crow is within a 15 meter radius of both you and the killer, you can see the killer’s aura.

    “I am a bird man, as you can see.”

    Salvage- You can turn what seems as trash into treasure.

    When you are holding a depleted item for 15 seconds, it is consumed and instead a similar item of a rarity at least 3/2/1 level(s) below the one that was salvaged replaces it with 75% charges (addons carry over) remaining. This perk can only be used 4 times per trial.

    “It won’t be as good as the original but it works.”


    Stalker’s info- You are able to gain the details of a survivor from a distance.

    When looking directly at a survivor within a 20 meter radius, outside a chase, a random perk they have will appear on the left side of the screen. If you were to look at the same survivor again, you will need to be 15 meters to reveal another perk. This pattern will continue until all perks are revealed.

    “I get a feeling about that one. They look like a runner.”

    No where to run- Your intensity in a chase amuses the entity. Though, they wish to see it ended now.

    Hex: After a survivor rush vaults an object, all other vaults and openings (expect pallets) within a 30 meter radius are blocked for 30/60/90 seconds for all survivors. This perk can’t be activated again while already in effect. This effect persists until the associated hex totem remains.

    “Where to go now?”

    Hesitation- You can make anyone hesitant especially what they are experts in.

    Hex: Any survivor perk that is not passive has a 20/40/60% chance to failing upon activation, leading to the perk being put on a 30 second cool down before it can be used again. Any prerequisite to activate the perk is consumed and must be completed once again. This effect will persist as long as the associated hex totem remains.

    “I forgot which one is the painkillers!”

    Dark Hope- You twist and contort the hope of your prey, changing it into pain and agony.

    For each generator completed, afflict every injured survivor with the broken status effect for 30/45/60 seconds. When the final generator is completed, all survivors that did not complete that generator lose one health state. If a survivor is healing while the effect is activated, their progress is halted until the effect falls off.

    “Hope is the best kind of deception. An illusion of one’s optimism and a cruel shroud for reality.”

    Human Anatomy- Your knowledge of the human body makes your attacks both accurate and deadly at the cost of efficiency.

    Your melee attack will instantly put a survivor into the dying health state. However, the stun recovery period from this attack is 125/100/75% longer. The stun recovery period for any other attack is also 25% longer. This perk has a 30 second cool down.

    “I may be slow, but I know where to strike for the best results.”

    Splinters- Your body is very enduring. Any impacts with an object seems damage itself more than you.

    When you are stunned with a pallet, the pallet used will become a splintered pallet and its aura will be revealed to you. Any survivor that vaults this pallet will be inflicted with a status effect depending on their type of vaulting action. If it is a slow vault, the survivor will be inflicted with the hemorrhage status effect for 30/45/60 seconds and scream, revealing their location. If it is a fast vault, the survivor will be put into the injured health state, inflicted with the hemorrhage status effect until healed, and scream, revealing their location. Any splintered pallet takes 10/20/30% less time to break.

    “Skin of stone and bones of steel.”

    Linger- Your aura no longer fixed to your body.

    After successfully melee attacking a survivor, you terror radius and aura will remain in the same spot that the attack was dealt for 20/30/40 seconds. This perk has a 60 second cool down.

    “The blood covers my scent while it overwhelms the murder scene.” 

    Mercy- You resist the entity’s influences to break rules. Although these transgressions do not go unnoticed.

    If a survivor is in the second stage of sacrifice, you can remove them from hook. This will break the hook and give the survivor the broken status effect for 60 seconds. The hook broken is completely removed from the trial. All other hooks will now instantly sacrifice the next survivor placed on hook then loose its effect of instant sacrifice and give 100/150/200% extra blood points towards the sacrifice category. If you were to sacrifice the survivor that activated this perk, all hooks are temporarily broken for 120/110/100 seconds. All blood points gained are rewarded after the trial.

    “They are amused that I cheated, but it’s now a gamble whether I follow though with my choice.”

    Fool’s Gold- You baiting of survivors has become to often. However, your developed methods are useful.

    Your lunge distance is slightly (10%) increase. Your movement speed is increased by 15% for 4 seconds after being stunned. Any time a survivor stun you, they are given the exposed status effect for 5/10/15 seconds. 

    “They think a piece of wood can stop me.”

    Fair play- You are a stickler for a fair chance, even if it ruins you.

    When a survivor is removed from hook, either by themselves or another survivor, all survivors outside a 30/20/10 meter radius has their aura revealed for 5 seconds. However, any survivor within that same radius will be able to see the killer’s aura and persist for 5 seconds after they either leave the radius of the hooked survivor or unhook them. 

    “Are willing to make that sacrifice?”

    Rough Landing- While the landing isn’t as smooth the extra force is astounding.

    After falling from a great height, you are stunned for 3 seconds and any survivor within a 5/7/9 meter radius will be exposed for 20 seconds. This perk has a 80 second cool down.

    Premeditated- You become more strategic with how the trial will be.

    After a totem is cleansed, you are able to throw down a pallet that isn’t used yet. This action will take 10 seconds to complete and will alert any survivor within a 50/40/30 meter radius. (This perk can only be used 5 times per trial)

    “You take my advantages, I take yours.”

  • VinegarChips
    VinegarChips Member Posts: 3

    I thought of a neat perk to help people with pallet saves: when you are in the dying state next to a pallet, the pallet's aura is shown to all other survivors.

  • Deadeye
    Deadeye Member Posts: 3,627
  • Dreadnight
    Dreadnight Member Posts: 124

    Survivor perk:

    • Handyman: Your obsession with repairs greatly increase the probability of finding a toolbox in chests. Increases the efficiency of toolboxes by 10/15/20 %.

    Killer perk:

    • Wrath of the entity: Each time a generator is fully repaired, the entity blocks the other generators for 16/18/20s.
  • OneClownMain
    OneClownMain Member Posts: 16

    Survivor Perk:

    Together Forever: You're never gonna give up on others. For every other survivor that is healthy or injured, you gain a stackable 4/5/6% buff to Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Exit Gate Opening and Chest Unlocking speeds.

    Killer Perk:

    Uneasy: Survivors do not feel well when near you. Survivors within you terror radius suffer from a 15/20/25% debuff to healing, repairing and sabotaging speeds.

  • Lmronby
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    I think Lightweight should be a sort of a counter to that Predator idea; an often unused perk working against another unused perk

  • Deadeye
    Deadeye Member Posts: 3,627

    Yeah, but that is again a "pick perk to conter a specific killer". But to Spirit this would become meta